Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bauji denies taking KT’s blood. Dadi shouts that it’s the question of shayl, why don’t you understand this. Bauji says he won’t leave KT, but KT says Shayl needs blood now, let me donate it. Bauji asks him to stop showing this fake worriness, he cries while saying he won’t let him live if something happens to Shayl. KT asks Dadi to go as their staying is more painful to them. KT and Rachna steal a look at each other. Gunjan requests the doctor that my BP isn’t that low, but the doctor says they can’t take hers. He says the hospital won’t be responsible for anything that happens to her. Gunjan cries requesting Dayal, and asks the doctor to hurry. Dayal keeps hand on her head. They go.
Gunjan donates the blood when Mayank enters the room. He comes to him asking if she is alright. She says I am fine, and I am sure Shayl also is. Mayank says she has been a blessing to his house. She excuses him on saying his house and says isn’t it mine. Mayank gets Charu’s call, she was afraid and asks for a last time help. She asks him to call her mom and tell her that her life is in danger. GS has kept her in a mill and… GS snatches her phone. Gunjan says she might be in trouble but she doesn’t trust her, he should call the police and must not get involved in the problem. Seema brings juice for her, the nurse asks them to go out. Mayank comes out and thinks about Charu’s tone. He calls her but the number isn’t working.
Shayl was panting hard, the doctors provide her with the treatment. The nurse informs that her condition is getting serious. Rachna comes to temple and asks the God that her mother should be alright. She promises she will do what they want. Sangeeta comes to call Rachna, she runs towards the room. Everyone gathered around the bed, she goes ahead afraid. Shayl was conscious. She sits by her side and asks if she is alright. Shayl nods. The inspector enters the room. Bauji was determined to get KT arrested. Bauji asks Shayl to tell them all what she saw. Shayl says that it was not KT’s mistake; he was just saving the child I wanted to save, I came in between them, mistake was mine. The nurse disperses them all.
Gunjan looks for Mayank and calls him. Rachna runs out and thinks about the blames that were put on KT. She runs to KT’s house, Dadi was there and watches her panting. Rachna says that Shayl is now conscious and hugs her. Rachna says she want to talk to KT, KT walks away from the room. Dadi goes to call him. Dadi asks KT to come out as Rachna wants to talk to him. KT says he doesn’t want to meet her, she may leave. Rachna over hears this. He says that when there is no trust, there is no need to meet. Dadi asks isn’t his love enough to meet her. KT says she never understood his love nor did it. He leaves the room. Rachna runs out of the house crying.
Rachna comes to hospital and says to Dayal he took KT wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong; he must forgive him. Dayal says that KT is a liar and hurt his trust, Shayl is there in the hospital because of him. He will never forgive him. Rachna asks Gunjan what to do, neither KT is talking to her nor is Bauji forgiving him. Gunjan says that those who love each other cant stay away from each other. She assures her that all will be well soon.

PRECAP: Mayank and Charu escapes from the mill. GS catches them. Charu says that this is the problem with good people, they trust soon. Now you will face the revenge. She sprays the kerosene and burns the mill.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I know charu didn’t change , I hope Kt and rachna make up soon

    1. wow cant believe it i got fooled 1 way

  2. Stupid Mayank, if he had listened and called the police

  3. Mayak is another dumb ass like Dayal…. LOSERS

  4. Fuck u charu u will never change!!!! Gunjan is duh best!!!

  5. Hate gunjan she always wants tobe perfect .charu will never change stupid serie

  6. Dhanna Sarjoo

    I knew it. Charo did not change at all. That gs s allso by her side.

  7. i wonder how foolish this mayank is,always doing stupid thing and bringing the family into problem

  8. I need to know whether Do Dil Bande ended there or is there a new series.

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