Ek Boond Ishq 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Tar setting some books on rack and asks MJ where rae you going patidev and MJ says that your name must have been sawalon ka pitara (the one who questions a lot).. Tara is going towards kitchen thinking about mithi and says where is mithi.. Somebody is reading a newspaper which have the news regarding Rudrapratap and den hands over the news paper to kaka. Mithi is in the kitchen making breakfast and tara says to mithi that I am trying ma’s phone from morning its not getting. Adi call mithi and tara says you wil not go and if u do his works then he will never change you have to ignore him and den he will realize your worth.. MJ says he will melt or he will never see you again… And mithi asks meaning tara says dont listen to him, he is talking becouee he is a men U just listen to me. Tara calls aradhna but nandu cuts the call and yug sees that and says that you are not doing it right, you are breaking a mother and daughter’s bond, I will not let you do this.. Adi is again calling mithi but she ignores him and adi says are you not listing where are my things where is the charger? Mithi says dont you see I am busy find it yourself.. Tara says well done and see in sometime he will be yours.. Aradhna opens the door and sees MJ standing there and she tries to close the door but he stops her and says that maa I know you are angry at my, I ammthe reason behind your plight. Aradhna says dont give soo much importance to you, my daughter has given me this plight. MJ you both are carving for each other but till soo far, I can understand your anger, I will do whatever you want.. Faheem is finding sadhu and goes to his house and knocks the door but nobody opens the door. He sees a man there and goes to him, the men gets tensed as faheem is coming towards him and faheem asks him that in that flat a sadhu lives, can you tell me where he lives and he acts like a deaf and dumb person. The man calls Rudrapratap and tells him about faheem. Tara is in her room writing something and MJ enters and he sees that taa is writing a letter to her mom and remeber his and aradhn’s meet.. Tara says I thought that I should write a letter to maa as she is not taking my call.. , Mj remembers what aradhna said, she said that what u wanna say I know now listen to me, if u want me to forgive tara… (Nothing as they cuts the scene) Tara says after reading this letter maa will be ok.. Mj remembers aradhna said him that tara is my part, I cannot live without her and for her I have to keep her away from you, I know u have started liking her, I want a promise from you that you will go away from tara, go where ever you want but go away from tara.

. -Break1-

MJ puts his hand on aradhna’s shoulder and says I will do what you said and gives her a promise. Tara seals the letter and says just let ma read this letter once and everything will be like before, MJ ssays yes everything will be like before, Kalawati is swinging on the swing and faheem comes thee and asks her when you came and how was your work in delhi.. Faheem starts swinging the swing, U remember faheem I liked lipstick from childhood and I used to snatch your lipstick in this kalawati falls off the swing and faheem says sorry to her and she says I am fine dont worry.. Kalawati mades him sit on the swing..


Kalawati is makes the swing, swing and faheem is on it. And says that faheem you will never break my trust right, and faheemmsays no neveer, how can u think that hozor.. Kalawati says should u tell me some secrets or I tell you, Faheem says how can I hide something from you.. And kalwati shouts in his er and faheem says ouch,.. And faheemm goes… Kalawati is swinging at the swing and says that you dont know faheem how dangerous kalawati is and you will never know what kalwati is going to do..

Tara asks rudrapratap that everymember of the family is going for the relly , so can you please allow MJ and he says that I allowed you that dosent mean that I will allow him and leaves.. Mj says that why he is feeling like something bad is going to happen…

Update Credit to: WingsOfHeart

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