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Madhubala 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK coming to Madhu and seeing her holding Leela’s hand. Madhu leaves Leela’s hand. RK says if Bittu has to come out of jail, then I can help. Leela asks him to leave. RK says if I go, then how will Bittu come. Leela asks what do you mean. RK says explain Madhu that everything does not happen with anger and threatening, some things can happen with love, preach her as a Devi, do her aarti, make her happy, then see your work will be done. He says Madhu has come with me, then be as an ideal bahu, then Bittu will be free from jail. Leela says now I understood, why did Bittu go in jail he is framed. She asks Madhu to do as RK says, else Bittu will be punished for keeping drugs. RK is shocked hearing drugs………..

Leela requests Madhu to free Bittu, as something will happen to him if stays in jail. Madhu says RK, if you think, you will frame Bittu and I will come with you, then you are wrong, I will die, but won’t come your home. She says I love my Mama chacha and know he is innocent. I will use law and free him. RK says fine, I told you an easy way, if you want to go long way, its fine, I will leave. He leaves. Leela cries. Tara says whats this, she is sitting like a cow on road. Agni says I think this is Madhu’s plan to sne dher trash in our house, we have to lift her and throw her out. Dida says touch me and see, what I said is final. I won’t go anywhere till you free Bittu.

Agni says Madhu could not win over us, you will die here but fail. Dida says fine, lets see. Dau ji says my wife passed, let me be in peace, don’t force me, you are a woman else…… Dida calls him an animal. Dau ji says enough now. RK comes there. Dau ji says she is mad, take her to doctor. Dida says I won’t go till Bittu is free. RK asks where is Bhanu. Tara says in his room. RK goes to talk to him.

Bhanu is happy thinking how Bittu got caught in drug case. RK comes and asks him why did he frame Bittu in drug case, when he told to frame him in fake note scam, police can find them. Bhanu says no one will get anything here, don’t worry. He says drugs is dangerous and punishment will be severe. RK says we have to explain Dida. Bhanu says fine, you go, I will come. RK leaves. Agni hears their talk and says its good. Bhanu says yes, RK does not know about our big plan, I will get his posters everywhere. Agni says Madhu and RK, either of them has to die, then I will be Dau ji’s heir. Bhanu smiles.

Ashok looks at Dida and says she is getting unwell Tara, she is sweating, give her water. Tara says why, they should be given poison. Ashok gives her water. Dida says I don’t want and pushes him. RK comes. Dida says I will not have food and water, I will die but not go, till Bittu gets free. Bhanu says yes, Madhu has sent you to die her so that blame comes on us. Ashok says I have a medicine for her. He brings some tabs and asks her to have it. He requests her. RK says everyone adamant in their family. Madhu and Dida too.

He puts the tab in water and asks her to have it. Dida throws the glass in anger. She says I will not go anywhere till Bittu goes. Dau ji asks Bhanu to lift her and throw outside. Bhanu comes to Dida. RK stops him and says see Dida, stop this drama, I told Madhu if she wants Bittu to come back, she can come back to our home and stay, but she has sent you, now go and tell her to come here back to me, then Bittu will come home, if not, then I don’t care, Bittu can be hanged to death for drugs handling. Dida cries.

Agni says come on get up. Dida says I won’t. Agni and Bhanu make her get up. Dida says I won’t go. Ashok asks Dau ji to stop Bhanu. Bhanu takes Dida out. RK looks on holding his face.

Madhu talks to the lawyer and says I know its drugs case, but Bittu is innocent and framed. Sorry I don’t have CCTV footage, what you can’t fight my case, but why. He ends the call. Leela says RK won’t let any lawyer take our case, you be adamant and let Bittu rotten up in jail. Madhu cries. Leela says don’t cry infront of me, he has given all his life for you, and you are not doing anything, you go to RK to save him, but you won’t agree. Dida comes home and Madhu hugs her. Leela asks Dida did they say anything about Bittu. Dida says no, I don’t understand.

Leela says why, RK came here and threatened that if Madhu does not go to him, Bittu will not free, explain her. Dida thinks of the bad family and says I saw them with my eyes, I won’t let Madhu go back to them, I can’t send her there and I can’t see Bittu in jail, Lord is testing me. Leela says Madhu has to go there. Dida says I will die but not let Madhu go there. Madhu consoles her. Leela says enough drama, stop it, nothing will happen if you die, you care about each other, think about the man who dedicated his life for you, why is Madhu adamant, if she loves him, she should go. Madhu brings her eyeballs out………. Jai Mata………..plays……………

Madhu calls RK. He asks what is your decision. She says I have to meet you to talk. He says fine. She says meet me tomorrow morning 10am. RK smiles and says our union will really happen, and then there will be a scene, I will teach you such a lesson that a woman won’t dare to go against her husband. He makes an angry face. Its morning, Madhu meets RK. RK says I knew you would come, better late than never. She hands over the divorce papers to him. RK is shocked reading it, he sees her sign and asks her whats this, divorce papers. She says yes, why, now the camel has come under the mountain. RK looks at her angrily.

Madhu tells Dida that court has accepted my divorce plea but we have to be together form few months. RK says I will become poison for you, that you can’t swallow and can’t spit.

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  1. Pls stop this show.

  2. यह अच्छा नहीं है इस निर्देशक क्या है यह है कि यह क्या नहीं हमेशा रोमांस के बारे में नाटक नाटक है मैं मधु और राजा एक साथ निर्देशक पर आ रहे हैं, जब मुझे यह पसंद है यह पसंद नहीं है एक तलाक और तलाक नहीं मिल उन्हें रोमांस में हो होने दें मुझे लगता है कि आप दर्शकों का एक बहुत कुछ मिलता है एक साथ हो सकता है और उनकी वजह से अपने दर्शकों के लिए हर दिन कम से कम हो और आप अपने दर्शकों को वापस प्यार में उन्हें बनाना चाहते हैं उन्हें में हो कर एक तलाक में हो रही के लिए राजा और मधु के लिए इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ पुराने आर.के. सुपरस्टार और पुराने मधु की तरह या अपने दर्शकों को फिर से सेंकना पाने के लिए रोमांस पुराने मधुबाला के सपने के रूप में यह करने के लिए!! तरह वापस आर.के. सुपरस्टार और पुराने मधुबाला लाकर है! और है कि आप अपने दर्शकों को धन्यवाद कैसे मिलता है हे भगवान पढ़ने के लिए

  3. Shad up madhubala story line is very good excellente keep watching this show.

  4. madhubalaRISHABkundra

    Ok…now again tryin to b back on track…lets c if u can really bring it baxk…i strongly doubt u can..

  5. अमेलिया निर्देशक इस शो लोग तो चुप रहो और तुम अमेरिका से हैं तो क्यों हैं मूर्ख आप पर जाने के लिए मधुबाला ई.के. इश्क जुनून चाहते हैं कि 1000 लोगों की तरह कर रहे हैं डमी इस शो तुम पर पागल बेवकूफ जाना चाहते चुप रोक बता रहा बंद करो आप ……. एक भारतीय शो इतना काफी फिर हो देख you can’t read this then go on Google translator

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