Ek Boond Ishq 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

SCene 1
vidant reads some file and says i got interesting case after many days.
mannat ties rakhi to om and ask for gift, om says i didn’t bring gift this year, mannat ask why, he says every year i bring gift and you take it but this year i want you to ask for the gift and i will give whatever you want, mannat thinks that i want to tie rakhi to you in jail next year, om ask what are you thinking? ask what you want, she says i am not getting any idea, i will ask later, om says ok, vidant comes there, om says you are late, vidant says i was shopping in excitement and got late, vidant comes to tara and says when you were in coma i used to buy rakhi and gift for you, now you tie all rakhies to me and i will give you gift, tara says you love your sister a lot? tara says lucky one get brother like you but i cant hurt your sentiments by tying rakhi to you, om says what are you saying? a sister cant say no to brother on rakhi day, tara says right but i am not his site and he should know that for the sister he waited for 5 years is not his sister, i cant tie wrong rakhi to him, it will be insult to rakhi, don’t be wrong assumption that your sister is in this house, i am not sia but tara. all are stunned.
early morning, tara is sleeping, she wakes up with sound of mj asking pari to not run, tara comes out and pari hides behind her, mj says let my tie your braid, pari says no you pluck my hairs, mj says no i wont do it, mj runs behind her, tara is laughing, pari says i ill make braid but you have to make me kahna tomorrow, mj says ok and says i will make you, mj says rani will drop you to school, pari say no you drop me, you never came to my school, mj says i have duty, tara says go with her to school, i will not anywhere, mj says no, tara says go for pari’s sake, mj says ok, tara ask pari shall i make braid? pari says no? tara says ok but your hairs will be plucked and your braid will be not good, pari goes to tara and ask her to make her braid, tara makes while mj is mesmerized with her, tara tells her about her bday on 18 august, om coms there and says is sia servant of pari, all the time she is busy with pari, tara says i do it what i want, om says you have to get ready as we are going to receive mom, tara says i wont act like your wife infront of your mother, i will tell her about myself and will tell her truth, om says let me tell you that behave nicely with my mother otherwise nobody can be more dangerous than me, he leaves with mannat, mj ask tara are you fine? tara says tomorrow is my bday and after many years there will be no one who will celebrate my bday with me as tara has no identity, i don’t know about sia, i will miss my family, we used to celebrate together but now nobody is with me and who is doesn’t remember my bday, mj you used to make my bday special but today you don’t even remember my bday, you know earlier you surprised me by removing your beard and moustache and now when i found you again, you have moustache again, nothing but you can atleast remove your moustache as my bday gift, mj keep looking at her, pari comes, tara gives her bag to mj, mj leaves with pari, taara says that if mj remembered my bday then he would celebrate my bday but i have no one now.

Scene 2
mj comes in mandir and says to lord that with your grace pari’s school has started, protect pari from evil, one lady comes in mandir, mj ask her to ring bell 1st, she is happy with mj, mj then in mandir ask her to do the pooja 1st, she says i am seeing you are asking me to do everything 1st, now you take blessing of mata rani 1st, mj says it doesn’t matter as child gets blessing after mothers, lady is happy and says i wish you get success in everything, she is leaving when she feel dizzy and is about to fall but mj holds her and gives her water, he ask what happened, lady says nothing just i am getting old, mj says nothing like that, laday informs that she has cancer, mj is stunned, lady says that foreign doctors also rejected my treatment so i came back here, om comes there and says mom are you fine, why you came here, i was parking car, mannat comes there, om sees mj and ask you here on duty time? mj says i went to drop pari to school, om says what about sia? mj says she asked to go, mother says that don’t scold him, he saved me from falling off the stairs, om says you are sensitive and trust anyone, om informs that mj is body guard of sia, mother ask why guard for her? mannat says there are many attack on sia so we appointed guard for her, mom ask how is sia? om says come home and see yourself.
nandu is wiping house of vidant, nandu sees most wanted criminals files, she says there was a time when i used to be criminal with kalawati and now i am living in house of police officer. nandu says i will also see how vidant investigate about criminals, she sees some files of criminals and is shocked to see picture of kalawati in it, she reads and says God kala is in dehli and her case is reopened. she recalls how rudra married her and how he used to torture her, she is shivering and files falls from her hands, nandu says then vidant will know about my past, no i wont destroy my future because of my past.

PRECAP- mj touches tara’s face, they come closer, mj cups tara’s face, tara close her eyes, laado is seeing them with binoculars and is shocked to see tara and mj close to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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