Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the Priest saying that Gunjan is married so she can do Tilak for Mitthu. Gunjan is delighted, Seema and she smile at each other.
Gunjan goes up to Mitthu very slowly, everyone looks excited that her face will be finally revealed. Gunjan kneels down and removes Mitthu’s ghungat but it turns out to be someone else n not Charu. Gunjan gets a bit shocked.
Then seema says, Isnt she so pretty? Fake Charu asks Gunjan why is she staring like that? Shail says shes more beautiful than we had imagined!
Shail tells Gunjan to apply the Teeka. Gunjan does the teeka. Garg’s guests, Sangeeta all say that Mitthu(fake one) is very pretty. Dholu asks fake Mithu why does she hide her face when she doesn’t look like a monkey? Everyone laughs and signal Dholu to keep quiet.
Fake Mitthu tries to cover her head again but Sangeeta says whats the need now, everyone has already seen you! Let us see you to our hearts content, let us enjoy the mooh dikhayi.
Gunjan thinks to herself, why did I suspect her when she is so pretty and harmless? I had all these crazy suspicions, all baseless. Rachna tells Gunjan, we finally saw her face, tonight u can sleep peacefully! Gunjan says, I was also mad, Rachna, God knows what I was thinking abt Mitthu!
Charu hides behind a curtain and smiles, And Mithu turned out to be nothing! See, Charu’s arrow never misses its mark! And my dear Rival, Mayank only belongs to me! And he will be mine, hee hee…
Flashback shows Charu eavesdropping on Seema when she was calling the priest and making plans for teeka and mooh dikhayi.
Flashback ends, Seema is delighted to see Mithu’s face and asks Prabhu for money, he hands over a bunch of notes, she circles them over fake Mithu’s head and gives her the money as gift.
Then Bua, Sangeeta, Shail and all female guests come and bless fake Mithu with more money.
Shail blesses her saying, May Vikram and your Jodi always be together!
Charu sneaks past the whole party and goes to a window where she can see the fake Mithu, she sees all that gifted money on her lap and frets that fake one will escape with all that money! Shail asks Gunjan to come and bless Mithu too. Gunjan happily blesses fake Mithu and then hugs her. She feels fake Mithu shivering and asks her if shes feeling cold?
Charu watches all this and worries that Gunjan will recognize the other girl’s voice is not Mithu’s.
The fake one says, no, Im alright. Gunjan smiles and wishes her and Vikram long lasting happiness in life!
Dholu gets up and says now Puja is over and veil is also lifted so now they can sing and dance!
Charu gets worried and curses Dholu for suggesting dancing. Rachna says, Dholu ur right, we shd have some song and dance! Come Mithu!
She and Gunjan pull fake Mithu up and then they dance around her while a lady sings, “Banno teri ankhiyan surmey daani”
Fake Mithu looks nervous and glances at hiding Charu from time to time. Dadi goes and joins in the dancing, Kabir looks worried, Dadi goes and sits down holding her heart. Fake Mithu tries to cover her face again but the girls don’t let her.
Vikram is shown coming home with mayank. Charu hides and curses fake Mithu for not hiding her face.
Shail asks Seema Vikram isn’t back yet? Its getting late! Seema says before Vikram returns we shd cover Mithu’s face again! If he sees then he might get angry and create a fuss!
Shail tells Seema to get Mithu to sit down again. Seema stops the girls dancing and tells Mithu to sit down.
But Dholu says that they should click pictures with Mitthu. Everyone nods happily, Charu and fake Mithu look scared. Dholu goes to get his camera. Then charu gets tensed and says whats the need for photos? Why wasn’t the fake one looking in her direction? She would have to call her!
She calls fake Mithu but her phone is not reachable. Charu is scared, why is her phone unreachable? Meanwhile Vikram and Mayank are almost home!
Dholu brings his camera and asks everyone to stand together, Fake Mithu is scared, she says let it be, if Vikram finds out he will be angry! Gunjan tells her they wont show that photo to Vikram! It will be for us only, for our memory!
Fake Mithu still refusing, Charu in hiding says she needs to do something, maybe use the old method of switching off the lights, then Dholu wont be able to take pics. Charu rushes out but she collides with mayank and vikram who were just entering the house and Mayank apologizes to Charu for colliding with her mistakenly. Charu turns her face and escapes. Meanwhile Dholu takes a group picture and a solo shot of fake Mithu. Gunjan and Rachna rush to see the pics taken by Dholu.
The 2 guys go inside, Gunjan sees them and tells Seema that Vikram is back, just then vikram calls out for Mitthu and hearing that fake Mitthu covers her face with ghungat. All ladies are tensed, Sangeeta tells Seema now all our fun is spoiled!
Vikram doesn’t suspect anything and gives Mithu a necklace and makes her wear it. Charu on the other side gets jealous seeing that fake mitthu is getting so much shagun n necklace.
The pandit is leaving and he talks to seema and says he doesn’t do such special pujas but to clear Mithu’s superstitions he had agreed. Seema says sometimes one has to bend one’s priniciples for a good purpose.
The priest then goes to Vikram and tells him that his wife is very beautiful. May God always keep u happy! Vikram gets suspicious and after the priest leaves, Vikram questions Mithu how did the pandit know she was beautiful? You have no photo then how? Everyone looks nervous and scared. Vikram asks why is everyone silent? He asks Mithu again whether anyone opened her ghungat? He yells at everyone who did this and why did they do so? Who had the gumption to see his Mithu’s face in his absence?
He asks Gunjan if she removed the veil? Gunjan is silent, Shail intervenes and tells Vikram that they only removed the veil to do Tilak on her forehead.
Vikram goes ballistic and yells, Kaki why did you do tilak? You knew that would break her vow! Why did u all play such a horrible prank on my Mithu?
Vikram then gets very hyper and gets an epileptic attack and falls on the ground. The guys lift him and put him on the bed, Rachna gets water for him. Shail tells fake Mithu to do something, fake Mithu says what can I do?
Gunjan tells her to get the medicine she had given last time. Fake one agrees and leaves but in wrong direction. Bua asks her why is she going to Dayal’s room? Fake one turns and goes the other way, Sangeeta yells at her to go upstairs and not that way. Fake one finally runs upstairs, Gunjan looks perplexed.
Charu also sneaks past the Gargs and runs after her to her room. Charu asks her to go n give the medicine to vikram but fake one says that she can’t do that as this was not the deal done between them.
Then Charu wears that fake mitthu’s saree and goes down with the medicine, she gives it to Vikram and soothes him. Vikram comes to his senses and asks Mitthu/ Charu whether they removed her ghungat and saw her face?
Charu tells him that they didn’t remove her ghungat and they did the tilak under the ghungat itself. Then Vikram says OK and then asks for the necklace from Mitthu and says that she should keep it with shail or it might get lost. Charu gets shocked and tensed as she remembers when they exchanged dresses, the necklace was left in the fake Mitthu’s neck. She had asked fake Mithu to hide in the room till she returned. The screen freezes on Charu’s shocked face.

PRECAP: Charu tells the fake Mithu to leave the house. They sneak down the stairs and Charu is leading her to the door when Gunjan passes them. The fake Mithu turns around to say goodbye to Charu who tells her to leave right away! Gunjan hears her and says, Mitthu? Charu freezes!

Update Credit to: pallavi25

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