Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th January 2014 Written Update

Sameer opens the door and finds his neighbours outside the door. They go inside and introduce themselves to Shikha. Sameer goes and asks the lady angirly what does she want. She says she has come to invite them for her son’s birthday. Her husband says being neighbour, they should get to know each other, so he thoguht of inviting them for his son’s birthday. Shikha thanks him and says they wil come for sure. Neighbours wish them and try go go but ask they smell something. Shikha says it is gas smell, goes and sees all the gas knobs open and closes them. Neighbour sees petrol cans and asks if it is petrol. Sameer says it is generator fuel and says he will meet them at their son’s birthday to shoo them away. Shikha comes and says gas knobs were open. Neighbour asks to open

the windows fast. He says Sameer not to keep petrol in house, else a big accident would have happened. He picks the petrol cans. Sameer interrupts him and says he will do it. Neighbour asks Sameer to take care of Manav and he will keep the cans outside and takes the cans out. Shikha asks Sameer about petrol. He angrily says he wanted to burn the house. He then says inverter is not working, so he bought petrol for generator. He asks if he needs to explain everything. Shikha asks sorry to him sadly. Sameer starts quarreling with her and says all the mistakes are done by him, she doesn’t believe him even after 2.5 years of marriage. He asks her to remember the promise that they would believe each other with eyes closed. He says you broke th promise and goes out angrily with Manav. Shikha gets sad and starts crying.

Sameer is checking office files on the bed. Shikha comes with Manav and tries to speak to him, but he does not speak and sleeps angrily. Shikha gets very sad. Sameer gets up in the morning and does not find Shikha next to him. He calls her, but she does not reply. He goes out and checks. He finds Manav on the bed. He goes near him and finds a letter. It reads as Manav asking Sameer to forgive Shikha. Shikha stands behind a curtain and watches if he forgives her or not. Sameer forgives her and she comes and hugs him

Shikha asks him sorry again. He holds her very tight, she feels pain and gets away from him. Sameer says yesterday was your column’s 100th edition and I fought with you instead of celebrating and hugs her. He murmurs in his mind all his plan went in vain. He hugs her. He says he has decided that he will not go to office and will help her staying at home. Shikha requests to go for shopping. Sameer says lets spend time together than going out shopping. Shikha asks Manav to convince his papa. Sameer agrees for shopping. Sudha speaks to Shikha and gets happy. Avinash asks is she happy now speaking to Shikha. She says yes. Avinash says you are just worried, it was just a dream. Sudha feeds him sweet curd and prays for his promotion today. He thanks her and goes.

Shikha and Sameer are shopping together. She says she wanted to buy kitchen items. They start walking holding Manav in a baby carrier. Sameer’s mom is shown standing behind speakding to someone. Shikha and Sameer does not see her and go shopping. Shikha sees saree and likes it. Sameer asks her to go inside and check. Shikha asks about a saree. Sameer says it is good, you wil look beautiful in this saree with makeup. Shikha asks surprisingly that he does not like make up on her. He says he used to say lie to impress her, now that she is his wife he can say truth. She jokes she won’t give him dinner. Sameer jokes with Manav that you mom does not want to feed me just with simple quarrel, but my mom used to feed me well. Shikha says they didn’t see his parents since a long time and asks Sameer to call his parents. Sameer says they doesn’t like Mumbai and are happy in Raipur, so does not want to come here. Shikha asks Sameer to buy nice saree for his mom and shirt of his dad and courier them. Sameer agrees. Shikha sees Sameer’s mom with some and says she saw his mom now.

Sameer says his mom is in Raipur as he spoke to her in the morning. He drags her to buy sarees. Mahi is preparing cake. Vineet asks Sudha to buy cake from ouside, else papa’s surprise will be destroyed. Sudha gets a call. She speaks to Sameer’s papa and asks him to send his address and she will send Shikha/Sameer’s marriage’s pics and videos via courier. Vineet asks whose phone was it. She says Sameer’s papa’s. He wants marraige pics and vidoes as he lost them. Since Sameer is busy, he does not want to ask him. Sudha asks Samer to courier them.

Some event is happening in the mall. Shikha asks Sameer to participate in it. Shikha says she has already participated many times. Sameer asks her to buy it. Shikha says buying goods and getting them free are different. Competition starts and the hosts calls some numbers and asks those couple to come forward. Shikha’s and Sameer’s mom’s numbers are called. Shikha goes on stage. Sameer’s mom comes with another man as her husband. Sameer sees her and gets worried.

Sudha is searing for Shikha’s marriage album. She finds it and gets watching pics emotionally. She remembers Shikha getting married and crying before leaving. She starts crying emotionally. Vineet comes and consoles her. Sudha gives him album to courier. He asks for CD to make a backup of it.

Shikha is on the stage. She sees Samer’s mom going with someone. Host announces Shikha as winner but she goes following Sameer’s mom without accepting the gift. Sameer catches him. She says she saw him mom.

Vineet says he cannot copy the video as it looks corrupted. Sudha asks him to courier it as Sameer would have 1 copy. Shikha says she saw Sameer’s mom. Sameer gets angry and tries to convince her that his mom is in Raipur and can’t be here. Shikha asks Sameer to check with mall’s manager as he would be having CCTV footage. Sameer says he doesn’t have time for all the waste work. Vineet is going to courier the album, but Shaitan stops him from going. Sudha catches Shaitan and asks Vineet to go and courier. Shikha tries to call Sameer’s mom, but she doesn’t pick the call. Sameer says angrily that he is going now as he does not want to create a scene here. Shikha says mom would have come to mumbai to surprise us. Sameer says she would have come to home instead of roaming in a mall. He asks her accompany him home now.

Precap: Avinash and his family come to Shikha’s home. He speaks to her negighbours and inform them Shika is his daughter. They say she is very sweet girl. He says they came here to meet her from Nasik, but her home is locked.

Update Credit to: MA

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