Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The delivery man tells them that some men snatched the food from him and told him to take money from them. The goon teased them by appreciating the taste of food. Prem pays his bill and the delivery man leaves. They come inside. Roli says she doesn’t understand why their neighborhood denied their help. Siddu comes and tells Mata ji he had submitted the applications to electricity department but they say it will take time. Mausi ji says she is worried about Khushi who can’t stay hungry for wrong. Mata ji says she never found herself so helpless. Roli gets Mrs. Varma’s call who says she has prepared all the food for them, but can’t take it out for them, she asks her to come at the back of her house to take the food. Mata ji thanks Gods for the help. Simar and Roli goes outside to take the food.
Jhanvi was in the room, Anurag comes and appreciates her singing. She says she doesn’t know about singing, it was just with the competition. They smile. Anurag asks her to go, he will drop her to hospital. Jhanvi thinks they will get time together. Bhagti comes and asks them to go along them as she is getting very bored. They agree. Bhagti thinks Jhanvi will never get to be close to Anurag when she is here.
Simar and Roli comes at the back of the house. Juwala calls her and appreciates Mrs. Varma’s food taste. She warns she never leaves the people who don’t abide by her orders. Roli tells Simar they must go to Mrs. Varma’s house, she is in danger. Simar calls the police. They find Mrs. Varma unconscious. Juwala comes there, Roli tells the inspector to arrest her. Juwals throws water at Mrs. Varma’s mouth. She gets up. Roli tells her not to be afraid of anyone and tell what Juwala said. Juwala also asks her to tell the truth. Juwala says she came to do her election campaign; she found her ill and asked her to go to hospital. She took medicine and laid to rest. Juwala says they can ask her party men standing outside. Mrs. Varma recalls the way Juwala pointed a gun towards her and how she got unconscious out of fear. She nods in agreement, still afraid. Roli and Simar were disappointed saying they must have deterred her. Police says you are pointing a leader like Juwala, they can be arrested for this too. He warns them to take to police station but Juwala says this public is God for Juwala, they must leave them. They have come under her enemy’s effect so they blame her for new things daily, like buying their house and killing someone. Tomorrow they will says Juwala got their electricity disconnected, water connection cut off and rashan closed. The inspector says he won’t hear a word against you from them the next time.
After they leave, Juwala says she do what she says and public votes such leader so please give your vote to Juwala and leave.
Anurag brings food for Jhanvi and tells her to eat. Bhagti comes there and says husband shall be like him who can read the mood of his wife. She tells Jhanvi that she adviced Anurag to make breakfast for her to improve her mood. Anurag says he will go to hospital late and spend some time with his wife. Jhanvi smiles and says thanku. Bhagti thinks she wont let this smile last long on Jhanvi’s face.
Mata ji says they cant ignore what happened at Mrs. Varma’s place yesterday and she has decided they will give this house to Juwala. They all are shocked; she says nothing is important for her than her children. They all say that they won’t complain her for anything. Mata ji says now the neighbours are even reluctant to help them, what else shall they do. She asks God for helping them out of this situation. She goes out, everyone follows her. Everyone in the street gathers. She shouts saying “Well done, they are all doing very well, you should be gives prizes for this. Till today this neighborhood was like a family, all of it was part of my house. We shared happiness and losses together. She reminds a lady that Prem and Siddu helped her husband to hospital when he had a heart attack. She goes to another family and asks a guy he used to play at her house more than his own. She says Bharadwaj house always helped everyone but today they all backed up and seeing them humiliated. Everyone was speechless.

PRECAP: Mrs. Varma says they must complain in press against Juwala. Simar says they have no proof against her but she shows them the video of her at her place. Simar says now is the time to disclose the reality in front of everyone.

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