Ek Boond Ishq 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara is leaving the house, she goes out and mj comes there with a man, he comes in house. omkar is swimming, he comes out of pool, mannat(omkar’s sister). PRECAP. om looks at him, mj says I am punctual, om says who is not punctual I can forgive them but who doesn’t come in time of need cant be forgiven, he extends his hand saying I am omkar agnihotri, mj says I am balli, om leaves, mannat says om doesn’t shake hand with everyone so he must have seen something in you.
some Politian is threatening police officers that hoe dare you call me here, one inspector is approaching him, he comes and slaps Politian hard, he syas what you were saying, he says take him in remand and serve him well, they takes him. tara comes to police station and says I want to meet area incharge, hawaldar brings her to inspector who slapped Politian, he is shocked to see her, tara says help me, omkar is forcefully putting me in his house, he says I am his wife sia but I am tara, I think they are involved kala, please help me, you are my last hope, I have to go to my house to my mj, please help me, inspector makes her sit and says relax, he gives her water, he says don’t be tensed, have faith I will take you to your house, he says you want to say omkar ahs kidnapped you, tara says I was saying this only, lets go.

Scene 2
omkar is with mj, mannat comes and says sia is not at home, omkar ignores and says to mj that you have fight with that goon, mj says she saying that someone ran away from house, om says be limited to your work, he gives him advance money and says work should be done, mj takes money and leaves. mannat says sia has ran away, om says I am hungry lets go and have dinner.
tara ith inspector comes to om house, she says why you brought me here, he will kidnap me again, inspector says I am with you, nobody will do anything, inside house om is lecturing mannat on salad, inspector comes there with tara, they looks at him, inspector comes to om and says whats all this omkar, sia is conscious and she is not recognizing anybody even she didn’t recognize her own brother me, she said that you have prisoned her, what doctor said, omkar says it was major accident, it will take time, inspector says don’t let her go out till she is fine, tara says how can take culprit’s side, inspector says has happened to you, he is your husband, I am your brother, tara says shut up, I am saying I am tara, you have made me crazy, I have no brother called vidarth, vidarth says to omkar that I didn’t know matter was serious, I am sorry on her behalf, om says no need, you brought her here thanks now all things I will handle, vidarth(inspector) says you have contacts with many doctor, I know you will handle it, he comes to tara and put hand on her head but tara jerks it away, he says hope you will be fine, he leaves, mannat comes to tara and says let have dinner, tara says listen you will not be able to capture me for long, she leaves. om gets a call an d thanks one inspector for telling him that sia went to police station, mannat smiles, om leaves.

Scene 3
at some construction site, goons are playing cards, mj comes there and says relax, he ask who is bani ram, ram says are you finding address of your father, mj takes of his bands and rings, mj says I didn’t came to ask about my father but to remind bani ram about his father, he beats them all, mannat comes there and sees him beating, one goon points gun at balli/mj but mj beats him, he gets flashback of past fights and beats one goon cruelly, mannat says to pa to stop him, we didn’t ask him to kill them, pa comes and ask balli to stop, mj doesn’t stop and keeps beating, pa says to mannat that he is not stopping, mannat coms in and says to mj that stop it, he doesn’t, balli’s right hand says that only one can stop him, mannat ask who.

Scene 4
om ask tara to eat, tara says no I just want to go home, he says this is your house, eat something sia, tara says I am not sia but tara and if kala has sent you then tell her come infront of me, he says why would someone send me, I am your husband, tara says my husband is mj shikhawat, take this breakfast and leave, om looks at her, he says you don’t wanna eat, tara says no, he throws away the plate, tara is terrified.

PRECAP- mannat comes to laado and balli, she says you have to kill sia, she takes out pic of tara, laado ask balli to see it, he takes it from her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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