Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Latika is taking care of Shanaya. Do you want anything? Shanaya apologizes to her. So much has happened because of me. Latika has no grudges against her and tells her thus. Sakshi brings good news for Shanaya. Shanaya has been sitting like this since so many days. I don’t feel good as I have not been able to help her stand back on her feet again. This is why I have done what Ma had wanted. Ma wanted Shanaya to be treated from a very good doc and I have brought him here. Shanaya is taken aback. Doc makes an entry. Latika moves aside to make space for him.

Shanaya remarks that he might not be able to check her at home as he might need some stuff to do tests on her. it is impossible. Sakshi says that it is possible. You anyways feel suffocated in hospital so doctors come to home for patients like you. Doc assures Shanaya that he has even brought his machine to check her muscle movements. Shanaya is clearly in a fix. Doc touches Shanaya’s feet asking her if she can feel anything. She declines and stares at Sakshi. Doc wants to give her an injection. It is good if you can feel the pain but you don’t feel anything in paralysis. I will take your blood sample. Shanaya does not want her truth to come out in front of Latika. Sakshi dint want to do anything like this for anyone. you have forced me for it Shanaya. Doc takes Shanaya’s blood sample and EMG too. You will get the reports by tomorrow afternoon. It will be good if I can give her previous MRI reports. Latika gives it to him. Doc turns to go but remarks that Shanaya is perfectly fine otherwise. Latika is surprised. Doc corrects himself. I would have said this only if we dint have to wait for her medical reports. I dint feel anything untoward or found her paralytic while examining her. I guess there is something. He takes their leave. Sakshi thanks him for coming here on such a short notice. She goes to drop him till the gate while Latika sits beside Shanaya once again. sakshi is so thoughtful. She is worried for everyone all the time. Shanaya says the same for her. You are here with me for the very same reason. trust me I am perfectly alright. You can go and rest. Latika is following what her mother had told her to. I know we fight a lot but I never disobey her. shanaya feels that everyone in this house is after me. Latika has to send an important mail and gets working on it in the same room only.

Sakshi gets a call from Sharda. They have reached Delhi safely. The award function will come live on tv. Sakshi is happy for her. sharda checks about everyone and ends the call.

Shanaya is irritated with Sakshi. Why cant she mind her own business? I don’t know what to do! Latika is yawning while working. Shanaya observes this. Please go and rest or I will feel bad. She too yawns to pretend she is sleepy and Latika leaves after bidding her goodnight.

Shanaya paces in her room worriedly. I wanted to send Karan to jail but here I am stuck only. My reports will come by tomorrow afternoon. I will be caught if my truth comes out. I will have to stop that report from reaching here anyhow especially from Sakshi. I cannot lose after doing so much. I must think of something. She gets an idea. Now everything will happen as per my wish.

Shanaya sends Sunita to bring tea for her. latika greets Shanaya who is irked with Sharda’s replica (Latika). I must send her away somehow. Latika finds her a little sad. Shanaya tells her about how Dadi used to go to temple every morning before she got injured. Now she is not able to go because everyone’s attention is focused on me only. She requests Latika to take Dadi to temple. Spend some time with her. she will feel good. Latika likes the idea. I will make her meet Diya and then we all can go for lunch. She appreciates Shanaya. I will tell Sunita to stay with you. Shanaya thinks about doc’s words and is relieved that Latika will come back only after lunch. Aarav and Chirag have gone for their practise. Now only Karan and Sakshi are left. I will have to send them out of the house anyhow. I can neither send them out on lunch nor on a date as Sakshi wont go.

Sakshi just had a word with doc. Sunita tells her about Latika and Dadi’s outing. Sakshi wonders if they met Shanaya before leaving. Sunita nods. Sakshi understands Shanaya’s plan. Why she does not want them to stay at home? What’s going on in her mind? It is 12 noon. Report will be coming any time now. shanaya calls out for Sunita. Sakshi tells Sunita that she is feeling suffocated so is going out for a while.

Sunita goes to Shanaya’s room. Shanaya tells her to tell Karan to bring medicines for her. Sunita reasons that she can call and order for it but Shanaya declines. they will need my prescription for it. Sunita obliges. shanaya acts all emotional. My reports are coming at 1:30 pm. I don’t want anyone to know about it as everyone will get sad. I know what is written in my fate. Please give that report directly to me. it should not fall in anyone’s hands, especially Sakshi. She is pregnant. I don’t want her to be worried because of my reports. Sunita agrees to do it for her. shanaya smirks. there are so many emotional fools in this house.

Doc gives the report to his assistant to deliver it to Modi House. Her (Shanaya’s) family members should also know about it.

Karan is talking to someone on phone when Sunita comes there with Shanaya’s prescription. Karan repeats the same logic and Sunita gives Shanaya’s answer in reply. He takes it from her as it is about time for Shanaya to take her medicines.

Door bell rings. It is 1:30 pm. Shanaya gets up and watches Sunita receiving a courier from her door. She comes back and takes her place by the time Sunita comes to give the reports to her. shanaya thanks her. sunita leaves for market. Shanaya holds the reports victoriously in her hands. You (Sakshi) think that you are very smart but you forgot who you are messing up with. Shanaya’s plans are always successful. All fools! She takes out matchbox from her cupboard and burns the reports. She laughs evilly. Sakshi comes there just then wanting to know the joke. Shanaya tells her to end this cat mouse game. You know I am the winner of this game. You also know that I am alright. But you wont be able to prove it in front of anyone as your proof is gone. I have burnt it. sakshi looks at her in shock while Shanaya continues to mock her. no one can read this report now. Shanaya smiles and Sakshi smiles as well. I feel very happy when I see you happy but I have come to put a full stop on your happiness. You will be a little shocked to know that you have burnt the false report. She shows her the correct reports and Shanaya is indeed shocked. Sakshi smiles at her expressions.

Precap: Latika complains to her dad and mom about a lucrative client that she had brought for their company. But Karan cancelled it without even consulting me. karan replies that one must know the previous record of a client too. Latika understands that she is his problem. You very well know that I am quite a successful business woman. Karan retorts that she is just that only. You are neither a good wife, nor a good daughter and nor a good mom. Latika slaps him angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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