Ek Boond Ishq 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mj thinks tara will putting colors in in her life and I will make her portrait with colors, he thinks how must be she looking and start making painting while otherside tara is getting like married women, mj says some poetry, mj completes painting and tara gets ready.
nimmo comes to nandu in kitchen and sys you do a lot of work, nandu says I have to do it before tara gets up, nimmo says you are hard working, nimmo says will you do my one work? nandu says tell me, nimmo says make me meet adi, nandu says I will try, tara calls nandu, she comes out and is tunned to see tara in colored clothes, she ask have you gone mad, tara says I want nimmo to think that I am very bad and you are very good, tara says seeing these clothes she will think that I don’t remember mj, nandu says you are saying like she cared for mj a lot, will it show any effect? tara syas absolutely, tara says she will be hurt that I am not following ritauls and traditions ad motherly love is activated in her as adi is kidnapped, tara say we will use it, nandu thinks, nimmo comes and says tara you in these colored clothes, nandu says I was saying same, she didn’t thought of her husband death, tara says I was bored with white clothes, nimmo says you don’t care about traditions, tara says no, nimmo says I would have died listening to this, she says I thought tara is very good girl and you are a liar but its opposite now, I wish you were my DIL, she hugs nimmo, both look at tara and smiles, tara shows thumb up to nimmo.

Scene 2
inspector comes there and says rudra is being kidnapped, he ask nandu whom you doubt, nandu says they are face covered gang, nandu says they attacked and made me unconscious too, nandu says they left bansuri here and it said that they will hurt rudra, bansuri is thrown in villa with message that rudra is kidnapped by us, if you want him to be alive then wait for our new message, I will kill him if you tell police, it also have pictures of rudra tied to chair. PRECAP. inspector leaves.
in jungle, tara comes there, guru says we should leave jungle, mj says we will be caught and our fight will be weak, he ask mj what is other way, mj says he will send next message with place, we will go there and catch rudra.

Scene 3
in villa, nandu is tensed for rudra, nimmo says one side you say you love adi and otherside you are worrying fro rudra, nandu says I love adi a lot, I was killing myself then rudra saved me, he is very good, he never touched me, nimmo thinks he cant touch you, nandu says I love adi, nimmo says why don’t you make me meet adi, nandu says tara will punish me, nimmo says tara is not in home, this is right time, I will not tell her, nandu says okay, she takes her to adi.
in jungle, mj says to tara you are looking good, tara says I thought you will look at me first, mj says I saw you with my heart’s eyes, tara says liar, he shows her painting, tara sees it and its same like tara is dressed with same color dress, she hugs mj, tara says I want to spend every moment with you, mj says soon we will together. he kisses her forehead.

Scene 4
nandu and nimmo comes there, adi acts like unconscious, nandu says tara gives him injections, nimmo says if you help me then I can take adi out, nandu thinks she is flopping my plan, nandu says what you think I don’t want this, I cant see him like this, tara sacres me, if she gets to know than she will not spare me, she says she will kidnap adi again, she can give him poison injection too, nimmo says I will not take adi out, tara calls nandu. nandu says she came back, nimmo says you go and see her, nandu goes, adi gets up. nimmo hugs her.
nandu comes to tara and ask where you went, tara says I gave you time to spend with nimmo, nandu says I sacred her, she will not make him run.

Scene 5
adi ask about jairaj, nimmo says he is fine, she about injections, adi says it was to make me unconscious but tara replaced them with glucose, tara is very nice, we were wrong, she did all that because.. nimmo says I know rudra was blackmailing her, he ask you know? nimmo says I also know that rudra is kalavati, nimmo says jairaj will not understand, adi says he is devil, nimmo says we have to keep playing this game to expose him, I will nandu believe that I am on her side
nandu says I will paly one or two games then she will be one my side, postman comes and gives parcel to tara, she opens it and its bansuri, nandu is stunned, tara takes out message, it says if want rudra alive then tara have to come with I crore to construction building.

PRECAP- mj and guru is at construction building, they see a deadbody lying there with bomb attach to it, they are stunned while tara comes there with money.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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