Ishqbaaz 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pinky turns disappointed

Ishqbaaz 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye holds Anika close. Gauri comes calling out Anika. She says sorry to come, Om asked me not to go but… Anika says its fine, come I have to show you something, this new bedsheet and pillow covers. Gauri asks her to see what she got. Anika says Kurmure… Gauri says we used to have it in childhood. Anika says we used to fight for it, we won’t fight now. They eat it. Shivaye opens mouth to have it, seeing them. Anika and Gauri remind few instances and laugh. Om comes. Shivaye and Om smile seeing them. Om says sorry I told Gauri not to come here, but.. Shivaye says its okay, I think they deserve this. Om says right, they look so happy. Shivaye says we will let them stay happy, we are brothers right, we will also go and talk. They have coffee at the pool side and see time. Shivaye says its fine, they met after many years, they will have much to talk. They see Anika and Gauri talking. Rudra comes and sits between them. He sees Anika and Gauri. He says so sisters made you out of the room.

Shivaye says excuse me, they aren’t our sisters. Rudra says you didn’t understand, I mean they made my brothers out. Shivaye says we came out by our wish. Rudra says I think they will talk all night, I m going to sleep, take care, its obvious I m going to sleep, you both sleep here because the talks will go on all night. Shivaye says no, Anika will just call me. Om says Gauri will call me. Rudra says don’t underestimate the power of talkative Trivedi sisters. He goes. Shivaye says he says anything, he could have seen Anika calling me.

Om says Gauri will call me. Its morning. Shivaye and Om wake up near the pool. They see Anika and Gauri sleeping. Om says I know, they met after many years, they had much to talk. Shivaye says do one thing, don’t tell this to Rudy that we slept here. Rudra comes laughing and says nothing is hidden from me, I have seen Sisters’ union and husbands’ exile, seriously I realized that Bhabhis and Bhavya will feel bad when we forget them in Obro moment. Shivaye says nothing like that, we have always maintained the balance in relations.

Shakti sees Pinky getting ready. He says don’t think about going out, you won’t go alone. She asks what are you saying, are you scaring me, anyone can go in coma hearing this. She says May month started, you know the date. He says 10th May. She stares. He says you are staring at me as if I forgot your birthday. She turns away. He says wish you a very happy birthday. She says Shivaye always remembers my birthday and does something special every year, he will do this year too. Om, Gauri and everyone discuss managing arrangements. Shivaye says our party should be the best one. Pinky thinks Shivaye is planning surprise party for me.

He says the most beautiful woman of my life. Anika smiles. Pinky thinks so this party is for Anika, he forgot my birthday. He asks Pinky to be there and inform dad too. Anika asks Pinky did she have breakfast. Pinky says no. Anika goes to get. Pinky thinks even Anika didn’t wish me. He says I planned a surprise. She asks for whom. He says of course for Anika, she came home after a long time. Rudra comes. Shivaye calls out Anika and says there is a surprise for you. Rudra moves and shows Sahil. Anika hugs Sahil and asks how did you come here. Sahil says Rudy got me here. She thanks Shivaye. Shivaye says its an imp day, how would it be complete without Sahil. Pinky thinks you remember Sahil, not my birthday, why am I thinking so, Shivaye and Anika met after long time, they are happy, he will remember my birthday till evening. Shivaye stops her and says I have a surprise for you and everyone, welcome the cutest, sweetest, Mrs. Kalyani Oberoi.

They all smile seeing Dadi. Shivomru hug Dadi and say we missed you. Dadi says I missed you too. They all hug Dadi. Pinky says you returned suddenly. Dadi says Shivaye has sent ticket and said its a special day, so come back soon. Pinky asks special day. Shivaye says Anika has come back. Pinky thinks did he call Dadi for Anika. Khanna says jeweller has come, he said he got something for Mrs. Oberois, Shivaye has given the order. Jeweller says have this diamond necklace. Pinky thinks Shivaye has ordered this for me, it means he remembers my birthday. Shivaye comes and takes the box. He says you are coming now, its good I saw your car. The man says sorry, it got late. Shivaye says thanks, you can go. He says its good that mom has seen this, I have to hide this from Anika. He goes. She says costly gift for wife, you didn’t wish me, you could have given me a flower, I would have got happy with it.

Rudra moves away the flower basket and signs Bhavya. She falls in his arms. Flowers fall over them. They have a moment. Pinky comes and reads the banner, for the most beautiful woman in the world. She asks what’s this banner. Rudra says its for Anika, Shivaye got this made. Bhavya says its a welcome party for Anika. Pinky asks the date. Bhavya says its 10th May. Rudra says oh, its 10th today. Pinky smiles. He says I had a workout with trainer today, I have to cancel it. Bhavya says fine. Pinky goes.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He compliments her and says I can’t get my eyes off you. She says concentrate on driving else accident may happen. He says you know its me who is driving, I drive so well, my two eyes are on you and third eye is on the road. She laughs and asks what did you say, third eye, you really consider yourself Shivaye. He says I m Shivaye. She says just my name, let me try this. Shivaye says you are striking poses by wearing these earrings and jewelry, so that you can have my attention. Anika says you think I have no work, as if this is the only thing to do. He asks what’s more imp than me. She says you will be jealous if you listen. He asks her to say. She shouts Shivaye. He applies brakes. They get shocked seeing…. He sees nothing. She laughs and asks did your third eye not help, you are Pheku Singh Oberoi. He says now you will see how I drive, get ready. She says be careful please. Gauri asks Om to fill colors well.

Om says you are forgetting your husband is an artist. She says I didn’t forget, my experience in making Rangoli isn’t less. He says then make it here, why did you ask me. She says so that it happens soon, fill colors there. He asks where. He touches her face and applies colors to her. She asks what did you do. He says nothing, I just colored you in my color. She says its fine, I will fill colors, move. He smiles. She applies color on his face and laughs. He says its fun. She says you have become naughty. He runs to apply colors to her. They romance. Pinky looks on. They stop and talk about Rangoli. Pinky asks for whom is this Rangoli. Om says Anika. Gauri says Shivaye told us. Pinky says this is also for Anika and goes. Pinky thinks everyone is just thinking for Anika, no one cares for me, my son forgot me, I will remind Shivaye. She smiles.

Pinky cries and scolds Shivaye. She asks Anika not to talk in between. She says its a fight between me and my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Rudra ka dialogue was best: Behano ne bhaiyo ko room se bahar nikala…?????????

    2. Anika and Gauri were looking so cute while sleeping… I wish bhavya bhi hoti sath me…

    3. Behane hain, bhut saalon baad mili hai, bhut sari baatein hongi krne kro…. Om and shivaye ki gaaddi wahin rukk gyi… ????????

    4. Chalo kam se writers ne for time being sahil ka character katam nhi kiya…

    5. Where tej, shakti, janhvi and dadi went????

    6. Serial ki consistancy maintained hai ghar me koi kaand ho ya celebration, koi na koi gyab hi hota hai…

    7. I hope pinky fir se psycho mom na bann jaaye…

    8. I wish girls group ke liye bhi koi song bajta: ya laafzon ka yeh rishta nhi yeh hi baaj jaata

    1. Go sharddha di go ,,,congrats on bieng 1st ,and don’t worry i don’t think ki pinky aisa kuch karega ,and more surprising thing is that shivay ne yeh party pinky k liye hi organize kiya hoga ,,so pinky wiil be happy after that ,sso apni mom ki b’day khavi nahi bhulega ,,

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks tania…

    3. Luthfa

      Go Shraddha Go.Congratulations on being first..?

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank u luthfa

  2. Hiii guys
    Superb episode…I know shivika’s moment will be spoiled in one or another way

    1. Hi sneha ,,yes you are right ,shivika ki romance achese puri hoti hi nahi kabhi , koi na koi a hi jata hai nahi to phir anika bhag jati hai

    2. joot kyun bol rahe ho. shivika ki romance me kitna baar spoil hua hai. pichle episdoe me rain romance dikaya tha tab koi nahi aaya tha (on that i switch over to another show. only ia m interested in rikara romance & ruvya also), ghar aane ke baat bhi romance dikaya tha tab bhi koi nahi aaya tha. kal ki episode me romance puri hone ke baat hi gauri ki entry hui thi. aap ko laga hai pure episode me sirf shivika ko hi dikhana chaayiye aur kuch nahi. serial me sirf shivika i nahi hai baaki do couples bhi hai boolgayi ho to bataadu vo hai rikara and ruvya. unki romance toh bilkul bhi nahi dikathe hai kahi mahino ke baat kal rikara ki scences dikaaya tha vo bhi shivika ki romance jaise closeness or kissing scences bhi nahi hai. iske baat kitne mahine intizaar karna padega rikara ki romance ko dekne aur ruvya ka scenes bhi toh dikathe nahi nahi. jaise aap kehere hai shivika ki romance pure nahi hote but romance bhi to shivika ki hi zyada dikathe hai jaise holi romance puri hui without any interruption, snowfall romance in t20 show. kuch din pehele kalyani mill story ki track ke beech me bhi romance dikaya tha. is show me shivika romance se zyada kya dikhathe hai. future track me bhi phir yoi same shivika ke beech me aur koi aajayega phir same shivika track.

      1. Not given any importance to rikara and ruvya and not given space for them. no stories, not a new track for them, no romance nothing. they are very fabulous and amazing actors and they Proved it also when it came DBO.
      2. aap shivika romance ki interruption ki baat kar kar rahe hai to mai bhi aap ko remind kardetha hon ki in goa track me jab rikara shiviki ki saat tha new year ki time pe tab sab lo gaan gaake anika ki smile keliye boost kar rahe the us time rikara ki ek kissing scene tha but jab show me gaana dikaya gaya yo kissing scence kaatdiya gaya vo bhi do theen mahino ke baat ye kissing scene rakha tha. phir makarsankranti pur bhi forehead kissing scence tha yo bhi kaatdiya tha tab shivika ki scence pura dikarahe thi. uske baat ek scene rikara scence nahi tha. ruvya ki shaadi me bhi sirf rikara dance yo bhi peech aur kuch bhi nahi. holi me bhi zyada shivika dikaya tha rikara ka nahi aur ruvya ka tha bilkul bhi nahi hai. shivika se zyada rikara ka romance cut kardethe hai.

      kal ki episode mujhe sirf 3 scences bahu accha laga. 1. aniri scence, 2. shivomru scence and 3. the most important rikara scenes (after a long gap). compare to shivika romance rikara scences zyada nahi the jo bhi dikathe hai bahut kam aur kaatke.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      It’s fine dear.Kabi kabar chalta hain?

    4. Shekher brother,

      First of all I am really sorry..I didn’t mean like that..I am also happy with the ruvya nd rikara scenes.I didn’t mean that they should always show just shivika nd their romance.Just being it the first scene..I just commented abt it..I also agree that all the others didn’t get the required screen space.Actually I am not well versed in I am commenting in eng. After reading ur cmnt I felt that u r very angry…U recollected many other shivika scenes… I didn’t ever say that all shivika scenes r spoiled.But I just felt that someone will interrupt I said that…nd everyone will always love a pair the most it’s just our personal wish nd to me it’s none other than shivika… I am a grt shivika lover…it doesn’t mean I hate all the other pairs.And I fully agree that shivika scenes r more than any other scenes..

      Pls don’t take it so serious.. If I had said smtng wrong I am withdrawing my comment…I am sry if I hurt anyone’s sentiments

    5. My dear Sister sneha don’t worry you didn’t say anything wrong. You gave your opinion and I agree too. Anyway fans should be happy that all three couples had good screen space. If someone likes Rikara so be it and if someone likes ruvya so be it and if someone likes shivika so be it. I like all the pairs but of course I like shivika romance the most as they have very good chemistry. Rikara are also good and nice to watch. So it is fine sneha that you only stated your views. Don’t feel bad about it.

  3. Archiya

    Even one episode can’t go without negativity.. I was so correct in quitting watching IB.. Again I m gng on a break.. So not worth watching it

    Again pinky is gng on the same track.. As a mom she is right, why can’t shivay Simply tell her instead of surprising her.. Knowing his mom nature.. If her insecuties r gonna keep erupting.. Then what’s the use of calling her a daughter, it’s all just in words…

    All my sweeties, bidding good bye again.. iB is not worth my precious time anymore.. Do ping me on hangy or Insta Dm to get in touch with me.. Anytime.. Love u all ? ?


      Hey Archiya. Dear, IB is really good but of course there are people of different choices. Pls stop watching IB if you don’t want to but one more thing, the negativity in each episode also shows that the couples can fight any negativity. Pls do whatever you want to, but pls believe me Ishqbaaz is really the best show because it has flaws. I really hate this if any show is perfect, cause perfect means something is wrong, cause really nothing can be perfect. Not too much criticism is accepted

      Thanks for reading.

    2. Archiya

      Dear Riya,
      First of all , i love ur name, its my fav name when it comes to writing short stories..

      And yes i agree the negativity shows the couple stronger, but they just reconciled yest, and already negativity today was a bit too much as everyone was waiting for shivika to come together and see some stress free episode,.. they could have shown that tomo..

      Its very nice to hear u say IB is the best.. its sure is, my only point was too much negativity is not good.. and abt criticsm.. actually IB has raised the bar very high.. so we expect more that was my only poiint

      my sincere apologies if my comment upset u..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Archiya di,
      It’s absolutely right if you think so.After all it’s your personal decision.Will miss you.Take care.Lots of love?

    4. Archiya

      Thanks dear.. will mis u too.. lots of love to u too..

  4. Naturally.every mother expects that her birthday should be remembered by her son .pinky no exception.

    1. Luthfa

      Yes you are right.

  5. Zaveesha

    Hello everyone here…
    hope everyone is in good health…
    Apologies for my sudden disappearance every time..
    I had my back to back semester exams and its still left…I had one week gap so I’m here…
    These days IB is going just amazing..the fun and romance moments are a treat to watch..
    yesterday episode was awesome…Shivika are most amazing onscreen couple…The happy times are back in IB and the viewers are enjoying that…
    today Episode was also good..
    Feeling bad for Pinky..she is thinking that Shivaay and everyone has changed and forget her bday…but she will get a surprise…our dearest Daadi is back and Sahil too…
    excited for the upcoming episodes…

    Besy wishes to everyone…
    keep smiling and spread happiness…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Zaveesha,
      Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love.How are you?Yeah,these days IB is going good and almost everyone is enjoying.Looking forward to upcoming drama.Me too felt bad for Pinky.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

  6. Zaveesha

    And missed u all soo much…

    If I missed someone’s bday then Happy Birthday to them…

    And Best of luck to them who’ve their exams…

  7. Heyyy , guys ,,how are you all ,,today also a superb epi ,IB is on track now lovely ,i hope yeh pura weekend aisahi superb fantastic ho ,
    About epi kaya kaya bolu mai ,each an evrey momment was lovely ,,ok
    Aj gouri shivika ki kabab mai haddi thi kaya guri thori der to wait kar leti ,atleast hum logo ko thora aur ,,???ok ok aur chipade nahi banungi ,,kaya yrr yeh shivom to “they deserve it “” bolke pura phas gaya ????really rudy ne sehi kaha tha DON’T UNDERISTIMATE THE POWER OF HASHBARDHAN TRIVEDISIS ,,???bechara shivom ,,,
    Aniri scean was also nice ,but at the time when anika ask gouri to opened her mouth to eat khurmuri ,that time shivay’s reaction ,my good i am just laughing madly after watch his face ????
    I Love Shivika ,Rikara ,Ruvya scean ,
    Shivika -as usual khidkitod ,,kaya shivay don’t think you are really SHIVAY with three eyes ,,☺☺and anika FAKEU SHING OBROI ,,right ,shivay you are the best you know how to give your answer ,,lovely ,,
    Rikara-awwwwwee so cute ,thanks cvs for rikara scean ,,lovely ,om don’t go that much chepade ,battamiz chirota ,,love them both ,???
    Ruvya-nice ,,
    Ok i really bad for pinky ,,????o god pinky mom don’t worry shivay will give you a big surprise ,,
    And DADI ,and SAHIL is also there ,,aj to pura complete lag raha tha ,,but there is no tejanvi ,,but it’s ok we don’t need those selfish pepole ,,
    Good nice guys ,,,LOVE YOU IB ,,????

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,I am good.How are you?
      Episode was really nice.ShivOm underestimated Trivedi sisters and got the result then and there.Me too felt bad for Pinky.Very happy to see Dadi and Sahil.Take care?

  8. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Yeehhh…!!! Dadi is back…. Sahil also back to OM… Couples moment…. Well i can say today’s epi was a treat for all IBian with all these….
    Arrre… Gouri what’s this…. I was soo excited for that kiss ki mane apna dp vi change kr dia nd tumne…. Huhhh…!!!!
    Koi nahi after that Aniri part was sooo Sweet…. Mere bichara bhaiya… Muh khula ka khula hi reh gaya…. Don’t worry bhaiya agar main hoti toh…. Toh kya..? Main nahi deti apna kurmure…
    Gouri – Per aj ap sb kha lijiye… nd Anika feed Gouri…. Awww…!!!! That part was Superbbb….
    Obro pool scene…. Taras gayi thi main iske liye….
    Rudy nd his humor… No one can beat him in this…. But i would be more happy if Rudy also there join Shivom… CVS Bhavya ko kanha nahi bhej sakte the….
    Batuni Trivedi Siss…. LOL…
    Poor Shivom Aniri ka intejaar krke wonhi soo gaye….
    Behen milan , pati vanwas….. Hahahaha….. LOL….
    Aniri sleeping scene was sooo Cute…
    Shakti , Mr. Caring…. Chalo b’day yaad toh aagaya….
    Ani- Sahil hug… nd Shivika- Sahil sweet sa family hug….
    Dadi…. Dadi…. Finally she is back… But sacchi mein i really missed her….
    Now couple moment….
    Ruvya tune… I like that tune….
    Shivika in car…
    Kya… Kya…!!!??? Kyaaaaa……!!!!???? sb soch rahe the hum…. I think now hume vi hamare dimag ko thoda break dena chahiye… Becz of all those dramas happened before humara dimag vi wase hi kaam kr raha hain…. So relax Banita…. Don’t think much from now on….
    Rikara romance…
    Rikara rangoli romance….. I always want something like that…. Something like colorful…. Either it’s a paint romance or rangoli….
    Awww…!!!! Dabang Gouri is blushing…. Sacch bolun today i like Rikara romance part moree then other scene…. More then Shivika part also…. It was really nycc…. Loved it…
    Pinky , Ab i don’t know what to say her….
    Precap – Don’t think much Banita before watching d epi….
    GN PKJ….

    1. Hi ,bani ,yes i also today loved Rikara scean more than anything ,,they are just superb ,,kaya colourfull romance tha ,ab om artist hai to uska romance bhi artistic hona cahiye na ,,rango se bhara hua ,,

    2. Banita

      Exactly Tania….
      Do artist ka artistic romance…. becz not only Om , but gouri also an artist…

    3. Banita don’t worry dear precap would be fine. Everything will get sorted. The surprise is for Pinky.

    4. Banita

      Yeh di , i think so…. Waiting for b’day surprise for pinky….

  9. Luthfa

    It’s said that you can’t miss that thing which you never had.Perhaps applies for everything in life.Missing something and someone depends on how much those are close to one’s heart.When one is the sole receiver of everyone’s love then there raises no questions of missing anything as all the necessities are taken care of carefully.But emotion of heart being always impulsive,loves to wander in any direction it pleases.I am the only daughter of my parents and the centre of their life.As I don’t have any siblings I never knew what is sharing,celebrating for something good,caring for other,living through sorrows and happiness together etc.especially with brother and sister of my own.So,if my parents won’t remember any special day of my life like birthday,I am bound to feel bad.Not only bad but more than anything.It won’t be my insecurities rather I will feel upset that who love me most in the world have forgotten such special day.Today Pinky has showed how much she expects from Shivaay as Shivaay means her world.Being the bahu of the Oberois she got little and her only treasure is Shivaay on whom she can rely anytime for anything.She is imagining Shivaay has forgotten her birthday and owing to her expectations from Shivaay,she is feeling bad.Now Anika has become an inseparable part of Shivaay’s life and Shivaay’s love gets divided.And Shivaay has so many people in the list to shower love not only Pinky.But as his mother Pinky deserves special treatment and she is right on being upset and feeling bad.But to feel bad that everyone is focusing on Anika is not good.It is dragging jealousy in between.For Pinky Anika seems to the snatcher of the part of her happiness which is not true.Anika won’t,never ever come in between Shivaay and her relationship.She knows this then why to feel upset and heartbroken?Either she doesn’t believe Shivaay or she is feeling jealous because of Anika.Shivaay is always there for Pinky so she can’t miss him but if she makes the scenario different deliberately,then she will definitely miss Shivaay inspite of his presence and his doing every possible thing for her and this is what exactly happening with her…………………………………….

    1. Nice analysis luftha. Shivaay overdid it. This surprise is for pinky but he should not have stretched it too far with the rest of them mentioning Anika’s name that everything is for her. How much can pinky be patient? Todat’s Episode they will reveal it is for Pinky but when even she realised dadi came all the way for Anika I think pinky was crestfallen. So pinky is not at fault as you said. She is a Mother and she also would want her Son to remember. She is only a human being after all.

  10. Vidyakrish

    Rikira romance was so cute I think this all arrangements for pinky birthday. Episode was goid. Sathiya song in background with instrument was so nice

  11. pinky got pregnant. many many congratulations to her. Now coming to the episode, gauri should have come 10 mins after. their about to kiss was giving me goosebump. 😀 aww, shiom had to sleep out of their rooms. Rudy was right dont underestimate the power of trivedi sisters. 😀 Sadly, pinki has been going through the pain of not remembering her birthday by his son. but maybe, Shivaay is doing all this to surprise you. but Shivaay, this is unfair. your mamma has come out of the way yesterday and still need some rest. but you are hurting your mother more. and if you really don’t remember, then how can you call yourself a good son ? she came out of coma to protect you from bua. anika can return anytime but it takes time for a patient to recover from coma. but thankfully, she recuperated. for this, you should throw a party.

  12. Feel good episode ! ??

    Dadi is back ? of course pinky mom’s little anger is also back ?
    Hehehe they met after many years, they will have much to talk… ???
    Shivaay’s third eye!! ??
    Every couple had their own alone time??

    I guess these are last few episodes of pinky mom.. i heard she is talking break for few months from IB.. ?

    @Arpita sissy what is sultani track ?? I missed few episodes in middle.. ?

    1. And i guess they add planning for pinky mom’s birthday… Not for anika?

    2. Sorry taking* break

  13. Today i am sad for pinky i know its shivay suprise for pinky but he should not have hurt her so much and i am sad because nikitha ji his leaving the show belive i always loved pinky character even in shivika seperattion track i didnt hate her even my mum & dad loves pinky character especially my dad has given her pet name as OMM seriously pinky is character which made us laugh,cry,hate and finally love in short pinky is older version of rudra who can make any serious situtaion into laughter one and nikitha ji lived in that character i think no can match her acting skills i wish cvs find a right person to play pinky character and i am happy for nikithaji because she getting world’s best happiness congrats for that and guys please dont bash pinky for today episode

    1. Dishani01

      i also feel bad for hurting pinky for surprise and she is best in this character … who’ll fill her space in acting!! jhanavi is like every serial mom. emotional caring to husband but pinky is just different … she is little educated but like to make her son as big star fortunately she done this … she showed evil more time but she is best mom and that why she accepted annika overs her possessive .. every time i feel pinky is better than jhanavi in mom duty…

  14. Rithu17

    the only thing i can think abt is rikara’s romance…haaye my cuties my loves…,<3…and congrats to nikita ji (pinky) for the good news!

    1. You are right. They were the highlight of the day.
      Shernal chem. prove @Harneetsin @lamoshh @gulenaghmakhan are making the best mistake for sidelining this amazing jodi.

  15. 1st episode I enjoy for a longgggggggggg time:

    Aniri was hilarious (Was damn sure this will happen when Gauri followed Anika and Om stopped her)?

    Shivika car scene was great?

    Rikara rangoli scene was SUPER adorable? Shernal proves again that the makers are making the best mistake for sidelining such amazing jodi. They sat screen on fire??

    Ruvya scene was good-ish, I guess. idk why I can never see chem bet them? maybe Mansi should show some romantic expression other than that fear expression (Just an opinion)

    Shivkara staying outta room and Rudy mocking them was hilarious?

    Sahil &Dadi are back?


    Hi PKJ.This is your Riya back with a bang. I am soooo happy to be here after soooo many months. Even though I used to read everyday, I couldn’t comment.?? Well, guys, I am very sorry for disappearing, but now as I am back, I am most happy to know that my Luthfa Di is now a registered member.??????

    Coming to all the episodes, well everything went great all this while. I really thought that Shivika will be separated for a long time and was angry on the CV’s , but am happy that our Shivaay believed Anika and, for her safety, stayed without her.

    Today’s episode was awesome. Kya Gauri, humare Shivaay ko apni Anika se itne time ke baad ek kiss to lene dena tha na.

    Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya moment was Awesome. I loved it, but I also felt bad about Pinky. She was right on her part as well. They could have wished her earlier as well and given her a surprise later.

    Precap: Awww… Don’t worry Pinky Ji, Shivaay will surely do something Khidkitod for your birthday.❤️❤️❤️

    Bye PKJ. I will surely come back tomorrow to see who all are excited to see their Riya back. And one more thing, welcome to all new members of PKJ family who came when I had suddenly disappeared like Abhay!!?

  17. Today’s episode.. in poori arpita style- “Dil khush kardhitha” ( I hope that’s how it’s said).. Gul ma’am aap to khidkitod se him bhadkar darwazetod episodes de rahe hein.. first aniri milap then Roop bua’s exit and today toh.. I had missed last few episodes bt this episode made me fall in love with ib once again. Starting shivika scene then aniri, shivom, obros pool scene, shinky scene ( he was actually reading a book on coma?), sahil and shivika and den all d pair scenes??????.. most important “chup Kar khotiyon fame” dadi is back??????.. i missed her soooooooo much. But now Nikita ma’am will be taking a break. But it’s ok she’s pregnant and will need time to take care of herself and her baby??.

    I am actually happy that today Pinky’s insecurities where shown. Because jealousy and insecurities are a part of pinky Singh Oberoi from the start. And if such a track wasn’t brought in we would feel her entire character has turned 360 degrees. Yes she loves Anika now bt there are some things she can’t change about her nature no matter wat. Like shivaay said yest that he can’t change his nature neither can pinky. She is a human and she has her flaws. Bt her inner conflict was also shown where she is trying to fight her insecurities, trying to not feel bad against shivaay and restraining from blaming Anika. She is like this small child who recently had a sibling. The child is ready to share everything with her sibling because she loves her but there is this one toy that she dsnt want to part with. Pinky loves Anika and she knows shivaay and Anika loves her back too but somewhere inside shivaay is her most prized possessin. She is even ready to share him but is only asking him to not ignore her. In a country like India where mother in laws seldom realize their mistakes and own them, Pinky has walked a long way but still has more to go. But she is trying and someday she’ll win over them completely.

    Now my fav part- shivika, rikara and ruvya scene. Though all 3 had some kabab mein haddi still.. shivika as usual khidktod but rikaraaaaaa.. I never realized how much I was waiting fr this one scene of them.. the dialogues, the way om looked at gauri, gauri blushing.. totally awww wali episode thiiii.. so much happiness in one day! I guess Gul ma’am is telling people that widout a long drawn separation and ful on Rona dhona also trp can be won. I jus hope and wish trp is going to stay high so that we get mre such episodes. Good night pkj. Take care everyone

    1. Well said krishna. Great analysis

  18. Well not bad today episode is good too but pls try to make de couple to be pregnant by now..its time for dem to have a baby or what do u thinks viewers

    1. Yes Amenah I think pregnancy track should come because that is what serials are. The progression has to be shown. They can’t still show them like new lovebirds all the time. Progression is needed.

  19. Hello everyone, today shivom was ousted out to the pool. Poor bros and Rudra enjoying all this and taunting them lovingly. What a riot!!! Poor shivaay and Om. They were so patient but of course you both have married to two talkative bahus so what you expect.

    Shivaay’s expression was so funny when they both were feeding each other. It was as if someone was feeding him and he opened his mouth wide.

    Pinky pinky you are still feeling a little insecure though she did try to console herself that she should be happy for Anika I think her true self emanated at that point of time and the insecurity welled up in her that nobody wished her. I think this time she was not jealous that Anika would be given the diamond but she hoped that Shivaay would at least give her a flower. What she did not realise is all the preparations are for Pinky and even the gift. The surprise is for Pinky and she does not know. Anika is not that bad to wanting all this. Of course she would have remembered Pinky’s birthday. That is the difference between Anika and Pinky.

    Well Rikara fans will be so happy as they had Rikara moments today. Ruvya too had their moments. Shivika would have their moments but thanks to Gauri who came and interrupted. Anyway al the couples are happy and good looking.

    Dadi looks so fabulous and was thrilled to see her but they only gave her less than 3 mins space. What happened to Tej and Jhanvi? I don’t see them anywhere

  20. Hello folks,
    Today trivedi sisters rocked it.. It reminds me most of them.. Whenever my mom & sis comes to visit me.. My hubby ousted on his own.. Telling you ppl will be get more topic to speak when u are near even though u speak daily via phone.. ??
    Rudy’s one liner is amazing.. Don’t underestimate the power of talkative trivedi sisters.. ??
    Anri moment was so cute to watch..
    Dadi, sahil all are back feel like watching life has come to IB.. What happened to Tej & jhanvi.. Are they in their own lala lala island..
    Some ppl scolding pinky by watching the Precap.. Hey it’s her right.. When some one that too u r loved one forget to wish on your special day.. She will the pain..
    She said costliest gift for anika.. Let it be but you could have given me a flower and wished me.. Oh my poor pinky.. Don’t worry your son will give u big surprise.. It’s a character progression..
    Thank God she asked direct to shivaay.. It’s her right.. As a mother she has the right towards her son..
    Finally in today’s episode each pair got screen space.. Rikara was so cute..

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