Dil Dosti Dance 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th September 2013 Written Update

Swayam and Sharon having an argument.Sharon asks why is he staring at her.Swayam replies to her,they were talking about Rey.Why she involves Swayam in everything.She seems to have special interest in him.Sharon says how can he talk to her so rudely.How dare he?

Rey interrupts between them saying she is angry on him or Swayam.Sharon shifts her attention to Rey and says it was wrong to make them dance on the name of college. She continues that Rey promised her that he wont try to reunite them,stiill he made them dance.Swayam gets shock listening to Sharon mentioning about their promise.He taunts Sharon through Rey saying,because of Rey he dont have to tolerate Sharon like she was tolerating him during dance.Sharon gets irritated at Swayam’s taunts and leaves the place.Swayam

warns Rey that if he will try to unite them,he will stop talking to Rey again.Rey says he cant afford to loose Swayam .

Next team start their performance.A student from other college comes to Rey and asks his help in belly dancing.Rey says Aashi and Simmi are expert belly dancers.Aashi is not there but Simmi can teach her.He sends the girl to Simmi.Simmi tries to avoid dance.Gang tells her through walkie talkie not to dance.As its a trap by Rey to make them dance.Finally Simmi gives up and starts teaching steps to that girl.

Bharath is in Boys locker room .A boy comes and asks his help in B-boying.Bharath tries to avoid him but finally starts teaching steps to him.Rey is watching this from outside and becomes happy as he trapped his 2nd target.

Swayam and Sharon are watching dance.Swayam whistles for the performers.Sharon recalls last years dance fest memories where they were fighting.Sharon called Swayam’s whistle cheap and Swayam replies that it suits only cheap people like him.She thinks it was wrong on Swayam’s part to be rude to her.Swayam thinks Sharon wants to stay away from him,that is why she took promise from Rey.

Gang figures out that Rey is trying to make them dance again.They decide to confront Rey and talk to him directly.Swayam tries to stop them but they dont listen to him.Rey gets scared seeing gang angry about his plannings.Rey tries to defend himself saying Simmi and Barath taught them dance.Swayam says on a serious note,he should stop trying.

Precap:Swayam informs gang that KR college is coming for the dance fest.

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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