Balika Vadhu 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra searching for Hardik’s favourite shirt and thinks she will separate him with Gulli. Later she will get him married to a foreigner. She gets the shirt finally and thinks she will see how he attends the interview.

Jagya calls Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks him about Gauri. Jagya says, everything is fine and tells her after Gauri’s operation, she needs medical supervision. I have to bring her to Jaitsar. Dadisaa reminds him that he left Ganga and kids at their home. Jagya says, that’s why I have decided to bring her to the haveli. Dadisaa scolds him and makes him understand that Ganga will feel bad. Don’t you care about Ganga’s feelings. Ganga comes and tells Dadisaa to allow Jagya to bring Gauri here.

She says, I have full faith on Jagya and our marriage. He understands him well. He is burdened with the past. He asks her to give permission to Jagya. Dadisaa asks her to rethink once again. Ganga says, not needed. I have full faith on him. Dadisaa asks him to bring Gauri and asks him to remember that Ganga is his wife. She prays to Devimaa for strength.

Hardik searches for his favourite shirt. He tells Gulli that it is not there. Anandi comes. Hardik thinks he can’t for the interview. Anandi goes to check in Shiv’s wardrobe. Gulli asks him not to worry. Hardik thinks, where it went.

Gehna asks Dadisaa not to get worry. Jagya brings Gauri home. Dadisaa gets shocked seeing her new face. Gauri looks on. Dadisaa recalls Gauri’s entry in her house for the first time. Jagya tells them that she is Gauri. Gauri touches Dadisaa’s feet. Dadisaa blesses her. Gauri tells her that this is a new beginning for her, a second birth. She greets Gehna. Gehna tells her that they have arranged a room for her. She asks about Sumitra and Bhairov, Dadisaa tells her that they went to America. She then asks about Basant. Dadisaa tells her that Basant died in an accident. Gauri is shocked. Jagya tells her that one day before her accident, Basant died. Gauri says, she felt bad. Dadisaa asks her to rest. Gehna takes her inside.

Jagya tells Dadisaa that they shall not let Gauri know that he is married to Ganga. Ganga shall stay as her nurse. Dadisaa gets angry and tells him that Ganga is changing the clothes. Anandi gives Mahi’s shirt to Gulli. Gulli says, she will press the clothes. Subhadra hears them.

Jagya comes to Gauri’s room. Gauri smiles. Jagya says, he will give her medicines. Ganga comes and says she will give. Gauri recognizes her voice and thanks Jagya for appointing Ganga as her nurse. Ganga says, I will be with you. Gauri asks, are you sure you can do double shift. Ganga says yes. She asks Jagya about the tablets to be given to Gauri. Jagya shows her the tablets. Ganga goes to bring water. Gauri holds Jagya’s hand shocking him. Ganga comes back and sees her holding Jagys’a hand. Gauri thanks Jagya and says she feels protected whenever he is around. Jagya turns and sees Ganga standing. He takes his hand back. Ganga gives her medicines.

Gulli presses Hardik’s clothes. Amol comes. Subhadra thinks how to stop Hardik. Amol’s books falls on the ground. Gulli goes to pick his books. Subhadra gets an idea and sees the iron box. She keeps the iron on the shirt. Gulli sees the shirt burning and gets shocked. Subhadra scolds Gulli for burning the shirt and asks what he will wear now. Gulli says, she doesn’t know. Subhadra scolds her. Everyone come downstairs. Hardik asks, what you have done?

Mannu runs into Gauri’s room for taking his ball. Gauri asks, what is this? Mannu says, ball. She asks, where is your Bapusaa. Jagya comes, Mannu runs to him and calls him Bapusaa shocking Gauri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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