Bigg Boss 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Hina-Gauhar Vs. Sidharth for the very last time

Bigg Boss 21st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 18
Bigg Boss says we don’t think you can reach a mutual decision so tell us one by one who lost this task? Gauhar says the rule in your rule-book was that only two people can protect or attack at a time but my team was just standing in the box. Sid’s team had three people attacking at a time. Sid’s team should lose. Bigg Boss says you are giving the reference to the rule book.. Sid says she can’t read correctly. Guahar says he can’t keep interrupting me. Bigg Boss says the rule was that the rule was about the black box. Gauhar says I am really sorry, there is a strategy in everything but clearly, it’s written in the rule-book that only two people can attack. I am sorry I don’t twist the words, I follow the rulebook. I am sticking to this rulebook, I think Sid’s team cheated and that team should lose. Bigg Boss asks Sid. Sid says it’s written in the rule-book that only two people can attack at a time, Gauhar’s team had three people in the box. Pavitra pressed the first, only Pavitra was attacking the buzzer. I even pulled Nikki back. Hina’s team tried a lot but her team broke the rules. Bigg Boss asks Sid which team lost? Sid says our team pressed the buzzer first and Gauhar’s team should lose. Bigg Boss asks Hina and says this decision is yours. Hina says it’s clearly visible that Pavitra and Nikki both attacked at the same time. My team attacked Eijaz also. But my team pressed the buzzer for more time, Sid’s team couldn’t press the buzzer for more time than mine. My team was not attacking with 3 players. I think Sid’s team should lose. Bigg Boss says you can lose. Hina and Gauhar leave. Sid says if you wanted to take the decision on voting then you shouldn’t have called me here.

Shahzad tells the inmates that Sid is saying inside that he pulled Nikki back.

Hina shouts at Sid and says if you are talking about the task then how did Nikki win before? Sid says I was the referee before. Hina says I am the decision-maker here so I choose Gauhar’s team. Gauhar says Sid is being childish. It’s about the inmates and not us Sid. Your team attacked using three people, we are not kids here to be stubborn. Sid leaves from there.
Sid tells Eijaz that Gauhar’s team attacked us first and using 3 people. Rubina, Jasmin and Abhi were in the black box first. Pavitra pressed the buzzer first.

Hina tells Gauhar that how did Nikki win the tray task? Sid was the referee so he chose Nikki, I am the referee so I choose you to win.

3:30 PM
Gauhar tells Rahul and Jaan that I tried my best, I am sorry if you go today. They all sit in the living room. Sid asks Pavitra and Nikki to not cry, don’t take sympathy. Pavitra says I am proud that I was in your team. Sid says you three killed it. Gauhar hugs Nikki as she cries. Sid tells his team that they ran this show forward for 2 weeks. Gauhar asks Nikki to not cry.
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that two teams broke the rules in this task. As there was no mutual decision from the seniors so we asked for the majority voting. Hina and Gauhar voted Sid’s team to lose. Sid claps and says fantastic. Bigg Boss says Sid’s team will face game over. Bigg Boss says Nikki is the confirmed inmate so Pavitra and Eijaz will leave the house with Sid. Shahzad will leave with them. Nikki breakdowns and cries. Sid hugs her and says you are gonna do well. Rahul cries and thanks Hina. Nikki hugs Pavitra and cries. Jaan hugs Pavitra and says don’t feel bad. Pavitra tells Sid that I am proud to be in your team. Sid says you played like a sports-person. I am proud of you.
Sid tells Hina that its a game and you lose some time, it’s not the end of life. It’s okay.

3:45 PM
Jasmin cries and tells Rubina that I find it difficult to like people.
Sid hugs Abhi. Pavitra hugs Nikki and asks her to play well. All gather in the garden area. Jaan hugs Eijaz. Rahul hugs Pavitra. Nikki sobs as Sid, Pavitra and Eijaz leave. Gauhar says sorry Sid and others. Nikki can’t stop crying. Hina hugs her. Gauhar asks her to be strong. This will happen every week. Be strong.
Gauhar tells the inmates that I will tell you what happened. She says Nikki and Pavitra attacked together and then Eijaz was protecting. While Hina’s team was not attacking, they were just cheering Hina’s attacking members. Nikki leaves from there.

4 PM
Hina tells Gauhar that if both the teams broke the rules then which team broke the rule first? It was Sid’s team. Nishant says Eijaz had this plan to throw our buzzer away.
Nikki tells Jaan that Nishant changed his colors, they have no guts to talk. They were okay being called poor and now they are blabbering all this?

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says that Hina and Gauhar came here to show the path to the freshers. We want to thank them for coming here and taking responsibility for such honesty. Our work is done so you can pack your bags and come out now. Hina thanks him.
Nikki cries and hugs Gauhar. Jaan says no.. Nishant says I feel being orphaned. Jasmin hugs Hina. Hina asks her to fight for her rights. Rahul is crying too. Jaan says why are you going? Hina says we have to go. It’s part of the game. She hugs him and says our journey in the house has ended. Gauhar gets emotional and says we love you all so much. Nikki comes there and touches their feet. Hina says what are you doing? Gauhar says you are our love. Rubina tells Hina that you have motivated me so much. Hina says be strong. Rubina says I have never seen a queen more powerful than you. Hina hugs her and says God bless you. Jaan says you guys were the best seniors. We love you a lot. Thank you so much for teaching us. Gauhar hugs Hina and says I never met Hina or Sid before. We played together, we got to know you people but in the end, we got to know each other and started caring for each other also. Hina hugs her. Gauhar thanks Bigg Boss. Hina says we love you Bigg Boss. Jasmin says you both are the strongest women I got to know. Hina and Gauhar leave the house. Gauhar says I will tweet. The door closes. Jasmin tells Jaan that we will cry together and make food. Rahul cries and tells Nikki that this is a bad day.
Jasmin tells Jaan that everything is shaken inside me but we will be stronger. Jasmin goes and hugs Nikki. She says you play and fight but don’t abuse. Nikki says I am really sorry for cursing you. Jasmin says you are a bigger person to say sorry. Nikki tells sorry to Jaan. Nikki says this was a shaking day.

5:15 PM
Nikki is talking to Rahul when they hear knocking coming from the door. Suddenly the buzzers start playing and the lights go red. Nikki gets scared and says what is going on? All inmates come to the living room. Nikki says someone is coming. They see people in hoods entering the house. They go around the freshers. Suddenly the garden wall starts breaking. They see another house being revealed behind the other door. A girl is shown from the other side of the wall. Nikki and Jaan cheer for her thinking it’s Pavitra. A man sits with the girl. Their faces are covered so the inmates are not sure if they are Pavitra and Eijaz. Nikki says this is Pavitra only. Rubina says no it’s not Pavitra. The hooded men sanitize the place and leave. Rahul says are the actors pretending to be Pavitra and Eijaz? Abhi says Ia m not sure.. They take off the masks and its Pavitra and Eijaz only behind the wall. All scream seeing them. Eijaz sings mei hoon don. Nikki cheers for them. Pavitra and Eijaz are behind the wall. Bigg Boss says this is the new part of the house, it’s called the ‘red zone’. Pavitra and Eijaz are the first people to go there. There are two divisions in the house. Red zone and green zone. Red zone means you are in danger and people in the green zone are safe but not always. People in the red zone will get chances to come to the green zone and bring someone else to the red zone. At the end of the week, only people in the red zone will be nominated and one from the red zone will be eliminated only.

6 PM
Jaan tells Pavitra that Jasmin cried for you. Pavitra says why did you cry? You cheated on the task and then crying after making us leave the house? There is no point in crying. Jaan says if you don’t feel it then it’s fine.
Rahul tells Jaan that he can take the bed. Nikki says what was Pavitra saying? Jaan says she said that there is no need to cry when we made us leave. Rahul asks Jaan to not give her too much attention. Nishant says what did she say? Jaan says she said why do you people cry so much? Jaan says I said that we were sad that you were going. Nishant says you should have told her that Pavitra attacked Jaan and Rahul only to make them leave the house. Nobody is doing anything personally in the task, it’s a game and we are all working here to survive.

6:30 PM
Rahul asks Nikki why she is hurt? Nikki says Sid said that we three are running the show but nobody denied it to his face, when he left then all said that he was wrong. Nobody has the guts to say it on my face that I am not running the show. Rahul says we don’t have to say anything to your face. Nishant says we haven’t come to convince you, we didn’t want to brag in front of the losing team. Hina and Gauhar also said it’s not true after Sid left so they were wrong also? Nikki says I didn’t hear it. Also Salman sir has praised me so your point is not valid. Nishant says Salman didn’t say much about you this week. Rahul asks Nikki to not show so much ego, think about yourself and don’t care about us. Nikki says you people have no guts to take in front of me. You should have talked in front of Sid, you started talking after he left?

7:15 PM
Jasmin tells Rubina that we are the target now. Nikki thought that Pavitra left so she will have to make another alliance. She said that she is sorry for cursing me but when Pavitra came back then Nikki went back to her old egoistic self. Nikki is very smart.

Rahul tells Nishant that we have to be careful about Jaan, he might be playing a game. Nishant says he can’t fake much.

Rubina talks to Abhi and Jasmin. She says Pavitra will not spare Jasmin, she said so.

Nishant tells Rahul that Pavitra and Eijaz will make an alliance to fight with us for no reason. Rahul says I think they are natural allies from inside, they just pretend to fight. Nishant says their nature is same, both like to flip.

7:30 PM
Nikki says to Jasmin that I am not washing the dishes right now. Rahul comes to Nikki and says you had to wash dishes for lunchtime. Nikki says it’s already evening, I will start working from tomorrow.
Jaan tells Jasmin that we are all confirmed now. Nikki has to work also. I will not spare her now. He goes to Nikki and says you have to work from now on, we are all confirmed now. Nikki says but I have afternoon duty so I will start from tomorrow. Jaan says you can’t refuse like that. Nikki says it’s evening already. Jaan says all are working. Nikki says I am not like everyone else, lol. She leaves from there.

8:30 PM
Rubina tells Abhi and Jasmin that Jaan acted like he was going to fight with Nikki, he said that he won’t spare Nikki but he went to Nikki, then went to his bed silently? Abhi says Jaan is giving chances people to make fun of him. Rubina says how can be infatuated to her when she calls him an idiot all the time? Jasmin says Nikki has brainwashed him. Abhi says he has become stupid. Abhi says why people were crying so much today? Jasmin says I was crying for Shahzad. Rubina says Nikki was crying for herself as Pavitra and Eijaz left. Abhi mimics Nikki touching Hina’s feet and laughs. He says Hina was stunned.

Jaan tells Nikki, Rahul and Nishant that we are blessed that our group didn’t break even when we were in different senior camps.

9 PM
Nikki tells Pavitra and Eijaz that they are all dividing duties and acting like a complete family. They are doing each other’s work and all that. Pavitra says they will wash each other’s asses also. Nikki says Nishant said that it was our strategy to break the rules, Nishant has no brains. Rahul said to Jaan to not talk to Pavitra. Pavitra says why was Rahul crying? Nikki says he was feeling bad for seniors, he was crying for Gauhar also. Pavitra says he has no stand of his own. Nikki says he was feeling bad for you guys. Pavitra laughs.

Day 19
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song bidi. They all dance. Eijaz dances in his red zone.

12:30 PM
Nikki comes to Eijaz and says you don’t look nice like this. Eijaz says I didn’t lose my task, I worked hard in the task and then they do majority voting? Nikki says they are making chicken today. Nikki says you will come out of here after the task.

Rahul mimics Eijaz and says we don’t know how he will react.

Eijaz is angry and says I don’t deserve to be here and you don’t deserve to be here also. Pavitra the people who did majority voting did this and left.

1 PM
Rahul asks Nikki whom does she gossip with? Nikki says Jaan, he tells me everything as he is my friend. Rahul says he is your ATM. Nikki says he is not. Rahul says you joke with him saying that he is not your friend? I feel like you make him irritated. Nikki says I joke with him, he is my geniune friend. He talks about me and clarifies point even behind my back.

3:45 PM
Rahul reads the instructions which says that the seniors were taking the decisions till now but there are no fresher tag anymore. We will have a new start from today and today’s task is about getting the captianship. The captain will get their personal bedroom and bathroom. The captain will take major decisions of the house and that captain will decide the future of the red zone inmates. The task name is ‘Jaan bachi tou lakhon paye’. The winner will become the first captain of the house. In the garden area, there is a doll house and all inmates will be fire-fighters. They will rescue the doll of other inmate. When the buzzer plays, fire-fighter will go in the doll house and rescue one doll of the other inmate. The person who comes out of the doll house in the last will get the doll that he/she eliminated from the captaincy race. Before the buzzer plays, they can’t cross the red line which is made around the doll house. Pavitra and Eijaz will be the referee of the task.

4 PM
Jasmin and Abhi go in the doll house to check it out. Nikki says you can’t cross the red line before the buzzer plays.

4:15 PM
Jaan tells Nikki that get your friend’s doll first. We have to save our dolls first then we will not be last. Nikki tells Nishant and Jaan that you have to save my doll, I am not going inside the doll house. Nishant says then Rahul has to save my doll. We have to make sure that the captain is made from our team only.

4:30 PM
Jasmin comes to Nishant and asks if he will play from her side? Rubina comes there and says we have to make sure that they don’t become the captain.

Nikki tells Rahul to take out her doll.

Jaan asks Nishant who is taking out my doll? Nishant says I will do it.

Pavitra tells Nikki that if they break the rules then I will disqualify.

Abhi tells his team that we will take out Rahul and Nikki first. Nishant says I will take Jaan’s doll first so Nikki won’t doubt that Jaan and I are playing from your side.

5 PM
Nishant tells Nikki that the captain should be from our team only. Nikki says you are right but I am the target to try to save me first.

Eijaz tells Abhi that it’s written here that you can’t go in the dollhouse before the buzzer. Jasmin says if you want to disqualify us before the task then does it, we did not have any intention to do anything, we were just checking out the dolls. Eijaz says there is a reason they have kept the dolls hidden and you went there. Rubina tells Eijaz that the task didn’t start. Eijaz says I will decide what’s right or wrong.

5:15 PM
Eijaz comes to Jasmin and says whatever I say, you twist it around by finding out the bi-meaning. Jasmin says I didn’t threat you. Eijaz says you said to disqualify you like it’s a threat to me. Abhi tells Eijaz that it’s insignificant right now. Eijaz says I was just making the point. He leaves. Rubina asks Abhi to not give attention to Eijaz, just focus on the game.
Nikki comes to Pavitra and Eijaz. Eijaz says I want to play fair in this task. Nikki says I just want to say that the second last can be last too.
Rubina tells Abhi that Rahul will try to get our dolls. They will want us to not become the captains. We can’t trust Nishant and Jaan if they become the captains they will favor their team only.

Jaan comes to Rahul and Nikki. He tells them Jasmin has made the plan with us to target Nikki, they want Abhi to become the captain.
Nikki talks to Nishant and Jaan, she says I asked Eijaz to help me but he said no. I have helped him so much. Nishant says we all know Eijaz is a flip master, don’t trust him, he just wants to pretend that he is fair.

The buzzer plays and the task starts. They all gather around the doll box. Eijaz tells Pavitra that we will take the decision together. Eijaz goes in the doll house to keep an eye. Rubina says Eijaz can’t be in the house. Eijaz says I want to keep an eye. Jaan says the referees can be anywhere they want. Nishant says even if he is inside, he standing in the corner only. Pavitra says it’s all a garden area for us, we won’t interrupt anyone.

5:30 PM
Eijaz wishes everyone luck. They buzzer plays and they all go in the house. They get the dolls of other players. Eijaz says one by one. Jasmin has Rubina, Abhi has Jasmin’s doll. Jaan has Nishant’s doll. Eijaz says Rubina was the last to come out. Rubina says I was not. Pavitra says Abhi was the last one to come out. Rubina says I was not the last one. Eijaz tells Rubina that if I am wrong then Bigg Boss will say so. Pavitra says I saw Abhi in the last. Eijaz pulls Pavitra aside and says trust me it was Rubina in the last. Pavitra says I saw Abhi in the last. Eijaz says I was inside and I saw who was last. Nikki tells Pavitra that I was second last, Rubina was the last. I swear on my mother. Pavitra says I saw Abhi in the last. Eijaz tells Pavitra that I am telling you.
Rubina asks Abhi where did he get stuck? Abhi says someone blocked my way. Pavitra asks who saw Abhi in the last? Nishant says Rubina was the last one. Pavitra asks Rubina. Rubina says I took the doll in the last but I was not last from the doll house. Pavitra says I am sure Abhi was the last one to come out. Eijaz tells Pavitra that I saw from inside and it was Rubina. Pavitra says I was watching too.
Rubina says why are they acting like dictators? Abhi says let them be.
Eijaz tells Pavitra that I saw Rubina coming out of the house in the last. Pavitra says I was watching from the outside and I could see who was the last one out, it was Abhi only. Eijaz says listen to me, don’t turn around. Pavitra says I am not turning around, talk. Eijaz says listen to me, we have to come to a conclusion. He says how do we play olympics? Pavitra says I don’t care about olympics.

Abhi tells Jasmin that I am fine with Jasmin, Rubina and Nishant becoming a captain. Rubina says I am fine with Jaan too.

Nikki tells Nishant that I want Rahul to bring my doll out.

5:45 PM
Eijaz tells Pavitra to not do this, you know how fair I am. Pavitra says you know how fair I am. Eijaz says that’s why you nominated me? Pavitra says because you started ignoring me. Eijaz says then why did you come to show love that night and said sorry? Pavitra says I get jealous, you were angry so I wanted to pacify you. You are not fair, to ***** with your fairness. Eijaz says take care of your tongue, don’t curse me. He moves closer to her. Pavitra says I didn’t curse you. They stand very close to each other. Pavitra says come to a decicsion. Eijaz says this game won’t move forward, all are watching you. Pavitra says why didn’t you open your mouth when I nominated you like you are opening your mouth today? Eijaz says yes I got scared. Pavitra says I was pacifying you that day because you were feeling bad, I cared about you.
Rahul tells Jaan that Pavitra has a soft corner for Abhi that’s why she is doing all this. She wants Abhi’s doll to be saved.
Pavitra tells Eijaz that I thought you are a nice person that’s why I was jealous for you. Eijaz says I don’t get jealous, you are wrong about me. Eijaz tells Pavitra to come to a conclusion.

Nishant tells Jaan and Rahul that you want Nikki to become the captain? She will not be fair. Jaan says I agree, I don’t want her to become the captain. Rahul says but she hasn’t done bad with us till now. Jaan says what are you saying? Nishant says make sure that the captain is made from three of us only.

Pavitra tells Eijaz that if you care about olympics so much then let me give you a conclusion, I think it was Abhi and you think it was Rubina so let’s make it a draw. Eijaz says you want to draw it because you are not sure. Pavitra says I gave this option for you. Eijaz says don’t give me that option. Pavitra says I will give the option if I want, I am giving the option to Bigg Boss. Eijaz shouts at her face that you gave that option to me. Pavitra shouts at him.
Nikki says Pavitra is saving Abhi. Rahul says Abhi is her crush, she gave 6.5 to Abhi, I understand she gave 8 to Sid as he was a senior but Abhi? Nishant says he might be her type. Rahul says how can he be someone’s type? he is married already, are we singles dead that she is crushing on him?

The episode ends.
PRECAP – Eijaz tells Pavitra that you nominated me without thinking about my emotions. Pavitra shouts that I showed emotions by coming to you but you didn’t care. Eijaz says you are selfish. Pavitra says you come closer to me because I am pretty. Eijaz asks her to remain in limits.
Jaan tells Nishant that we will play our game. Let them handle Nikki, we will save ourselves.
Jaan doesn’t save Nikki’s doll. Nikki says at least others don’t have fake friends like mine, how will I play when my friends are not with me? Jaan shouts at her that he saved her every time. Nishant says we were standing with you all the time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This years big boss keeps making lot of bad bringing in seniors; evicting sara and shahzad based on the so called biased seniors; giving a dummy task task to choose if nikki should remain confirmed, even though there is a majority (just to keep her in the game), calling gauhar breaking rules, when she followed it to the letter, nepotism,calling rubina as garbage mind and salman supporting bigg boss… salman has definitely made a deal with bb team not only for being a host but to sell his humanity, honesty to bb makers team and support them in alll wrong decisions.. e should change his tag from ” Being Human” to “Being Inhuman” as thats what is seen here in bb with salman supporting..

  2. Finally irritating sid egoist is gone. Ab phaltu ki chickk chi cha k dekh sakenge

  3. Sid was not irritating….but yes he was baised sometimes.. but still he is my favorite…I don’t like Nikki because she is so selfish….she is not loyal to anyone… jasmine is cute and I also like abhinav and rubina….#RUBINAV

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