Ek Boond Ishq 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara says to mj that I am sia, if you want to find tara then go from this house and find her, pari comes there and says you came balli, we were coming to meet you in hospital, mj hugs pari, tara is in tears, pari ask are you feeling pain balli? mj says no, pari says when you were hurt, we all prayed for you and this aunty(tara) too, tara hides her tears from mj, mj says to tara that whether you prayed for your mj or bodyguard balli? he says lets leave pari, mj says before leaving I am asking you again tara, please come with us for pari, I know you love her a lot, you know what relation we have with pari, come with us, tara wipes her tears hiding from mj, she looks at mj and starts leaving for her room, om says now you understood that only sia agnihotri lives her not tara, mj says yes I understood this cant be tara because tara cant her mj, tara cant lie to her mj, he says thanks for saving my life, he says to tara that sorry sia agnihotri, I thought you as my tara, it was my mistake.
vidant calls nandu a home and says I wont be able to come home, I have some work in police station, policeman brings fore scenic report, vidant says so it says laado died. vidant thinks to tell sia about this report.

Scene 2
mj is leaving the house, pari comes to tara and says please come with us, you promised me that you me and balli will live in same house so come with us now, mj takes pari away from tara, pari ask balli will you leave your rat here? mj says she is not our rat, she is someone else, we don’t have any relation with her, tara goes to her room, mj starts leaving the house with pari, he leaves.
in morning, tara cries remembering mj and her rude behavior to him when he asked her to come with him, tara says when he got memory back, I had to broke his heart, our fate is weird, when we are together, we are not close to each other and when we are close to each other, we are not together.
mj is walking on street with pari, he recalls tara’s rude behavior and saying that she is sia, eh recalls their marriage, their lovely moment , their first meeting, their stable moments, ek boond ishq sad version plays, mj thinks that the girl who tried everything to make me remember that I am mj then why she is saying that sia, why she is lying when she is tara, pari says I am tired, please lift me, mj lifts her and says I didn’t recognize you earlier, pari ask what you mean, mj means now bear(mj) has understood his relation with rabbit(pari), tara holds her manglasutra and cries.

Scene 3
mj and pari comes to laado’s house and sees its sealed ad laado’s belonging has been thrown out of house, mj finds laado’s fan and recalls hoe he used to work for her, he finds locket in her luggage, it had half heart pendent, he recalls how he gifted half heart to tara, he recalls how he found other half in om’s house , he says I took that but don’t know where it is now , pari ask mj where will they go now? mj says don’t worry whole city is ours.
mj brings bananas for pari, she gives half to mj and takes half and says half for.. mj hugs her and cries.
om comes to tara and says thanks, tara says I promised to become sia in this house but I had to break mj’s heart for it, om says I understand your pain, when you promised, you didn’t realize that it will happen, tara says yes you are right I am doing all this because you saved mj but remember one thing I can leave away from mj but not without him, when your mother becomes fine, I will leave from here to my mj, she leaves the room, om thinks.

Scene 4
mother ask did mannat call you, om says yes, he lies that she is wither firend in hospital, mother ask where is pari? om says balli took her away, mother says that’s why sia is silent, she used to pass her time with pari, she must be missing pari, tara recalls how she used to play with pari. mother ask what sia is thinking, om says for others she has made her health worse, vidant comes there and greets them, mother ask why didn’t you bring nandu, vidant says I am working on case of fake babaji so didn’t get time to go home, he says to sia that reports have come and the one who died is laado only, finger prints are also matched, tara ask are you sure? vidant nods, tara thinks that kalawati died in real, mother says wrong work has wrong end, she ask om to take her to mandir, om says I have some work, I cant take you, vidant says I will take you, om leaves from house, vidant and mother leaves, tara is alone in house, tara is worried for mj and says he got fine just now, don’t know where he is gone, just then mj and pari enters agnihotri house. guard tries to stop mj.

PRECAP- mj says to tara that I can say it with full confidence that you are tara but want to listen it from your mouth, tara says yes I am tara, someone is coming in house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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