Balika Vadhu 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Subhadra Buaji praying infront of Tulsi plant. Meenu comes and offers her tea. Subhadra is still praying in the inhouse mandir. She asks, when did everyone wake up here? Meenu tells her that Daddu and Anandi wake up early and the remaining members wake up at 8:30 pm. Subhadra asks, when they do the breakfast then? Meenu excuses herself.
Jagya and Anandi are ready to go for campaigning. Sumitra asks Ganga and Anandi to have breakfast first. Bhairov says, people might be waiting for the election day to vote for Jagya.

Makhan Singh comes with Jagya and Anandi’s image poster with a message. Everyone are shocked. Basant reads the poster message which have snide remarks about Jagya and Anandi’s character. Anandi is shocked too. Basant gets angry. Dadisaa

asks Makhan Singh, from where he got this poster? Makhan says, it is pasted on every wall in the village. Bhairov says, it means everybody might have read it by now.

Jagya sits in shock. He says, how can anyone stoop so low for his gain? He refuses to stand in the elections and says I will take my nomination back. He gets the nomination receipt and is about to go. Anandi stops him and says you won’t take your name back. She says, you care about my respect. She says, it is a trick by our opposition party. Anandi says, we have to make our villagers believe that the words written on the posters are wrong. Ganga says, Anandi is right.

Sumitra says, you are tensed about Anandi’s relation with her family. She asks him to fight to clear Anandi’s name. Bhairov says, Het Singh is doing this. Everyone ask Jagya not to take the nomination back. Dadisaa asks them to have breakfast. She tears the poster. People look at the poster and talk about Jagya and Anandi’s relation. Some people believe it and someone not.

Het Singh applauds his son and says you did a good thing. He looks at the poster and says it will bring the thunderstorm in Jagya’s life. His son says, Jagya can’t win now. He hugs his son happily.

Buaji comes to the kitchen. Meenu covers her head. Buaji asks her to give steel glass to her. She drinks water. Buaji looks at her and says you are wearing the same saree even now. She tells her, you didn’t take bath before cooking and asks her to take bath first. Meenu says, I have to make breakfast as Shiv have to go to office. Buaji asks her to take bath and she will make the breakfast.

Some woman talks to the other women about the priest who didn’t eat anything since 20 years. Village men also talk to his friends and says we shall meet this priest. They leave to meet the priest. Jagya is sitting in disguise of a priest/saint. Villagers come and greet him. Jagya opens his eyes. They take his blessings. Ganga, Anandi and Phulli come there.

Jagya looks at them. He removes his moustache, beard and fake hairs. Everyone are shocked. They ask why did you act like this. Jagya asks them to calm down. He says, I want to make you understand that whatever looks to be true is not the truth. He says, you believed after seeing that poster. It is not true. He says, you all know the truth then how can you believe someone.

Shiv and his family sees the news about Jagya and Anandi affair on TV. Everyone are shocked. Buaji scolds Shiv for marrying a divorcee woman.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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