Qubool Hai 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: haseena’s residence
haseena asks nazma if she saw anyone, and nazma confusedly asks who. Nazma asks if she saw nikhat. Nazma is tensed at her behaviour. She tells haseena that nikhat is in her room, lying due to a headache. Haseena asks if she was okay when she went out with her, as she has been behaving strange lately. Nazma says that she’s just a little scared. haseena says that the truth is out there, and shall come out sooner or later. nazma is confused. haseena leaves citing urgent work, while nazma is tensed.

As nazma begins to go to her room, she finds a girl sitting in the drawing room, with her head covered by her hands. she goes and asks who’s she and who does she want to meet. Sameera shirks away scaring nazma. She scaringly asks nazma for water, who wonders who this girl is. she decides to go and call someone. Sameera is sitting scared. Just then haseena comes in and finds her sitting like that. she instantly rushes upto her and drags her from there. Nazma gets farhan to show the woman, but doesnt find anyone there. Farhan is confused, as nazma tells what she saw. He says that it must have been some guest. Nazma says that she was very scared too. Farhan diverst her attention asking for tea. as nazma leaves, for the kitchen, and farhan to his room, haseena comes out of the room, where sameera is locked, and locking it back again, she places the painting in front of the door.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While zoya is searching for papers, humaira comes and asks whats eh doing. Zoya says that she’s just cleaning up. Humaira asks her to come down, as the dinner is ready, and even though she doesnt care, but its their ritual to call everyone for food, even if they are enemies. as she begins to go, zoya comes to her and says that she ismnt her enemy, and whatever’s going on between her and her parents is differnt, and she shouldnt consider them as her enemy for that, as when she know the truth, she would know why zoya is doing this. hamaira doesnt believe her saying that first she took ayan, and now she’s planning to take the house. she says that zoya may consider her as her sister but she would never do that mistake. humaira leaves, while zoya is hurt yet thinks that she would always consider her as her sister, even though she maybe very angry.
Later, humaira tries to get extra jovial with haider, while dismissing him off telling that his prank of throwing toffess on razia and mamu from top is kiddish. but haider gets back into teasing mode with her, asking her to be kiddish sometime,s and rops her guard atleast one time. Meanwhile, the servant comes with the prashad and places it next to their table, which is wrapped in those papers, that zoya is searching for. haider is oblivioys to this and takes those too, dismising all the papers inside the big bag that they are planning to throw on razia and mamu. Humaira is irritated but doesnt show it on her face, while haider tries to flirt with her and compliments on her beauty. They get back to work and make final arrangements. After they are gone, the servant comes back and is boggled to find the tray mising.

Downstairs, the party begins and guests begin to arrive. Zoya mingles in with them too. Zoya and humaira are at cold wars with each other. dilshad finding zoya tensed, asks her to be calm. haider comes in to chat with zoya asking about the papers, and zoya says that she didnt find them anywhere. Haider gets to his work. A guest arrives, and razia remembers him as the person who had made a portrait of zoya’s old pic, that she has of her father. That person meets and tells mamu, in the crowd of people gathered, to party, that some time back some person had come searching for him. he is surprised and asks why and who. That person says that she was showing his pics, and saying that she was searching for her father. He narrates the entire incident to her. Mamu is shocked to hear this. he instantly asks him what was the girl’s name. Zoya howevere is talking to dilshad, that asad isnt getting to knwo the truth about his father, and she is also nowheer close to finding her real father. but dilshad assures that both of the works shall happen someday. Meanwhile, that person tells what Zoya looked like and how she had come from USA maybe, to find her roots. That person says that he doesnt know the name, but he would identify the girl if he sees her once. Oblivious to zoya’s presence and her relation with mamu, both mamu and that person are talking. Razia is tensed that the person might spot zoya and identify her as mamu’s daughter. But his eyes finally fall on zoya, mingling with the guests and he is surprised.

Mamu tells the person to inform him if he finds out anything about that girl. he complies and leaves. Razia is tensed. razia thinks that now mamu knows that his daugter isnt only alive, but is also searching for him. she wonders how long will she be able to keep zoya away from him. The screen freezes on Razia’s tensed face, as she eyes both, mamu and zoya.

Precap: Mamu tells zoya that she has been nothing but trouble to them, and thats when she doesnt know anything about them or their past. he reprimands her to be brash and egoist, taunting thats its due to her questionable upbringing. zoya retaliates back saying that just like she doesnt know abything about him or his past, he too doesnt know anything about her or her past. mmau and razia are shocked to hear her speak so fiercely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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