Baawre 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra about to slap Yamini. Nikumbh comes in between and asks him to slap him, not Yamini, as its not her mistake, he has forced her to come here. Raghavendra asks him to move and says Yamini……….. I said come. Yamini does not move. Nikumbh asks Yamini to go with him, if our parents can’t see our happiness, we should not forget what they did for us, one day they will understand our point of view, go. Yamini says fine, I m ready to go. Raghavendra looks at them that she is following what Nikumbh is saying. He says so I had to see this day in my life. He asks Nikumbh to come out with him to talk.

Nikumbh goes with him. Raghavendra taunts Nikumbh about his father and says don’t forget that even I have learnt acting in childhood, I will not slap you infront of Yamini, but will slap as the world can’t see, but you can see the sign of the slap every day on your face. He says I will make you zero from hero. Yamini comes and asks him to take her home. Raghavendra and Yamini leave while Nikumbh looks on. Raghavendra brings Yamini home.

Raghavendra counts his favors on Yamini. She says you tried to make me something else and took all decision of my life. He says yes, as I want your good. She says did I doubt your love, did I question you, I always agreed to you. He asks then what. She says maybe I m finding myself. He says no, losing yourself. He says I took you ahead and you are going back. Dadi and Maa come and see them arguing. Yamini says I want to take a decision for myself this time.

She says Nikumbh made me partner in his theatre company and no one gave me such big responsibility, but when its given now, I want to fulfill it. He gets angry on her and says Dadi to see her, she is leaving her dreams and going to fulfill his dream. Yamini says no, my dream was never mine, it was always yours. Maa gets tensed and stops Yamini. Yamini tells her its time for her to see dreams now. He says he has teach her now, she won’t hear like this and holds Yamini. Dadi and Maa save Yamini. He says I will beat her one day. He says she is going mad, control her. He leaves angrily.

Dadi talks to Yamini and asks why is she doing this, if she loves Nikumbh, tell me, I will help you. Yamini says I don’t love him, but I like to be with him. He always thinks right thing for me. Dadi smiles. Yamini tells Dadi about Yamini, who found her responsible. Dadi is glad. Yamini says he has changed me and I came to know what I m, and what I can do, else I could not decide whats right and wrong, he brought me out and taught to fly with the wings of dream. Dadi says you won’t know it now, but gradually when you make yourself apart from this world, you will know everything clear, wait till then.

Raghavendra talks to Dadi and asks where is she going. Dadi says she is going to temple, he can come with her if he wants. He says no need to go, did Yamini understand what I said. Dadi leaves not answering. Shaheen and Azam are together on his bike going somewhere. She asks him to drop her before her house, as her brothers can see him. She turns to see him and Azam gets glad. Dadi comes to meet Nikumbh and smiles seeing him.

He asks her to sit and he says so you stay here. He wears the shirt. She asks will you stay here forever. He says I did not think. She says then think, you won’t settle here. She asks him what he has, all necessities. He says he does not. She asks him to buy those things and asks about his elders. Nikumbh says he has an elder brother. She takes all the interview. Nikumbh is puzzled and she asks him to settle. She asks will his theatre company work, else what will he do. He says why will it not work, I will make it work. She says yes, you have to. She asks about Yamini becoming third partner, but why.

He says she is my friend and I think she will manage everything. She says fine, I will go. She leaves. Nikumbh thinks why did she come. Azam comes to Nikumbh and teases him. Nikumbh tells Azam that Dadi came and was asking weird questions. Azam asks like what. Raghavendra calls someone and asks him to beat Nikumbh. Dadi cuts the call and scolds him. He asks him to see Yamini loves Nikumbh. Raghavendra is shocked.

Yamini says she will do what her heart says. Raghavendra says he won’t let Yamini do as she wants.

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