Ek Boond Ishq 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 30th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
nimmo say that i am his mother, mj is stunned, i will give him love, i will ask forgiveness that i couldnt become his mother in these years, mj comes out and says maa, nimmo is shocked, she turns to mj. guruji says yes its a long story and fate wanted that you know truth today, nimmo looks down.
in villa, adi is acting like unconscious, tara comes to him and open his ties, she ask him to eat, he ask whats all this, she says if tell you will you believe me, he says no but tell me. tara says to adi that you know that rudra can make wrong into right or can make right into wrong, this way he trapped mj in case of radha, she says same game he played with our family, they blackmailed me, she tell him every blackmail, tara says you know what kalavati is rudra, he says you couldnt

prove, tara says because he changed truth to false but you have seen eunuch in rudra’s room couldnt you recognize it was rudra. adi says what?
mj says to nimmo that you are my mother, she nods, she says after giving you birth, i lost you, jaraj brought a orghan and i never thought that it could be my son, mj is in tears, she says unknowngily i lashed my anger on you, i made difference in you and adi, he says dont say like this, you always loved me, she says no if loved you than i wouldnt have asked you take adi’s crime on you, if loved you i would have died thinking about you hanging but you always was a good son but i wasnt a good mother, i got to know about you late, guru says even than she tried and got to know about rudra’s plan, she informed. Flashback shows how mj was taken from jail and was hanged but in confusion, guru and nimmo took mj from where kala hanged him and changed him with another person.

SCene 2
adi ask what you wanna proof, tara shows him pic of kala and makes mustache on it, adi is stunned to see that its same like rudra.. she says look with concentration, isnt it same, adi says yes its same, tara says i was saying this only, i tried to tell it to everyone but nobody believed me and you will get to know your answers but please keep acting, adi says will we succeed, tara says yes it will and all family members will come back,its our plan 2. he ask about plan 1. she says to make space between nandu and kala,

Scene 3
guru ji says she has given you two lives mj. One by giving birth to you and other time by saving your life. Nirmala says still i didn’t have courage to speak the truth. I’ve been so bad to you all those years. Mj says don’t say that maa. Sons can be bad or good but moms are always good. He hugs her. Mj says just watch what i’ll do to the people who have done this to our family. Kala will be punished for everything she did. I take this vow. You’ve shed many tears but not anymore. Nirmala smiles.

Scene 4
rudra enters dancing in a room. Nandu is reading newspapers. Rudra says i saw my face first this morning. I have got a great clue about that leader. Soon i’ll reach him. Nandu says so today should be written i golden worlds. Nandu says its good day for me as well. I am about to be rich. Rudra asks how? Nandu says my husband is going to name half me the property to me. Rudra says how dare do you say that? Nandu says you should have given thought to it when you were making me your crime partner. When punishment is shared why not the property? Rudra says no i have suffered a lot to get this property. Nandu says so did i. I made my mom and sister suffer and my lover adi. Rudra says that doesn’t mean i’ll name half of it to you. Nandu says okay i’m going to the real owner of the property and tell her that nothing can be happened for 6 months. Rudra grasps her hand and drags her down. She says you get angry so easily. Give some time to your pal. kala says where should i sign, he sign on papers, nandu gets happy. rudra thinks that once i get property than i will cut your skin. nandu comes and shows singed papers to tara, who is stunned, nandu says what you thought that i am a fool, now i am also owner in this property, tara smiles and says you did magic, congrats, you are clever and i am a fool, nandu says you only serve me and i will teach you, she leaves. tara sees papers again and says there is crack in their relation, i should tell it to leader.

Scene 5
tara comes to jungle with papers. mj is with nimmo, he puts head on nimmo’s lap and says i got know how it feels like to be with mother today, tara comes there and listens to theri convo, he says when i used to go to school i used to see students with mothers, i used to feel that wish i had my mom with me, i was alone,he cries. mj says i will not lie, i have questions but when you called me son all vanished, like it became what it should be, he cries. nimmo smiles. tara is about to go back but make some noise, mj ask who is outside, she says its me tara.

PRECAP- tara says fight between will benefit thrid person, she smiles. mj says if you got it then dont let it go, tara ask what? he says your smile. tara is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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