Qubool Hai 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As sanam does the bed, ahil comes out with bare torso, and tries to get intimate sanam, while she is uncomfortable. As she keeps the clothes for washing, she also keeps the dupatta that had zoya’s locket entangled in it. Latif comes and leeringly eyes ahil, and then sanam comes in between like a jealous wife. latif leaves, with the clothes, while the locket falls on the ground. Ahil gets dressed and sees the locket, but doesnt pay attention, just stops there for a minute, and leaves, saying that he is going to work, and would retrun home soon, like a typical husband. sanam eyes him as she leaves, and then her eyes fall on the locket. she picks it up and is surprised to see it. she takes it and eyes her parents’ pic. sanam places it around the pic, that she had seen the newspaper, and comments that she feels very close to her parents, as if they are around her. she gets emotional.

Tanveer along with razia, gets azhar’s parents to seal the wall back again, and gloats that sanam would never get to know the past. tanveer tells razia that her past can never stand in front of her. razia however warns that one problem is solved but the other still remains. tanveer questions what. razia says that the walls may have been silenced, but what if dilshad wakes up and opens her secrets, and tells that sanam was talking to the doctor, that dilshad is better than before, and if she comes out of the coma, then things can take a reverse gear. tanveer is set to thinking.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
haya comes inisde to find rahat packing, angrily, and gets tensed. She places her hand around rahat, and he turns around with a jerk, startling her. They eye each other helplessly. rahat says that he never thought his family would betray him, and that what happened today, they cant stay here after this. He finds haya tensed. He says that she must be wondering where they would stay, but asks her not to be bothered, as he would find a solution, and dilshad too would stay with them. faiz comes with his packed bags too, saying that he would be wherever he is. rahat is overwhelmed while tensed too.

Scene 3:
Location: Farmhouse
Rahat tells haya and faiz, that his colonel friend gave this farmhouse, for their temporary stay. faiz amusingly says that he would select his room, while rahat asks haya to choose one. they both want the same room. faiz says that they should run to the room, and race to first occupy it. They both begin, while haya almost slips, and faiz catches her, and a romantic embrace follows.

Meanwhile, rahat finds a picture of medina, and says that he is lucky to have a girl like haya and a bro like faiz, and hopes that with dilshad’s arrival, he would tell haya what he feels for her. He is oblivious to the fact that haya and faiz are naughtily getting closer to each other. As haya composes herself, and makes a mad dash, teasing him, having outrun him, faiz emotionally eyes him.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
Meanwhile, tanveer enters dilshad’s ward, and then asks the nurse how is she feeling. when she doesnt get any response, she understands that she is alone with dilshad. she drapes the curtains. she evilly smiles and begins to prepare and administer a lethal injection in dilshad’s arm while she is unconscious. Just then, she is startled to feel a hand on her shoulder, and gets scared. But she doesnt lose her composure, and staelthily puts the injection back in her purse. she is tensed as to who is it. tanveer asks who is it. Sanam replies and identifies herself. Tanveer is shocked. sanam is boggled and asks her whats she doing here. Tanveer is tensed. But then she pretends to be very concerned, and says that she was feeling restless, and thought of dilshad and came here. sanam says that she is very nice and caring, but the doctor has asked not to let anyone come here for risk of infection to dilshad. tanveer apologises. sanam says that the doctor says that she is recovering, and soon would be able to be discharged in another couple of days. tanveer is scared, but pretends to be happy. sanam asks her to come along reminding her of the doctor’s strict instructions to let dilshad be alone. Just then, sanam remembers that the doctor had asked for some meds, and leaves hastily to get it. Tanveer thinks that she made a huge mistake, that when she finished dilshad’s entire family, she should have killed her too, but little did she know that her past and the mistakes would resurface after 20 years. She thinks that the sooner she rectifies the mistake, the better, and decides to kill her tomorrow. She hopes to return here yet again. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Rehaan tells sanam that he needs to talk to her urgently. Sanam asks whats the matter. He says that he found something about her parents. sanam thanks him profusely by holding his hand. Ahil again gets the wrong message seeing them both like this. He corners sanam, and pins her against the wall, by blocking her, and asks where was she with rehaan again. sanam asks what difference does it make to him, that where is she going, and with whom, and why is he so concerned, as after all what does she mean to him. ahil is shocked to hear this and left speechless. meanwhile, rahat is happy to find from faiz, that he has finally fallen in love with a girl. faiz clarifies that he is in love with haya so much so that he wants to marry her. rahat is distraught, apalled, and shattered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Tired of the love triangles!!!!! Rehat-Haya-Riaz and Ahil-Sanam-Rehan. End this please. What about a normal love. It would be nice to see

  2. All these serials are running out of ideas

  3. Thats it, now I’m convinced the same 3rd grader is writing for all these series! The writer truly has a one track mind, the same lies, deception, triangles and schemes and cannot for the love of God think a scenario through properly, then “wing’s” it through the muddy parts …..pathetic writing…

  4. Ahil n snam luv story we wanna watch n not other shit helli

  5. i found a rticle which says surbhi will play her sisters role also and has shot seher’s entry sceane

    Yet another actress has joined the bandwagon of female leads playing double roles in their TV shows.

    Surbhi Jyoti, who plays Sanam in Qubool Hai, will now also be seen as her twin, Seher.

    READ: ​Parineeti Chopra is Karanvir’s new buddy

    It turns out that the two were separated during childhood. And, unlike the salwar-kameez-clad Sanam, Seher will be a glamorous conwoman.
    Says the actress, “I will enter the show disguised as an old lady with a wig and protruding teeth. While playing two roles at a time can be challenging, shooting my entry was great fun. I am looking forward to donning various disguises for this character.”

  6. THat should be intresting to see diffrent disguises…they should make it funny… well i hope Seher goes to Rehan and please please can we see Sanam and Ahil scenes i want to see them falling in love…cant wait till monday

  7. I wan sahil scenes plz

  8. Fed up by the unwanted prolonged tricks.

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