Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Introduces this Vishnuji’s avatar, to Rukmini. Vishnuji & Lakshmiji are Krishna & Rukmini here. Krishna is serving Cows. Rukmini says she knows him but is still not able to understand him compeletely. Krishna pointing out at Sky asks her what does she see there? Dark clouds, is the answer. Clouds are dark up & I am Shyam, of dark varn here.

Agni has gone crazy, is experimenting his power in Swarga. Indra, Brihaspati & Devas are worried. Brihaspati asks him to control himself, he’s just returned from Kailash. Mahadev must have advices him about his duties. Agni said, Mahadev has asked him to control his Power, but hasn’t told him about what to do. He allows freedom to all. I will show my power to the entire World. Indra warns him to calm down or be ready to fight with him. Agni withdraws the fire.

At Kailash, Ganesh senses some ashubhata in the Worls. Mahadev says an element is not under control , that’s why this effect is felt Ganesh asks if he can be of any help. You’ll know when the right time comes, answers Mahadev. With a big post, big responsibalities are to be handled selflessly. Agni has to understand that.

AT Shonitpur, Usha comes to see Anirudhh at night, he is surprised. She asks if he believes in love? He answers, love is life. She asks, can love exist irrespective of identity, community? Then he is in Shonitpur right now, she is Banasur’s daughter. Rest he may understand. She trys to speak further, but Anirudhh wants to talk to her father. Usha says he is not aware of his presence here. HE tells her if his Uncle knows about him being here, there will be a war between Asuras & Yaduvanshis. He trys to get up but can’t due to his injuries.

Vani reminds Banasur about Usha’s marriage, he should do something about her or she may take an indipendant step. Banasur believes Usha can not do any wrong. Vani is worried.

“You are Dwarakadheesh. What are you doing here? Why aren’t you in the Rajyasabha? All are waiting for you”. Says Krishna. He is buzy milking a Cow after letting her calf having her milk first. Rukmini says but she hasn’t said anything. Balaram cames, speaks the same word. Krishna was expecting him. He says, I may be Dwarakadheesh but am Govind & Gopal too. A Cow gives enough milk after even her calf is allowed to have milk first.  Ask what’s the problem? Balaram tells him, Anirudhh might be kidnapped by Banasur. Then fight with Banasur, says Krishna. He can’t, as promised to Mahadev, answers Balaram. This is your problem, you made that promise without thinking of consequences. Yov’ve promised Mahadev, but I haven’t. I’ll get him back, says Krishna, handing over the pot filled with milk to Rukmini.  He leaves  with Balaram for Rajyasabha.

Naradji comes to Kailash, informs about Agni’s problem. Mahahdev says Agni doesn’t want to be under control but he wants to control others.

Precap: Agni threatens rishis performing Havan to give him aahutis or they may see his absence from their life. Mahadev says only 1 person can control Agni, that’s Kartikeya, who is meditating.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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