Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet get uncomfortable on their first night

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Guneet that they have decorated well and says it is Rajnigandha flower. He tells about its uses and tells that it helps in good sleep. Guneet says she will read it later. Amber helps Guneet takes off her earrings. She then removes her jewellery. Amber looks on. Nia tells Kabir that she needs to give medicines to Dad and goes to kitchen. She then takes the medicines and goes to Amber’s room. She sees Guneet already given him medicine and hides it. Amber comes to Nia and sees medicine in her hand. He takes the mug and signs her not to feel bad. Guneet asks about his medicines to be given in morning. Nia hears them and goes. Kabir stops her. Nia says I forgot that now Guneet ji is there to give him medicines. Kajal comes there and tells let’s sleep. Kabir says let him show boss giri to Nia. He tells Nia that they shall celebrate for the successful marriage.

Kajal tells Nia that she has become free now and tells that she can do anything, Nia says that Dad will need her always. She says he will always call her. Kajal says marriage is marriage and now he will call Guneet. Swara says yes, things will change after marriage. Amber and Guneet change their clothes. Amber asks Guneet to sleep. Guneet asks if he is feeling sleepy. Amber says no.

Guneet’s bridal dress gets stuck in the bed. Amber frees it and gets nervous. Guneet keeps the dress. He says he is feeling sleepy. Guneet says yes and tells that she will sleep on right side of bed. Amber looks on. Guneet says ok, you sleep on right side. Amber says I will adjust. Guneet goes to sit on the bed. Nia asks Kabir if he didn’t go? Kabir says my boss is cleaning and I shall go. I am not that bad. Nia asks him to pick the bottles and says she will enjoy being boss for the last time. She says then she will back to normal. Kabir says there is nothing like back to normal and tells that now she has her own company. He says so much happened between us, friendship, love and fight, but we are still friends as we accepted change, didn’t get afraid and run. He says your life is going to change, get ready Nia. Nia asks what change? Kabir says I don’t know, but I know what will not change. He says whenever you pick the wine bottles, I will come to pick it. Nia asks him to stay back and says there are still more works, have to wash utensils in kitchen.

Swara calls Kabir. Nia says Swara. Kabir says if I stay back then your dad will come out, calling me yamdood…Amber and Guneet lie down on the bed to sleep. She thinks what is happening? Amber thinks why is he feeling strange? He asks himself to sleep straight. Guneet thinks she can’t sleep straight and her leg hits his leg mistakenly. She gets up and says sorry. Amber feels gastric trouble. Guneet hears his stomach sound. Amber goes to bathroom. Nia comes to Amber’s room, but stands out thinking Guneet is inside. Guneet takes her phone. Amber comes back from bathroom and sits on the bed. Again he feels the gastric trouble and goes out. Nia goes to the upstairs room to sleep. Amber keeps some pillows on his side of bed and goes.

Precap: Guneet tells Pammi that she can’t sleep on other mattresses. Amber tells Dr. Pandey that he has snoring problem too along with gastric problem. Guneet tells Amber that she is going.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice episode. Now amber guneet married so they can show nia’s story now.but it seems they will pair up nia with rishi. But it looks so weird.nia loves kabir and kabir loves nia then why they are not showing their story.why they are changing the hero for nia. It’s a new generation kabir can convince swara if he really loves nia .why they are showing now he cant change decision?love is already exist between nia kabir but still they want to change the story. It really hurts …cant are that tragedy scene. Why kabir is not changing his decision. Swara should understand that kabir loves nia why she is not leaving him I dont understand. Now they will show new love story between nia and is so easy?I am not comfortable with this story.wanted to see nia kabir pair. Chemistry is still there.if they dont want to show their story then why romantic scenes between them….I dont want to see.incomplete love story of nia kabir.there is no chemistry between nia and rishi.just professional relation. Hope they change the story. There is no need of swara character.they just wanted to side kabir so they brought her in the story.

  2. Nice scenes of nia kabir. Waiting for their love story

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