Saraswatichandra 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant seeing the crack in the wall in Kumud’s flat by the binoculars. She calls someone and says Hello in full tension. Badimaa tells Vidyachatur that I was telling Anushka about Kumud and Saras’s marriage. He says pics refresh our memories. Kabir looks on. Anushka says then lets take pics, you can see it when you miss me. Vidyachatur sees Kabir going and asks him to take their pics with Anushka. Kabir says I will take by my phone. Anushka sits with Vidyachatur and Badimaa. Kabir takes their pics. He zooms on Anushka and looksa t her lovely smile. He takes her many pics, cutting down Badimaa and Vidyachatur. He says its not clear and I will take one more.

Kumud and Saras come for dinner at a restaurant. He says we have a reservation here. Kumud says good choice of place. Saras says I chose it. She says I m very hungry, order something. He says you do. She orders the food. She says so how is your work going on. He says what to say, great but my wife always stays angry on me. He asks how everything at home. She says my maid and I talk and then my husabdn comes at night for some time. He says work is going on good, we got a deal. They smile and are happily talking.

A man sees Saras and says Mr. Vyas. He comes to him and Saras introduces Kumud, his wife, and this is Mr Khosla, our biggest investor. He says I came to meet foreign delegates but they are late. Saras says please join us. They get busy in the work talk. Khosla says I have a big deal for you and they discuss. Kumud feels left out and is upset. Kusum is angry and says Anushka was right, all men are cheat. Danny comes and greets her. She asks how was your day, what did you did. He says lots of work. She asks what work. He says what I work daily. She asks then why are you late.

He asks why are you asking me so many questions. He says we needs new staff. She asks whom else did you meet. Danny says I m tired, I want to sleep now. He gets a message and Kusum tries to see. He leaves. She says lie, he did not tell me he went to meet Kiran, Anushka is right, I will not leave ypu and your Kiran. Saras and Khosla’s talk goes on. Kumud orders food for Khosla too. She looks at Saras and is upset looking at the food they ordered for themselves.

She says food came. Saras insists Khosla to have food with them and serves him. Saras gets so busy that he does not even look at Kumud. She says have food first. Khosla gets a call from his delegates and he leaves. Saras says see you, take care. Kumud says I m done, I have to go home. He asks but why. She says I want to go home. Saras asks the waiter to bring the bill.

They come home. Saras says Kumud see, now tell me what happened. She says shoul=d I see, you took me for date. He says Mr Khosla came himself, his client did not come so I asked him to sit, so we got busy in talk. She says I felt I was not with you there. She goes to her room. Saras says she is right, uts my mistake, I took her out and did not attend her. I should have understood this, she was annoyed, I did the mistake again. How to make her happy now? He gets an idea and smiles.

He says she likes Gajar ka halwa but I m a bad cook. He says but I read the book, I will follow it and cook. Anushka is doing her project work. She sees Kabir’s pic and smiles. Kabir in his room looking at Anushka’s pics in his phone and smiling thinking about her. He says whats happening to me. Saras peels the carrots and says women’ work is difficult, men like to eat but what about this hardwork. He follows the book and makes the halwa.

He says she is sleeping, I will give her a good surprise in morning, her anger will go seeing this halwa. He says its ready now, will sleep now, I have to get early in morning. Kabir comes in kicten looking for food and does not get anything. He says I should have done dinner, I m so hungry, what to eat now, maybe something is there in fridge. Anushka comes to him and asks what are you finding. He says you? She asks again smiling. He thinks of the same taunt he told her. They start having a talk.

She laughs and he smiles looking at her. Its morning, Saras makes Kumud sit and says I made something for you, which you won’t even share with me. He serves her the halwa and says have it and tell me how is it. She tastes it and he looks at her face. She says you made this? She eats it and says its so atsty, how did you make it. He says I made for you, so. She says I can’t get angry seeing this eexpressions of yours. He says what to do, I m such since childhood. She smiles.

She says its your love in this. He says so anger cancelled. She nods yes. He says so I will call Khosla in evening. She says Saras…. He says I m joking. Prashant sees the lovers making each other eat the halwa and gets angry saying enough, I can’t see anything more. Kumud says teach me how to make this. The door bell rings. Kumud goes to see. Sangeeta’s sister Shilpa comes to work saying Sangeeta is not well. Kumud says come and tells her the work. She tells Saras the same and says I was telling you about the wall crack, come see. She is shocked to see ………….

Prashant says I will find the key, can you make tea for me. She says fine. Prashant hides something. Kumud comes and says Prashant ji………….. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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