Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman and Shravan fight

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The Episode starts with Vikram asking Suman why didn’t she tell him. Suman says its army protocols, I m a doctor and can’t tell about my patients, many patients come, we don’t mix professional and personal lives, right Captain Shravan. Shravan says yes. Vikram says I respect Suman even more, I salute you both. Kanchan asks Vikram are you ready to open the gift. Suman gives the gift. Vikram checks it. He says Suman, do you have any connection with Shravan, see he got the same watch to gift me, strange, army people think the same.

Suman says show me, maybe box got changed, I would never choose this watch for you. Vikram says whatever you choose for me will be the best, this watch is also good. He asks Shravan why is he silent. Bunty says Shravan would not tell you, he didn’t play the band on winning the case, it was the house owner’s daughter’s function, they have played that band. Kanchan says Vikram already slept. Suman says we will take him inside. Shravan says I will take him. Suman says your arm is hurt. Suman and Shravan take Vikram.

Ramesh says you are hurrying for Suman and Vikram’s engagement, I wanted to pay him the fees. Beena says what’s wrong if they like each other. Ramesh says he will misunderstand us. They argue. Vikram says what a coincidence, I wish I had such connection with Suman, heart to heart connection. Shravan holds Suman’s hand and leaves it. Vikram sleeps on the bed. Shravan goes. Suman stops him and asks why did you not tell me the truth if you knew that I m misunderstanding you. Shravan says I was thinking its easy for you to misunderstand me. She says you used to say I m special for you, you will never leave me.

He says you also said that. She says I know, one slap changed everything,I slapped you, I insulted you, you didn’t think of me, I lost my dad, you just defended your dad, you loved me the most. I tried to call you and message you, you never replied, you broke old relations, you were not with me, you don’t know what happened with me, I was broken, just I lost everything, you are behaving like nothing happened. He says you said right, you lost everything, you fell alone that day, you slapped me and police slapped my dad, police dragged him, two slaps Suman, you have an idea when someone gets tagged as a traitor, how his life changes, we were also shattered. He expresses his pain.

He says I realized that I was just a small chapter in your book, I didn’t find right to reply to your calls and messages, my dad had tolerated a lot being innocent, I can’t forget it. She says I can’t forget what happened with my dad, I can’t believe that your dad is totally innocent, my dad died because of his carelessness, your dad didn’t get punished. He says you want him to die. She says no, its carelessness, I can’t forgive him. He says then fine, we can’t step back, why are we digging out the past. He goes out. She goes to him. He says I understood, no one stops for anyone, you moved on with Vikram, Vikram is a nice person, I want your bonding to be good with him, like we had a bonding.

Suman says you just do what you find right, I will do what I find right. He goes. Its morning, Shravan says I can’t go until my wound gets healed, my fate is bad, can you make arrangements for my stay. Goel says yes, I will get a house on rent. Shravan thanks him. His dad calls and says you said we won the case, I don’t want to go to jail, lawyer called and said Tiwaris are taking the case to high court. Shravan asks what, don’t worry, I will talk to the lawyer.

Beena shouts on Suman. She says Suman decided to reopen the case. Ramesh asks why, Suman. Suman says sorry, I decided it. Vikram comes and greets them. He says sorry, I slept here, I couldn’t drive. Beena says its okay. He goes to get fresh. Beena says I will make tea. Suman says my decision is final. She goes and gets ready. She gets a call. Shravan calls her and says I didn’t think you will do it. Suman says I told you, I will do what I find right. Shravan says I remember everything you said. She says I just want justice for my dad, don’t give imp to yourself.

He says I told you my feelings for uncle, please don’t do it. She says don’t plead, I don’t like it, I m not doing this to punish you or your dad, don’t emotionally blackmail me. He gets angry. He says like I don’t know you, you don’t know me, I will give you more pain than this, just wait and watch. He gets angry.

Vikram asks why do I feel you both know each other since before. Suman says I want to tell you about it. She says I told Vikram. Shravan says Vikram would be heartbroken, right. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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