Paanch 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 30th April 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Roshni coming out of her house to buy ice-cream cones when 2 boys come and start eve-teasing her ,she calls for help and a bunch of kids sitting on the street help her out ,the eldest of them though mocks her and says even his li’l sister is braver than her if someone even tries to harm her she simply beats the hell out of them,the kids leave and the boys mock that small kids are supposed to be Rosh’s bodyguard !!!! Roshni recalls the kid’s words and beats the hell out of them,Nikhil watches all this from a distance and is happy.

At the dinner table Roshni brings up the topic to her dad and pleads him to let her go back to the college to regain her self-respect and self righteousness.

On the other hand , Dean is addressing the college to announce the GS of Reagents

this year who is Gauri Laada since noone else contested for the post, but the moment he’s abt to welcome Gauri to take the post Roshni comes and stops him.Everyone including the 5 are shocked to see her!!

Dean questions her authority of stopping him or even being in the college because she had faked her own name , Roshni says she expected that from him and hence her lawyer’s here with an affidavit that states she has every right to stay here and study!!

She also goes on to say Gauri is the only contestant of the elections coz the 5 scares the others off and if given a chance there are many who would love to contest.
She requests him to give her a day and there’ll be more candidates , Dean under 5′s influence negates it, she comes down to an hour which again gets a nada as the 5 start accusing her trying to harm them, she inturn says what abt those ppl who torture students to such an extend that some of them even die, Nihal questions what proof does she have she questions them right back that what proof do THEY have that she was the one to destroy their careers !!

Dean under the 5 ‘s pressure keeps negating her the right to speak and she finally blackmails her that she has a journalist friend who could readily write an article on unfair elections in Reagents college and he obliges!!

Roshni motivates the crowd and encourages them that despite being beaten up and being found naked in the college premises when she has the guts to meet the 5 ‘s eyes then no one should be afraid of them!!!

finally a lot of them get motivated and inform the dean that they’re ready to contest for elections!!!
Nikhil on the other hand sets up cameras at various places installing their master computer in Rosh’s room, places everything necessary like fire extinguisher, stomach cleanser etc and repaints the portion where she had written the 5′s name with invisible ink, he says to himself now u are safe to come back to ur room Roshni,do whatever u want to do in this college!!
Roshni openly challenges Gauri that the game has finally Begun!!!

precap : Gauri asks Gauti to go back to wooing Roshni coz she still loves him!!! this way they’d know all her plan, Gauti asks what will he get in return? Gauri says so ur back to being the real u eh?
Rosh is standing in the corridor when someone showers her with silver paper its Gauti and while Rosh is pleasantly surprised Shivani narrows down her eyes!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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  1. Oh roshni I hope you find out the truth about gauti soon and teach him a good lesson

  2. ya ashima gauti is such a cheap


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