Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: At the platform
Bani is surprised that balbir doesnt recognise his own wife, Rano. soham too is tensed to know the entire truth. A crowd gathers around to see the drama. Ban i says that rano herself told, and tht she cant mistake her own husband. Bani asks the crowd to see that rano wasnt mad. Balbir asks if there’s any proof of the fact that rano’s his wife. They are all tensed, while rano smiles. Bani eyes the wedding album, and shows him the wedding pics. Balbir is speechless now. bani shows everyone the photo, while he starts sweating. Soham reprimands him that he should be ashamed, that rano’s been tortured so much, and he came after 20 years, and still doesnt have the humanity to accept or even recognise his wife.

the crowd

too supports soham, and says that they wont let balbir get awya with this. soham says that today he would have to take rano again, with the same respect that he had done the first time. bani goes to rano and asks her to come along as balbir has finally returned. She jerks her and rano falls on the ground, and with her also falls the bottle of sleeping pills, that she took to commit suicide. Bani, soham and everyone is shocked. bani is distraught trying to wake her up. Balbir is tensed. Soham is tensed seeing rano dead, and tears flow down his cheeks. A person tells bani that she’s dead now and wont wake up ever. Bani is crying and speaking incoherently, and asks for a doctor, while talking to rano that she needs to get up as her wait is finally over. Soham comes and also sits beside bani, eyeing rano’s lifeless face. soham says that truly her wait is over now. He closes her eyes.

Bani takes rano’s head in the lap, while crying herself, stunned into silence. balbir is awkwardly standing there. fidgeting nervously. The people ask soham to start preparing for rano’s last rites, as she has noone else left. soham eyes him angrily and leaves. The crowd lament about the fate of rano, and reprimand balbir for his selfish behaviour. As balbir begins to go, bani asks where’s he going sternly. She places rano delicately on the platform seat, and gets up to face him. She asks him if he was running away again. Bani says that he never fulfilled his responsibility, and that maybe this relation meant nothing top balbir, but for her, this relation was all rano had, her last hope, her last reason to live. while bani sternly reprimands him, Balbir is speechless and tensed, as a crowd gathers around. Bani says that much changed in 20 years, but not rano, who’s still there, where he left her last. she says that everyone is a witness of the fact, of rano’s endless wait for him. she says that today her hope and she herself died, and only due to her. balbir asks her to shut up, saying that she cant say whatever she wants. He says that he accepts the mistake, but this is for her to blame for such mad behaviour. he says that she should have married again. bani says that people like him can do it casually, but not her, who’s still tied in the relation that he tied her in, and that this relation was all that mattered to her. She asks him how could she break the relation with which she was so deeply attached. she says that he won understand, as he doesnt have a heart. She says that he wont listen to them, to whom he doesnt have a relation at all. she asks him not to think, that if rano is gone, then he is left off and saved. she says that for her peace, she would have to do his responsiobility. She says that he would have to perform the last riets. The crowd too says that they wont let him go. Balbir says he doesnt have time for this foolishness. bani says that he never had time, but today he would have to find time. balbir finally agrees, amd says that he would do that.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji is tensed, and wonders that she should place a call now, as kuki had suggested. she picks up the call, but simran asks her about som e kitchen stuff, and she gets lost. simran asks why’s she tensed. Rajji says that she’s alright, and gets to attend to her work. Later, rajji is again teased that she’s roaming around the phone, and simran asks her to continue her work later, and finish her call first.

Scene 3:
Location: Cemetry and soham’s place
Bani watches sadly, as soham and others prepare rano for her final rites. Balbir finally agrees reluctantly and takes part. Rajji calls on soham’s number and bani sees. Bano picks it up, and rajji asks if soham is with her. Rajji asks why isnt he picking up his phone, and asks her to let her talk to soham. Bani cancels the call, while rajji thinks that she shoudl try again. But bani doesnt pcick his cell again. Rajji decides to call bani. when bani gets her call, she takes it, and asks bout soham again. rajji asks if everything is okay. Bani breaks into tears. rajji asks why’s she crying. Bani tells her about rano. Rajji is shocked, while bani cancels the call. Balbir goes ahead for the mukhagni, while soham remembers his life with rano, and balbir’s indifference to her. He stops balbir from going ahead. He says that balbir wont do this ritual. He asks why should they give balbir to set rano to peace, when he couldnt give her happiness when she was alive. he says that he thought balbir would repent now atleast, but he unfortunately didnt. He says that he wont let rano’s soul be hurt. Bani asks whats he saying, as balbir was everything to rano. Bani says that his anger is valid, but the rituals need to be done. Soham says that he doesnt understnd thjese rituals, which give the murderer the right to do the final rites of the person who he murdered. Soham says that balbir is unworthy to be given the right to burn rano, as he didnt even recognise the wife, leave alone accepting her, even after she waited for him for 20 years. He says that someone else would have to do the MUKHAGNI. Bani asks who would do the final rites then. Soham sternly says that he would, Rano’s son, as she was like a mother to him. Bani and balbir are surprised. He goes ahead, while balbir leaves. Soham performs the ritual. All disperse one by one. The screen freezes on bani’s crying face.

Precap: Balbir’s return to the haveli, surprises manpreet. Meanwhile, Bani is shocked as she goes through rano’s wedding album, and finds that the people are her Inlaws. soham too is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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