Beintehaa 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain repeats talaaq 3 times. Ghulam asks him how can he divorce Aaliya. Rehan says Zain to mind his words as Usman’s burial is not yet over. Zain says his words are final. Moulvi saheb says he has to repeat it for 3 months to complete the formality. Zain asks Rehan to start the process and leaves from. Kise puchoon….. song plays in the background. Aaliya sadly looks at Usman’s grave and starts crying vigorously while Ghulam, Rehan and Dr. Habeeb look at her sadly. Ghulam tries to consile her, but she cries vigorously calling god/Allah.

Surayya in a black dress enters her room an imagines Usman on chair. She sits the chair and reminisces Usman praising her beauty and their happy days. She then reminisces Usman on chair and police arresting her and Zain on domestic violence charges, Usman’s death and people carrying him. Zain sees her angrily rotating chair and asks her to stop. She says she is paralyzes now because of Aaliya. Usman gave Aaliya respect more than she deserved, but she spoilt his his reputation and whole family. She says it is her mistake to allow Zain to marry him and now have to bear the burn.

Ghulam, Rehan, and Rizwan bring Aaliya to hotel room. Shabana asks Ghulam if he buried her brother. Ghulam says yes and informs that Zain gave divorce to our daughter in front of everyone. Shabana is stunned to hear that. Zain on the other side informs his mother that he removed Aaliya from his house and life now. Surayya says if he would have done it before, his dad would have been alive. Shabana cries holding Aaliya and says she will trying to speak Zain and Surayya and explain them. Aaliya nods no. Shabana asks her to believe her and her father. Rehan asks her to speak to Zain for Usman’s sake. He says Zain has lost his thinking power in this bad situation, even if she loses thinking power, Usman’s soul will be in pain.

Zain enters his room, sees Aaliya’s pics and her items angrily, scribbles on paper reminiscing his and Surayya’s arrest and police torturing him and Surayya, Usman’s death. He angrily breaks everything except his and Aaliya’s pic with Usman. He cries asking Usman to come back and then says when he will met Aaliya next, he will ask her why did she do that.

Surraya looks at Usman’s dining table chair and reminisces him enjoying food on that. Her children and bahus join her. Surayya asks them to start food. Zain says he is not hungry. She says Fahad that everyone of us are sad about Usman’s death, but he wants us to lead a normal and happy life. Everyone start dinner. Servant informs that Aaliya has come with her parents. Zain reminisces that he wants to question Aaliya, leaves food and goes in front of Aaliya. Aaliya smiles while he frowns.

Precap: Zain says he repeats his first month’s talaaq and asks her to get out. Aaliya says she has right to stay with him for 3 months.

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  1. Aliya become owner of barkat villa (New twist)
    It is the link of spoiler plzzz check it…

  2. Aaliya k mamu apni pyari si bhanji k naam pr barkat royal hotel krke gaye

  3. Guys aap logo ne spoiler padhe kya??

  4. is any one online

  5. I think Zain will know every thing after the divorce cant they make everything alraight before the divorce I hate this show because they are making them seperated :'(

  6. what will happened next i am really very nervous

  7. HEy guys i just Fight ende very soon Al
    Becom alright

  8. why everyone is thinking that aliya is always wrong execpt her parents and this all happen because of gauhar if she come so ther will be no fight between zain aliya and this will not happened

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