Qubool Hai 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 24th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the mental hospital
tanveer goes onto tell mamu that neither is she mad, nor her condition is impossible. she says that its a deal that she has made with him, about things that they both want. She says that he can fulfill what she needs, and asks him to think of his daughter, of which she knows, and its a small price to pay for that. She says that if they take her from there, then he would never be able to meet his daughter. Tanveer tells mamu that only she can make him meet his daughter and that only he has to decide now. Mamu is stunned, while tanveer smiles evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Meanwhile, razia steals zoya’s phone, and stealthily begins to search it. She hears the confession of mamu on zoya’s phone, and is shocked. She thinks that this is the announcement that they are planning to make tonight. But she gets tensed, as zoya comes and snatches the phone from her. razia gets upset. Zoya reprimands her for touching her personal things, and entering her room without her permission. she taunts her for her bad manners, and says that she did manage to teach her a lesson, as after ton ight, every game olf hers would end, and none of her conspiracies would save her. Zoya asks her to think what she needs to do in this short span of time. Razia is tensed and leaves, while zoya eyes her curtly, and wonders what was razia looking through. She carelessly throws the phone back on the bed, and leaves the room.

When mamu returns, he is still thinking about tanveer and her statements. He wonders how could he be trapped in that mad woman’s words, and that she had actually given him hope, but thats dead too now. He thinks that he wont ever be able to see her now. Zoya passes from behind him. He progresses towards his room. Razia is fuming in her room, trying to search for something. When mamu returns, razia says that she knows what they are planning to announce, and only one solution is there, and they have to get rid of zoya by murdering her. Mamu almost raises his hand on Razia, in his anger, and she is shocked. he says that blood cant take away the stain of a prior blood, and can only be wiped off by tears. razia says that then also she didnt kill for herself then, nor is she killing for herself now, she did it for him then, and she would do it for him now. she tells about his confession on zoya’s phone, and how they plan to send them to jail forever, announcing this at the party tonight. Mamu is silenced. razia says that he has made a grave mistake, and she is just trying to rectify it. Mamu tells that she would do no such thing, as he would be punished for his crimes, and whatever punishment he gets, is less that what he desrves, and asks her to let whatever is to happen. razia is shocked at his stance, as he walks out.

Meanwhile, humaira comes to haider’s room, to find him packing. she asks if he is going somewhere. he curtly says yes, and wherever his destination would take him. She says that he cant go like this and who asked him to go. He says that it doesnt matter, as love and hatred are expressed through the eyes, and he knows that her parents dont like him staying eher. Humaira says that he has a misunderstanding. haider says that even if it is so, then also he has finished his work here, and he doesnt have a purpose to stay back. She asks him surprised, if there’s actually no reason for him to stay back. He says that he doesnt want to go, but he has to. She asks why. He says that he doesnt want to land her in some problem due to him. she says that wont happen, and she would go and tell her father that he cant leave. as she begins to go, he holds her hand, smiling evilly, as she looks back surprised. He pulls her towards him, and she is conscious of the increasing proximity. He asks her why she doesnt want him to go. She stands speechless. He wipes the tears off her face. she says that she would talk to her father. He pulls her closer, and says that he would talk to his father. She hugs him lovingly, giving into her emotions. He is happy at the success of his plan.

Mamu is nervously taking a stroll in the garden remembering tanveer’s deal, and razia’s intentions to kill zoya. haider comes in asking why’s he tensed. He says that he can understand that the person whose daughter is going to be ruined, would be tensed. mamu asks what nonsense is he talking. haider says that its reality, and tells about humaira not wanting for him to leave. He starst taunting him that his girl has fallen head over heels in love with him, and is longing for him to not leave her and the house. mamu shouts back at her. Haider says that he has proof, and shows him a pic of the day when they spent the night together. mamu gets tensed, while he starts teasing him that he never knew that they got so close, and they were about to get so close, that he would have been embarassed. Mamu is in a rage. Haider taunts him saying that he could have done anything, but he didnt, even though it was very difficult, but he cant control it any longer, and neither would he be able to, as he is going to jail. He says that he’s thinking that he would take her to a hotel room, and enjoy with her. Mamau gets into a rage. Mamu reprimands haider for playing and toying with humaira’s feelings and asks what has his daughter done to him, that he’s taking his revenge like this. He venomously says that he doesnt have a problem with her, but with her father. mamu is shocked as haider confronts him. He asks mamau, that 17 years back, he was connected to the doll factory and its fire. mamu is shocked that he knows about it. Mamu asks haider who is he, and how is he connected to the doll factory. Haider says that there is a connection and he knows very well,t hat he and razia set it afire, and not only was a dead body burnt, but his parents life too was ruined, as that factory belonged to his parents. mamu looks at him with regret and shock. haider gets emotional as he goes onto tell how his father died of bankruptcy caused due to the loss of the factory, and he was responsible for it, as he saw and heard them talking outside the factory. he says that he hasnt forgotten nor would let him forget. mamu is regretful. Haider says that he has died several times in these 17 years, and now he would slowly, seeing his daughter die several times, as he wants to see how he would be tortured in the jail, knowing that his daughter’s life is being ruined outside. Mamu is shocked and tensed. Haider says that all of his family would die, even when they survive, just due to him. Haider leaves, while mamau is regretful of his crimes. He collapses on the bench, lamenting that he didnt know that he would have to pay the price of his crimes like this, that one of his daughter’s life is about to be ruined, and the other daughter is too far away from him, and what can be a bitter punishment for a father. He gets determined, that whatever may happen to him, but he wont let humaira’s life be spoiled. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Mamu nervously paces to his room, saying that he wont let humaira’s life be spoiled, and that he would stop haider from spoiling humaira, at any cost. He enters his room and has a conversation with Razia. Razia says that all of it linked to one particular person, and if she dies, then this whole case is shut down. She says that to put this entire matter to rest, they should kill Zoya. Finally mamu makes up his mind and says that she can kill zoya. razia smiles victoriously. At the party later, razia is applauded that itsa wonderful party. she vengefully eyes zoya. She sees that a person dressed in a coat, takes out the revolver from his pocket and aims at zoya.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. ok nw plz put an end to this doll factoryy…thz doll factrory hs made story toooo dull!!!!

  2. Asad kayou change kia hai

  3. raqesh does not play the role of asad the karan singh grover used to play it and asya don’t look so good the way it used to and I heard that everybody deserves another chance so karan singh grover deserves another chance I know that he was sacked because of his unprofessionalism but his acting skills are much better than raqesh and over 1000 viewers of qubool hai don’t like the new asad so please bring back ksg he makes qubool hai famous this is a humble request from 1000 viewers of qubool hai so please reconsider karan and please put karan back in qubool hai karan and surbhi used to make a perfect couple and with raqesh asya arent so perfect so pretty please GUL KHAN put ksg back in qubool hai please karan was like the bestactor in qubool hai and if karan u read my comment or surbhi im a very big fan love kiyara Newcastle south Africa KABHI RULES

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