Ek Deewana Tha 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash, KK and Radhika suspect Madhvi and Rajan

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Ek Deewana Tha 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK tries waking Akash. He checks his breath and shares that he isn’t breathing. Radhika looks at him in shock. KK takes Akash to his room.

Akash gains conscious. Everyone asks him how this happened. Akash shares that he was passing through the corridor. Maybe water was spilled and I fell down. Shivani gets worried thinking about the instances. That chandelier never moved in all these years and now Akash is in this condition! Rajan says this is what we were trying to tell you. Shivani agrees with him. I think we should leave this house. Akash, Radhika and KK say no in unison. KK says you shouldn’t leave your house on the basis of one incident. Shivani says Akash could have lost his life. Akash calls it coincidence. Maybe the chandelier got rust and broke. Anyone can slip anytime. Shivani reasons that this never happened in London. This house is inauspicious. He tells her to stop being superstitious. This is the last thing to say. Radhika says these are just coincidences. Places are not inauspicious. Rajan tells everyone to understand. Akash assures everyone he is fine. Everything will be fine too. Shivani tells everyone to rest. We should let Akash rest as well. Everyone leaves.

Akash holds Shivani’s hand when she is about to leave. Why are you crying? What happened? Someone is watching them. Shivani replies that he has always looked after her, her happiness and everything. You used to cook and feed me whenever I used to miss home food. You got me a film too as I like KK. I couldn’t even take care of you at my own home! He tells her that her being with him is more than enough. She cries looking at his wound. You never let me get a scratch even. He nods. I looked after you since childhood after all. She looks at him in confusion. What do you mean?

KK cannot understand how Akash can slip from a 5 feet 2 inch railing. Radhika speaks of Akash’s wound and gentility. I understand people. KK mentally declines. I am sure he is hiding some secret.

Akash says you were a kid when you were in London. She smiles. You should sleep now. She sits next to him. He asks her to join him in the bed then. She denies. He holds her hand. You dint say what all you have done for me till now. Who took me to hospital when I slipped from the stairs in college? You! You sat by my side day and night and I got well in a week instead of a month. I will recover asap if you will stay with me. She kisses him on his forehead. He jokes that he is feeling better. The pain is gone. She goes out once he lies down to sleep. Someone is watching Akash from outside the window. Shivani peeks at Akash from the door while he is sleeping. I love you. She heads to her room when the mystery guy begins to follow her.

Akash looks at the door pointedly.

KK speaks negatively about Akash. Radhika says he got so hurt. For a moment I felt he is dead. You still doubt him? KK insists that no one can fall from a 5 feet 2 inch tall railing. He is lying! Akash agrees with him. I was lying. The mystery guy is peeking at them from the keyhole. Radhika tells Akash Krish dint mean that. Akash repeats that he doesn’t even know how he reached there. I dint slip. Something is surely wrong in this house but it isn’t some spirit. KK says we know this but what happened. Akash shares that he knew that he was in Shivani’s room when he saw a shadow near the window. He tells them everything. I followed it and reached the secret door. I saw a guy there as I soon as I walked inside. I was thinking something when someone hit me on the head and I passed out. KK asks him how he reached the corridor then. Akash says this is what I don’t know. KK asks about the guy. Radhika takes Rajan’s name.

Madhvi tells Rajan he can do anything. Rajan says something is going on behind our backs which we failed to understand. Madhvi says I am more afraid of what is going on in front of our eyes. Dint you see how KK, Akash and Radhika refused to leave the house together when Shivani proposed the idea. KK has been through weird instances. Radhika also got scared in the basement. Anyone would leave the house in that situation but I feel they have made a pact to find out our secrets. It is very dangerous for us if it’s true.

Akash is sure it wasn’t Rajan. Rajan Uncle does not limp while the guy was limping. He was not so tall too. I am sure Shivani’s parents know something about it. They dint want us to stay in the house after all. This is what they want since Shivani and I came here. They tried their best to take us to their new home and even tried to stop Shivani from coming here. Shivani and I reached the basement, about which we never knew, somehow. They started cooking stories then. I am sure Rajan Uncle and Madhvi Aunty are hiding some secret here.

Precap: Rajan tells Madhvi he is only concerned about Shivani. A trap is being laid for her after all. Shivani walks towards her window. She reaches out for the window door when someone holds her hand. She shouts in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. So much of confusion no clearity who is shadow man who is Vyom??

  2. today episode is fullfilled with suspense, thrilling,horror and cute romance of shivik☺.and interesting promo too,egarely waiting for tmrw Episode?

  3. Akash and the shadow man were show in one frame…So it can’t be him
    But then he says the “bachan se” wala line to shivani .

    Now if Akash is vyom disguised ..And he yet loves shivani toh story ka koi point hi nahi raha naa…Like he can be happy with her and let KK and Radhika be happy

    I think that Akash is the rebirth of vyom….He does not remember anything except those flashes…But he feels a strange protectiveness towards Raadhika which he cannot even explain to himself….He thinks that he is just being a good host but actually he has a connection to her Jo woh abhi tak samaj nahi paa raha hi

    But then who is the shadow man is the question

  4. Now the story will be interesting

  5. Dishani01

    how will akash get fine . he fall from very far.. he not breath when kk checking … suddenly he got live back.. not treatment or anything how is this possible .. if he death and ghost will obsession to him … if now he is ghost…??????? I’ll never want like this.. please don’t kill akash. make him positive and jodi with shivani ..

  6. Akash said he took care of Shivani from childhood,Madhavi saying in a previous episode that I know him, he only loves Sharanya,so he/Akash has to be Vyom.He might be planning his own attacks,makers could have atleast kept that one secret hidden without giving clues.Loved Shivani’s pain during Akshi conversation.

    1. yeah true shivani had expressed her pain very effectively , could feel it.

  7. Can anyone tell me story in short after leap who is Shivani what connection she has with sharnaya vyom

    1. Shivani has no connection .Madhavi and Rajan thought she was reincarnation of sharanya and adopted her .

  8. I have two theories .One is vidhyut is still alive ,burnt as acid fell on him .Second it’s vyom/Akash playing as he is capable of anything .

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