Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank argues to the boss that he left his sister’s engagement to work on this project. The boss says that he isn’t in the project, as he is the husband of Gunjan Garg and she was the one to snatch Banaras Hut from us. He hands him another project. After Mayank has left, the boss says that now Gunjan will leave Banaras Hut due to pressure from husband and they will take it, at one; and Mayank will be responsible for it all.

Bittu comes dressed in groom’s dress. Rachna laughs. Bittu says that I want to be the groom too. Rachna shows him the dress, saying this isn’t his size. He smiles. Rachna tells him that he looks good while smiling and she likes him happy. She takes his measurements, and says that one day he will get ready for his own wedding. Bittu says I was thinking the same. Rachna says that I know you very well. Bittu says Princess! I love you. Rachna says I love you too friend!. Bittu dances in elation, while Rachna laughs watching him happy. Rachna tells him that he is her best friend. They shake hands. Bittu runs away shyly.

At home Gunjan eats with Mayank. He asks why didn’t she eat dinner with the family. She says she waited for him. He says that she must be working, so got late. She tells him she was finding gifts for Rachna. She asks Mayank about necklaces. He says that these are out of my budget. She says that she got promoted by her dad, and he gave her first salary check, it was worth 35,000. He says it is even more than his. She says that she will spend his money even then. Mayank thinks that she has got successful in a few days, and after some time she won’t need him. She suggests that she will pay the half, or the rest of the money, but Mayank disagrees. She asks what his problem is? He says You, and leaves. Gunjan is left tear-eyed.
Bittu tells Mausi that he said this to Rachna, and she replied the same. Mausi hugs him and gives a hig-five to Gayatri.

Gunjan comes to Mayank in room. She asks him why are they both fighting with each other daily. She asks him to sit and discuss. Mayank isn’t ready. She asks him to tell what is in his heart. Mayank asks her to leave Banaras Hut project. Gunjan asks what? He says she wanted to know what is in his heart, so this is it. She asks he is saying this, even after knowing everything. He says he knew her answer, but the truth is that if she loves him, she must leave the project. She asks how does his love and project involved with each other. Mayank says that his boss wants him to work in the project similar to Banaras Hut. She says that she has seen the project file, it is only about profit. Mayank says that he doesn’t want that he competes his family members, he has responsibility of family and wants to get promoted; she neither wants the promotion nor the project. He leaves. Gunjan cries, that her love isn’t proved by a project; she could leave everything for him but now her project will prove her love.

Gunjan was thinking how Mayank asked her to leave the project. She opens the file and watches it.

The door opens, she wipes her tears and asks does she want anything? Deepa says she came to take the clothes down. She watches the file in Gunjan’s hand, and says she is an inspiration for her. Deepa says that she was a topper in college, and got job in one of the ten companies of India; but everyone wanted me to take the household but the real reason was Rohit’s ego. Gunjan says that it is really true, that relations are about trust not ego. She asks why is it said, that a woman cannot look after home and work together. Deepa wipes her tears and leaves.

Seema talks about choreography. Gunjan says that they must practice dance. Mayank asks has anyone won her. Shayl asks isn’t she going to office today. Gunjan says she will work from home. Mayank leaves the table. Seema also leaves. Shayl asks her what is it between her and Mayank. She says that with experience, she can advice her that every relation has ups and downs; but one must solve them in time. Shayl says that you can solve Mayank’s problem relating your work, as God has given the woman a strength. She says that when one has to take a step back, to save one relation; it is called love. Akaash comes there, and tells Gunjan to leave the project for Mayank. He will now take care of the project. He asks will she like Mayank doesn’t get promoted. Gunjan says that Mayank will leave his project for her dream project.

PRECAP: Bittu watches KT and Rachna practicing dance. He comes and seperates them both, saying Princess is only his.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The story line is supposed to be about Rachana, but once again Gunjan is taking spotlight with her stupid drama…

  2. Rabirian Fans

    Prcap interesting

  3. Rachna and KT need to set some boundaries for Bittu. If they did, then nothing the Aunt instigate would work, but like they not considering that at all.

  4. OMG Bittu will fall in love with Rachna come one writers it that allu have

  5. nonsense i have given up on this show

  6. Gunjan is getting more fat each episod and doesn’t look like a star and her character is annoying . This show needs to end because it’s like running out of story line. Same old problem and Gunjan always in the limelight.

  7. The show is supposed to be about Gunjan AND Rachna hence the reason they focusing on the both storylines. Given that, why the hell that they are making one of the few normal men on ZeeTv an idiot!!!!! I do not like the way the writers are presenting him. They did that for Aur Pyar also, Akshat was a normal man, now he is an abusing domineering nonsensical fool. Why can’t they leave the protagonists as protagonists and vice versa with the antagonists. Don’t make me fall in love with a character then they become evil. hmph.

    1. And it is Mayank I mean as the new idiot.

      1. Mayank has been an idiot for a long tiime…. his mother is phony and he falls for people like her

  8. I gave up this show. Useless ..
    Its always about gunjan and her heroism!. Can these ppl give some attention to rachna now?? Its her wedding 4 god’s sake! Have fed up with gunjan and her stupid heroism.. End the show!

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