Ek Boond Ishq 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 24th January 2014 Written Update

The epi strats with MriAra taking leave if everyone and ts blesses MriAra saying hope they find what they re looking for. Meethi teases Tara asking what does she want now that she got MJ’s love. Tara asks her to keep doing abd it will have good results. MriAra taking blessing frm nimmy but she moved away and tell them that it’s getting late.

MJ gets a call frm kaka Tara asks asks who is it Abd it’s her right to know as she is his wife. MJ asjusts the mirror. Tara sees afield coming abd adjusts the mirror saying that u arranged it to see that witch right. MJ asks her to behave.

Kinar keeping an eye on kaka abd informs kala who is happy.

Meethi and vasu in kitchen saying that it’s a family tradition to go to the temple abd tells vasu she will also go when she gets married. Vasu shy. Adi comes to promote screen awards. And ask meethi to accompany him. Meethi happy.

MJ tries to get rid of Tara by saying that she had asked for shawl so ask her to her it. Tara at first fights with MJ saying he told her they r not going to Mount Everest but ram nagar now what happened. MJ says she always comes behind saying pati dev and he wants shawl she is not getting it. Tara agrees to get shawl. MJ says he will wait for her in the parking lot.

Raghu kaka sees kinar when he is going to meet MJ. Radha is thinking of ways to escape. Raghu kaka thinking whether kinar is following him to get MriAra abd thinks how MJ told that some kinar attacked him. He tries to divert there attention.

Kala happy that he will get kaka. Tara comes back after shopping. MJ asks whether she finished so fast. Tara says she took time. And asks him to come. MJ asks forgiveness frm dadu of not able to meet him.

Raghu kaka reaches home to find kala in his house.

Kala does her nautaki.
Tara promoting life ok awards she is looking nice.

Kaka asks kala how he knows his name. Kala reveals herself.
Kaka understands kala is rp and is shocked

Mj and tara in car…tar says whom are u trying to call frm while..he says kaka..he is nt picking up my call…he says dadoo ka pata nahin..tara asks who is dadoo.

kalavthy kills kaka…and puts water on her face..

She prays to god…


kalavathy pulls kaka..she sings a song…she says u want to do shikar of fish or become fish..she says the tank is boig there is no fish in it…she puts kaka head in the fish tank and keeps on pitting kaka in water and kils kaka…and sings manchi jal ki rani song..she says kaka…Kalavathy say now tara.mj and radha now in my list…she says kakaji…she says AGNEPATH…


Update Credit to: Dilsha

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