Tujhse Hai Raabta 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Aao Saheb tricks Anupriya to take up the blame

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The Episode starts with Malhar accusing Aao Saheb for paying Trilok’s medical bills since many years. Aao Saheb asks how dare you to accuse me, why I will pay bills for my grand daughter’s son’s murderer. Kalyani asks Malhar what is he saying? Malhar shows the file. Kalyani checks it and says Ahilya Deshmukh is written in it. She tells that this might be Trilok’s man who is using Aao Saheb’s name. Aao Saheb says yes. Malhar says you are lying. Aao Saheb acts to get scared. Anupriya asks why Aao Saheb will pay the bills. Malhar says if I prove then what? He asks where is your passbook and goes to check in Aao Saheb’s room. They all ran behind him. Aao Saheb tells that she has got him suspended and will send him to jail. Malhar asks Pawar to check. He also checks in her room. Kalyani tells that Aao Saheb has nothing to do with Trilok, asks Malhar to calm down, tells that Moksh is alive and they will search him. Malhar says your Aaji is supporting Trilok and you are asking me to relax. Pallavi asks him to leave and asks how dare you to come here. Malhar asks her to move else he will arrest her. Pallavi says you search for a chance to come here and says how this man is, left his wife and came here. She calls him cheap man. Malhar says I know everyone of you, first you have used my sister and now using your own daughter. Pallavi gets angry and pushes Kalyani. Kalyani falls on the cupboard and no parking board falls down on the ground from the cupboard. Pawar checks it and shows to Kalyani. He tells that this is the same board which was hanged where Godaveri’s car was parked. He says that’s why Malhar cut the challan. Kalyani says this board was not there as Godaveri….

Aao Saheb acts and asks how this board came to my room. Kalyani makes a call and asks officer to cancel Malhar’s suspension and makes re-appointment letter fast. Aao Saheb asks her not to be sympathetic towards him and says he might have kept this board on sakarpura day. Malhar says see how I will take you all to jail for supporting Trilok. Pallavi tries to take Godaveri from there. Kalyani stops her and asks her to apologize to Malhar first and then go live on social media and tell that whatever she had posted was a lie.

Godaveri says never and tells that I will never apologize to my brother’s murderer. Kalyani tries to convince her, but Godaveri pushes her down. Kalyani suffers injury on her burn injuries. Malhar asks how dare you, I can arrest you for raising hand on a govt officer. Godaveri goes from there and locks her room. Malhar tells Aao Saheb that she has made everyone like her and tells that he will get all info from bank and hospital. He says for now, he will teach a lesson to Godaveri. Kalyani asks Malhar to stop. Malhar knocks on Godaveri’s room. He says my name is ruined because of you, my reputation was maligned and I was suspended. He says I bear it, but today you have raised hand on Kalyani. He asks her to come out. Pallavi asks her to go else she will slap him. Malhar asks her to slap her and tells that if you had raised your hand at the right time then this wouldn’t have happen.

Kalyani comes out and tries to climb up the balcony. Malhar asks what was the need to become shaktimaan. Kalyani asks him to help her get up. She says she has cancelled his suspension, but she needs to give Godaveri’s confession to Commissioner, that’s why needs to go inside. Malhar says you don’t need to plead infront of her, says she knew that you was in hospital 2 days back. Kalyani says its ok, I am fine. Malhar says if something had happened then me…He says it is my responsibility to take care of you as my suspension is cancelled. Kalyani says now I can give you order and asks him to help her get up. He says but. She says it is an order……He sits down, asks her to climb on his back and get inside without using her injured hands. She climbs up. He gives her slippers. Kalyani gets inside Godaveri’s room.

Avni asks Vikram what is he doing in her new house. Vikram tells that if boss gets new quarters for your husband, it says all. Avni says I called you inside as you wanted to drink water. She asks him to leave. Vikram says ok and tells that he don’t want to say anything, but want to show her something. He shows the pics in which Kalyani and Malhar are in the car. He tells that time they were in cabin and left from other door. Avni tells that Kalyani is DM and Malhar is a Police officer. She thinks if they are hiding something from her.

Kalyani asks Godaveri why she is stubborn? Godaveri tells that she doesn’t want to give any statement. Anupriya comes inside and tells that whatever Godaveri has done, is on my sayings. Kalyani asks what you want to say? Anupriya tells that she will accept her crime infront of Malhar, Godaveri is innocent. She comes out. Pallavi asks Godaveri why did you come out? She asks her to come inside. Anupriya tells Malhar that whatever Godaveri has done, is on my sayings. She tells that she wanted to take revenge from him and asked her to make his video to spoil his image, and also to bring the board so that Kalyani don’t get any proofs against her. Kalyani asks why are you lying and tells that Godaveri is her sister, but she has done wrong. Pallavi says it is clear that Maayi had asked her. Kalyani says she is lying. Anupriya says I am not lying. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Pallavi told Damini that Malhar is troubling Godaveri and Damini has decided to fire Malhar, but if she gets Kalyani’s transfer to a village or something. She acts to blame Pallavi. Pallavi says I don’t care if Kalyani lose her job or gets transferred. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya if she will take up the blame on herself. fb ends.

Anupriya asks Malhar to arrest her. Kalyani asks why she wants to become great and lying that she did all this to take revenge. She says it is clear on your face. Anupriya says whatever Godaveri had done is on my sayings and tells that she has taken revenge from him. Malhar says I knew that you hate me, but didn’t know that you will stoop low. He tells Aao Saheb that this is the effect of Aao Saheb and says it is good that my son is not raised infront of you. He says once I get proofs against you that you helped Trilok then see what I do with you.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Finally Malhar letting rip, glad he went off at Aoa saheb and Pallavi, disgusting humans, a mum’s job is to guide her children not corrupt them and Pallavi and Aoa saheb are pimps basically selling Goda for greed if they cared about Goda they wouldn’t go ahead with the marriage

  2. Anupriya is a bigger culprit, by supporting those who do wrong and not having the brains or the courage to do the right thing

  3. That is so true Anupriya is very bad

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