Beintehaa 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya comes and sits next to Zain. Zain says he now realized the importance of 2 women in his life, he wants to keep them both with him, but maybe it is a conflict for being a husband and son. Aaliya says he is mami’s son first and if they find out Zubair culprit, they both will punish him rigorously.

Zain and Aaliya reach home and walk holding each other’s hand smiling. Surayya comes with Shaziya and Nafisa and asks them to stop there. She says she does not have place in her house for people who insult Zain, Aaliya went against her wish and helped Zubair, so she cannot enter her house. Zain asks her how can she do that. Surayya says her decision is final. Zain says he is with Aaliya. Surayya says it is his wish then and tries to enter house. Aaliya stops her and asks Zain not to forget he is Surayya’s daughter and further says it is her duty to make her husband a better son and brother. She gives her promise to Zain and asks him to go back to his house. Zain says he will not go inside house without her. Aaliya gives him promise of their pure relationship. She leaves his hand and walks sadly from there. Usman is shown blinking his eyes in coma. Yahi hote din mere… yahi marna aur jeena…. teri galiyan… song plays in the background while Aaliya walks out of Barkath villa.

Aaliya is walking on the road sadly. Zain sits on a sofa and remembers Aaliya’s words that she will not go out of house without his permission and the romantic moments spent between them. Aaliya remembers Surayya saying she will not step inside Barkath Villa. She thinks if she will not be allowed to see her husband again.

Aaliya stumbles and falls while Rehan holds her. He makes her sit and gives her water. He sees her phone ringing and says Aaliya that her husband must be calling. Aaliya picks call. Zain asks where is she and how is she. Aaliya says she is fine and she loves her. Zain says he loves her too and asks her to go to her parent’s house and he will also come there. Aaliya asks Zain to behave well with Surayya and to promise him. Zain says he will not promise but will try. Aaliya says she will reach her parent’s house and will call back. Zain says he will call back either.

Zain turns back and sees Surayya standing. He says he was a spoilt brat, but Aaliya made him a cultured man. He says he will not apologize Aaliya for her mistake and goes from there. Surayya says her son is not understanding her, what shall she do now.

Rehan asks Aaliya about Zain. She says he is world’s best husband. He asks if he can drop her home. Aaliya says she wants to reach her parent’s hotel. Rehan takes her in his scooter.

Shabana cries saying Surayya will not forgive Aaliya, why did Aaliya do this. Ghulam says he will speak to Surayya. Aaliya reaches there with Rehan. Shabana sees her and hugs her emotionally. She asks if she is alright. Rehan says he found her on street, so he brought her here. Ghulam thanks. Rehan asks them to inform Zubair to meet him tomorrow morning and goes from there. Ghulam gets angry on Surayya and says what does she think of herself. Aaliya gets Zain’s call. She asks about the situation at house and if he gave medicine to mamu/Zubair. Zain says everything is fine and asks if Ghulam and Shabana know about it. Aaliya says Aayath told them everything. Zain gets worried and asks her to give phone to Ghulam. He says Ghulam that not only his daughter, his wife is also thrown out of house and says he will not leave his wife at any cost. Ghulam thanks him.

Precap: Fahad says Surayya if his brother cannot stay in this house, even he, his children and his father will not stay here. Surayya says Zubair taht she did all this to separate Zain and Aaliya.

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  1. People they won’t be separated tomoro zain will go and bring aliya and Suriya will be sad seeing everyone leaving she will say zain to go and get aliya from bhopal

  2. beintehaa all fans stop watching beintehaa if separation will happen their

  3. Wait what exactly fid srriya say in promo to zain?

  4. I felt so sorry for Zain and aliya when suraya said aliya can’t come in the house and aliya persuaded Zain to stay that was sad both of them love each other I hope usman wakes up and we find out who is really the baddie

  5. Anna is right

  6. Surrayya did all this to seperate zain and aliya, she is so wicked

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