Ek Boond Ishq 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mj takes off his glasses, tara is happy, om says you were talking not to come here then how come you here, tara runs down stairs, she is running towards mj, mj holds her, tara thinks that mj has regained his memory he has come here for me, om comes and takes tara to towards him, mj says there were glass pieces on floor so I stopped tara as I would hurt her, om ask rani to clean it, he ask tar are you fine? she nods, he says to balli that should I thank you for saving sia or throw you out for touching my wife, om says that I have given right money to buy you, mj says no, you haven’t bought me, you have just given me the job and from now on I will protect sia madam, mannat says I have called johny, om says to say no to him, om says to mj that you are guard of tara now, you will be given shelter and food here, mj says there is more person with me, om ask who?. balli whistles and pari comes there, all are stunned to see her, tara looks at her and thinks that this girl is always with mj, who is she? she says I always stay with balli and I am pari, balli says this girl will live with me always, om says then how will you do the job? mannat says yes, if you keep your attention to this child then how will you protect sia? mj says ok then I will leave, tara stops him and says this girl is so cute, please let her stay here, I love child, let her stay here then I wont go out from house, I will get the company, pari is not liking tara, om says that sias protection is more important and I don’t think that we will find good body guard than balli, mannat leaves angrily, om says that you are new body guard and you can live with this child but this child shouldn’t disturb you, mj says that don’t worry, pari is not my weakness but my strength, om says good and leaves, tara says to mj that welcome body guard, come pari I will show you my room, mj says to pari go, she goes with tara, tara ask who is pari? she says I am pari, tara recalls her child, she ask pari who is she to balli? she says I am everything fro balli, ballu comes there and ask pari to go out and play she goes, tara says this is our pari mj, he says no she is my pari only, you can call me mj, say anything to me but don’t say anything wrong to pari, tara says I want to know who is pari? mj says that she is an orphan like me, tara thinks that I thought she is my child but she is someone else, balli ask do you wanna know anything? tara thinks that I have to think about mj only, I have to make him realize that he is mj, mj comes out and thinks why she called pari as our pari? I don’t know why she talk like this to me, don’t think much balli, only think that I am body guard of omkar’s wife and her life is in danger because of mannat, he thinks why laado said to not tell anything about mannat to om.

Scene 2
laado is eating many dishes and says to her servant that I made balli agree to go there and work as guard, servant ask how? she says I have his key that is pari, I used pari and said to him that take pari with him, she calls one school and ask about admission for one child, she says what I have to give donation of 5 lacs? she ends call and thinks that only I know what game I am going to play, now game starts, balli will never know about it, mannat calls laado and says how dare you send your man to my house, laado says we work for money, he was given money to protect girl so he is doing the job, mannat says if he tell anything to om then.. laado says we don’t open our mouth without money, mannat says I will not leave your man if he says anything to om, she ends call, laado is angry and says Its time to take my revenge from this mannat, how dare she talk to me like this, now I will tell her about me as all cards are in my hands now.

Scene 3
its night but nandu is still working in office, she is frustrated that I am being made to do big work but my talent is being wasted here, her manager comes and praises her work, he says vidant has given good and honest worker to me, he puts money in drawer and goes from there, nandu sees drawer and says I have to do this work, she takes money out from drawer, manager comes there to take his keys, nandu hides with money seeing manager, manager sees money missing from there, he says that nandu took away the money and calls vidant.
tara is going, balli follows her, she ask what you want? he says I am your guard so I have to follow you, tara says that I am not going out, so you stay here, mj says that maybe threat is in home only, pari thinks that this girl is ordering my mj, I have to do something, pari says to mj that I am feeling hungry, tara says go and give her something to eat, if I go out then I will tell you 1st, mj and pari go from there, tara smiles.

Scene 4
vidant comes to manager, manager scolds vidant and says that you are involved in this robbery, how much that girl will give you? vidant says don’t sasy like this, I have given badges for my honest duty, I cant do this, I am silent as trusted that girl and I asked to appoint her, I am sorry for that and I will repay your loss, from now I would not trust any poor fellow, I have lost my trust today, he leaves, nandu who is listening all this feels ashamed and thinks that I have stooped so low, I cant stoop low now, she looks at money.
tara comes to one room an thinks that photography was just not the hobby of mj but it was passion of him and I will make mj remember it by changing this room into photography room,

PRECAP- tara has changed the room in photography room, tara is emotional and says to mj that please thinks about my words for once, please believe me, I am not lying, she hugs mj and cries, someone opens the door of room

Update Credit to: Atiba

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