Ek Boond Ishq 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
fahim says to mj that you are my favorite from childhood. laado fires at fahim but he saves himself and runs from there, mj looks around for who fired but laado hides, mj hugs pari and ask her why she went with him, she says she showed me teddy, laado comes out.
tara sees sonography reports and ask whose it is, mannat says it came from om’s hospital, must be of some patient, she ask tara did you eat something, tara says no, mannat says if you want to go to Bhopal then you have to eat, tara ask did you talk with om, mannat says yes and he said he will take you to Bhopal, so go eat and take rest, tara nods and goes from there, mannat says don’t know it was better if she was unconscious only.
laado has prick in her foot, she says take out to one servant, she says to mj that you should have killed fahim, see he was taking pari, mj ask who is ths mj, he was saying that i am mj, laado says if he says that you are prime minister then will you become one, he was about to come to me today, he would have killed me, laado gives him gun and ask him to kill him, mj leaves gun on table ad says work will be done, pari looks at gun.

Scene 2
om is playing polo, pa says i need your sign on papers, om looks at him and says come, he sits, pa gives him pen but its not working, pa says sorry, i don’t have other i will bring, om says will red ink work? pa says yes, om drags pen in his palm, blood comes out, om signs with his blood and ask him to do the bandage.
tara comes there, om is mesmerized with her beauty, tara says to om that I came to says sorry, i said a lot but even then you agreed to me. om says what i accepted? tara says i used to think that you kidnapped me but after knowing that your wife looks like me and I am tara, you are taking me, today my truth will come out.. and you are giving me chance by taking me to Bhopal, om ask who said you that, tara ask why was it a surprise, i asked mannat and she said that you will take me there, om says look sia.. mannat comes and interrupts him, om looks at her, tara ask what happened, will you not take me to Bhopal, mannat says no as i said he will take you to Bhopal, tara says then why he is not saying it, will you take me? om says yes i will take you to Bhopal.

Scene 3
pari points gun at laado, laado says how you got it, put it down, mj on other hand thinks about fahim, laado ask pari to put it down, mj thinks how fahim said that you are mj. laado tries to take the gun and cries to save to me, mj comes there and says don’t do anything, pari fires, mj saves laado. here tara is sleeping and remembers how kala killed all family members. mj ask pari to stay away from gun, she backs off.
om is jogging, he recalls tara’s words and runs fast, mannat comes and puts off the machine, she ask on whom you are angry, om says you, you played good game o send tara to Bhopal, i am feeling bad that you are my younger sister, mannat ssays let me explain.
laado gets up from ground and says i am in heaven, i think, mj says you are alive, laado looks at pari and says she was ready to kill me, she hugs mj and cries.
mannat says to om that i did a lot for you and you are doubting me, om says i am reacting on things, she says you are over reacting, i used to agree with you on all things, i used to to do whatever you saym you one decision changed our life but still i care for you, then why my one decision created doubt in you for me, he says why you promised tara that i will take her to Bhopal, mannat says she could have killed herself, she blackmailed me, what if she had killed herself but why i am telling this, you only doubt me, om says sorry and they hug, mannat says never doubt me, i cant think wrong for you.

mj ask pari why she took gun, pari says i couldn’t leave it, laado says she is not kid but danger, i will not leave her today, mj stands inbetween them and ask laado to forgive her she is a child. laado says there was villain whose life was in parrot and this balli’s life is in this rabbit(pari), if you want her to be safe then go and kill that girl, mj takes the gun.
servant comes to om and tells him that vidant has comes, om leaves, mannat thinks that om you have to take tara to bhopla and i make sure this plan never flops.
mj thinks of laado’s words to go and kill the girl for pari’s safety, pari ask why are you crying balli, balli says don’t know, he kisses her and thinks that to save my pari i have to take a innocent life.

PRECAP- mj comes to tara’s room at night, she wakes up and looks back at window being afraid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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