Balika Vadhu 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anoop getting angry on SP’s arrogant behavior. Anandi says, SP believed that Shiv is guilty and refused to help us. Vivek says, he sent his assistant to see the CCTV footage. Meenu says, Rasika is very smart. She didn’t appear to be good at the first meeting. Daddu says, you said right. He says, she might be done the same thing with someone else in the past. He says, we shall investigate about her past. Vivek says, we can do this and can bring the people from her past. Daddu tells Shiv that they will prove him innocent. Shiv sits tensedly.

Nurse comes and asks Vimla about her blood group and says we need blood. She gives something. Nurse says, your blood is B postive and your husband blood group is O positive. We can’t take your blood. Vimla asks, whether Jagya didnt want to save her husband’s wife. Nurse asks her to let them do the work. Nurse informs Jagya that blood group is not matching. Ganga asks Jagya to take her blood. Jagya worries about Vimla and then decides to take Ganga’s blood.

Vivek comes to the Police station and asks the Inspector to show the CCTV footage. Inspector starts sweating. He takes them inside. Inspector sharts the TV and says it is not coming. He asks them to come later. Vivek gets angry and says if you are hiding the CCTV footage then it will be not good. Inspector confesses to them that CCTV footage was removed. He tells that it was equipment fault. Anandi and Vivek shout at him. Inspector says, he can understand their pain. He says, there are so many people who don’t get justice. He says, even tea stall boy who sold the kerosene, refused to give the statement. He says, what I can do? Anandi looks helpless.

Vimla thinks, nobody took the blood inside and thinks whether she made a mistake by trusting Jagya. She thinks her husband might not be alive. Jagya comes out of the operation theater. Vimla holds his gown and says you killed my husband and took the revenge. She asks, what did you do with my husband. You are a murderer. Ganga comes and tells Vimla that her husband is alive. She tells her that her husband is alive because of Jagya. Jagya says, your husband is alive, Ganga gave her blood and saved him. Vimla cries and asks Ganga to punish her. She says, you are truly a Ganga. She falls on her feet and apologizes. Ganga says, you are elder than me, don’t do this. I have done whatever seems right for me. Jagya asks her to rest and they will inform her when her husband gains consciousness.

Anandi and Vivek come back home. Daddu is shocked to know that CCTV footage is lost. He says, it is shocking for us. We have to see the other options. Alok says, we have to enquire about her past. Shiv says, he can’t enquire as he is involved in the controversy. He gets Ram Singh’s call. Ram Singh says, I wants to tell you that I am with you. I know that you can’t do such thing and says call me whenever you need my help. Shiv thanks him. He asks Ram Singh to enquire about Rasika’s character. Ram Singh says, he will enquire about her. Shiv thanks him and cuts the call. Daddu tells Meenu that God opened a new way. He says, we will get justice for sure.

Brijesh and Rasika watches CCTV footage. She asks, how did you get this footage. Brijesh says, he have some people in Shiv’s office. He tells that the tape was blank when it reached the police. Rasika says, you are smart. Rasika says, Vivek is smart. He has something in his mind. Brijesh says, he knows how to handle with these lawyers.

Vivek and Anandi come to Brijesh’s house. Anandi says, I want to listen my heart’s voice. Vivek says, he can’t meet Brijesh as of now and asks Anandi to be careful. Anandi nods in a yes. She gets down the car and rings the door bell. Rasika goes to check through the eye ball. She sees Anandi and gets shocked. She tells Brijesh that Anandi is outside. Brijesh asks her to calm down and gets inside the room. He opens the door.

He asks, you are here at this time. He asks, why you are troubling me. Anandi apologizes to him and says I left my phone in your office. So, I thought you brought it here. Brijesh says, he doesn’t have her phone. He is about to close the door. Anandi requests him to give a glass of water. Brijesh goes inside. Anandi gets inside too. She sees ladies purse and thinks I saw it somewhere. She tries to recollect.

Anandi asks Brijesh about the purse and his wife. She asks him the reason for his divorce. Brijesh asks him not to trouble him more. Rasika asks, what will happen if Anandi gets to know about their relation. Brijesh says, she can’t do anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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