Ek Boond Ishq 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara brings dress for pari, pari says i don’t need anything and i don’t like this dress, tara says i will bring another frock for you, tara leaves, pari takes the frock and actually like it, she sees it in mirror, tara sees her hiding and smiles.
mannat ask om why did you stop that balli from going, he is just a servant, we would have found another guard, you didnt need to stop that cheap man, om says yes i don’t need but tara’s security is important, one man called me and said that he know everything what happened on the night when sia died, so we have to bear this body guard because i know tara is safe with him while i will find about that man and how he dare to blackmail me, mannat says that we two are only in this room then why are you calling tara as sia, om ignores, om says that our mom is coming but she will be with us for some days as she is on last stage of cancer so we should spend good time with her, mannat says i will take care of mom, om leaves, mannat says why mom is coming, how will i handle many things now.

Scene 2
pari is liking the dress, she sees tara and throws it away, tara comes to her and hugs her, tara says that this dress is very beautiful and only a fairy can take it so i have to give ti to you, pari says is butter geeting more in this house, tara says no, tara says that today i thought to make you fairy so i have an idea, she tells him idea and says don’t tell balli, we will give him surprise, tara thinks that this way hope mj forgives me.
mannat scolds johny, she says you cant do anything, we have to do something big, mannat says i feel like this fight is of only me, you are not serious, i love you a lot, i am making plans to kill someone for you, sia got away from our way so om brought sia’s looklike in house, mannat says you know that mom is coming and i don’t share good rapport with her and i cant plan against om in her presence.

Scene 3
om gets letter which is for sia, letter says that he knows who is attacking sia and if she want to know than she have to come to particular mandir, tara comes and om informs her, mj sees the letter, tara says that we should go, om says i have meeting so i cant come, balli says i will go there, tara says let him go, we will find who is attacking me hen balli will eave from here, om ask her to not go from house, tara says don’t worry. om leaves, mj leaves too, tara thinks that for my plan, mj should be busy.
mannat says to johny that balli is in house as body guard, you are of no use, johny says what you think that i don’t do anything for you, i accompany you in every plan, i feel pain too as i am separated from you, whenever plan fails you always blame me, think if wasn’t there on spot when sia was killed then what would you do, mannat says sorry, i love you, our pricks will be removed and we will be one, johny says that i will always wait for you but i cant be with you in your dirty plans anymore, i am going, i will always love you but i cant be part of these dirty plans, he leaves, mannat cries.

Scene 3
mj thinks who can send letter to sia and there was on one in mandir, i have to be more careful now, he thinks where is pari, he tries to find her and ask rani about her, rani says no i haven’t seen her, mj ask abut sia? she says don’t know, i will check, mj looks here and there, mj is finding pari in whole house, mannat comes there, mj says that sia and pari are not to be seen in house, mannat says oh my god. mannat thinks that tara has taken pari with her and without telling balli, its time to probe balli against tara, she says oh go sia has taken pari with her, she can hurt her, actually after accident sia doesn’t remember anything and can hurt anyone, balli sees tara coming, he ask where is pari? if you do something to her than i will not let you sit in peace, i am asking where is pari? tara says listen to me, mj says no tell me where is pari, pari comes and says balli, balli looks at her, she is in school uniform, mj ask whats all this, tara says you wanted her to go to school, mj says yes but on my own, tara says yes, i just did the admission, you will give her fees, mj says no need for your sympathy, tara says i did her admission in best school, i worked hard for it, now you have to earn fees for her, mj says why you did that, tara says she is kid so she should go school, you have to make her ready from tomorrow, mj says don’t change the topic, tara says you have to see her off daily to bus, i will prepare breakfast but you have to give her lunch box, mj is frustrated with her wrong answers and goes from there.

Scene 4
mj comes to tara with school bag and uniform, he looks at her, tara says you are here to give me back all this because you think i am doing sympathy, you don’t care about my emotions, you don’t have heart, i was willing to get her admit in school but you don’t understand it, mj says let me speak, i brought uniform here to say that this is tight to pari, pari wants her fav. cartoon bottle and you will bring it, you will make her do home work and i brought bag earlier for her, if you don’t mind than i can give her that, i am sorry for alleging you before, tara says no need, i know you love pari a lot and don’t wanna lose her, when we love someone then thought of losing him make us restless and i know it very well, she changes her tone and says should i say sorry too i shouldn’t have taken pari without permission, mj says no need, i was making her get admission, tara says this was written to happen with my hands, mj says i wont forget this favor in life, tara says no life is big and when man forgets anything, there is no guarantee about it, tara says i will forgive for shouting on me but you have to do something, tara gives him cone toy and says that play this cone toy and i will know that whether you started to listen from heart. mj looks at her.

PRECAP- om shows tara some wedding dresses and ask her to choose, tara ask why? om jokes that in my hospital, nurses will wear this, ofcourse it for you as we are going to marry again, tara is shocked.

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