Ek Boond Ishq 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 27th September 2013 Written Update

MJ catches hold of taras hand twists her so mch that she shouts in paid..she remembers hw her mom used to take care of her…She says to her mom if she add salt to her wounds it will burn more..She says to her mom she looks gd whe she is angry..Mom says not to say she will die.mom applies ointment to wound..tara feels very bad..

Next Scene:

Aditya completely drunk and comes home..he asks meethi she didnt sleep till now..she says she cant sleep wo him..he says what he does she will also do the same..He says what he does she will do..He says to meethi to sit down..and then stand up..he says her to twirl around..she does that..tara sees that frm up..aditya laughs at meethi..meethi asks adi to come inside their room..tara says in this world there are people like her..she

says after every darkness there is light..

Next day morning…

Thy shw dargah..they shw chacha..he goes to dargah to pray..he offers his prayers..he says that in new bahus life give her all happiness and no grief..Kalavtahy comes to dargah in burkah..kalavathy follows chancha…Chacha and kalavathy meet and kalavtahy says she says new bahi has come and lots of cell happ in mahal..chahcha says he came top pray for her happniess..he asks how come kalavathy here..kalavtahy says tiill date no one shld ask question to her..Chacha leaves frm there..

Tara is sleeping and she gets up..and she breaks a cup..she says someday someone will brk her hand and leg..she calls dj janwar..she says dj left..she says if she sees he is face day is gone.. some one knoecks the door…
she takes soemthing hand to hit..But its meethi and she asks tara will she have tea..metthi says whoo she wants to kill in morning..tara says she was afraid of servant as he doesnt get tea..tara says if she doesnt get tea..thn she is angry..meethi asks abt last night..she says mj dad calling donstaris..tara says to meethi why did aditya drink..tara says when she was young she used to play with her siblings..she says to meethi not to lie..she asks what happ last night..meethi asks abt mj..where is he..meethi says she lloked so beautrifulk mj left..tara blabbers saying let mj not come..

Mj shown riding a horse..Viraf looks cool…he recollects something …he faals dowen frm horse…and hurts himself…he shouts…

Tara calls her mom..she says first time she saw someone so gd..she says to her mom meet her hubby..mom asks how are all people at home…she says by nw u wld knw everyone..she asks tara did all accept her..tara says no one will dare nt to accept her..she says thy are lucky to get tara..she says news over for tdy..she says tdy she said abt mj..tom she will say abt others..mom sclds not to call hubby by name..mom is worried for tara..tara says not to worry..tara says what will she call mj..ee ji…Tara says she will call as aaji sunthe ho..tars saays when tara is tara why nt mj as mj..tara mom asks to keep call down..tara says no one needs her..servant says jairaj calls her down for breakfast…mom says she will talk to jairaj abt pagpehere..tara feels if her mom knws her sil is lohe ki dukkan..she will feel bad…

tara comes down she meets jairaj..she sses jairaj..jairaj says tea is getting cold..jairaj asks what happ..he asks abt mj..servant says mj left earlky morning..he went to the house he bult for himself..he says he will love to spend time with tara..Tara asks why he did nt ask why did she run away yesterday..she says if he knw everything why did hr get her married to him..jairaj says mj doidnt do anything
she says he is lyingand hw can she stay with a killer and rapist..
tara says she will never ever love mj..come what may..she says did mj go to spend holiday at jail..tara says why did he cheat her…

Jairaj says hw can he prove to the world that mj is inncenet…
he says even judge says he will nt believe that mj is not innocent..he says he wil prove to all..tara says no one will bel him..tara says he can buy tara with money not the whole world..he says u can close someone who is ayinmg lie..he says time will tell…

Episode ends..

Precap…MJ shown hurting tara again…

Update Credit to: Meera

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  1. Luv u viraf.. U r doing great job in EBI
    bt plzz don’t hurt tara she is sooo sweet..

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