Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

They all come home appreciating their children. Prabhu suggests there must be a party. KT stays outside the house, Rachna was with him. Gunjan and Mayank goes back to them. Mayank says he doesn’t have words to thank him. KT says that all is well that ends well. Shayl calls, Gunjan and Mayank go inside. Rachna thanks KT, KT says that without her support it wouldn’t have been possible. He takes leave, she asks friends? KT takes her hand and says Forever, smiling. Gunjan comes to call them inside, KT was about to leave but they both insists to get him inside.
A lady thinks who this girl is. She says she must find out what she wants to do with their Nanha.
They bring Mayank out. There was a swing full of flowers. Shayl tells Mayank to sit on the swing; they will weigh equal fruits to give away. Mayank says what was the need for this, Gunjan teases that everyone will know about his weight. Seema weighs the fruits. KT doesn’t look at Rachna, she feels saddened.
Prabhu brings a bag to KT and asks him to put this in the swing. He says without him his son wouldn’t have been here. Bauji was still annoyed with him, but Gunjan also appreciates KT’s efforts. He puts the bag into the swing. KT was about to leave but Gunjan calls for a photograph.
Mayank and Gunjan were in the room, he hugs Gunjan saying no one is like Gunjan, she says the room felt jail without him. He says I am sorry, I must not have trusted him. Gunjan says he should learn that the DNA of man remains same. She hopes Rachna gets her love too, KT is a good man. Mayank hopes Bauji forgives him.
Rachna and KT come out. It starts raining. KT takes umbrella out of car. She says she want to say something important to him.
Mayank says that I know Bauji, he won’t even talk to KT. Gunjan says that KT will keep Rachna happy. Mayank says I never negated you. He teases Gunjan.
Rachna says that I didn’t say sorry to you. He asks for what. She says that firstly, for mummy’s accident. I am really ashamed. And secondly when you left home today. KT says that I love you a lot, but nowadays seeing the condition of your house, I won’t be able to bear this pain anymore. He takes her hands and gives her the umbrella. He leaves. Rachna says that I will make up your mood, as I love you a lot too.
Bauji says he will sleep well today after a long time. Shayl also says that Gunjan, Rachna and KT did wonder, especially KT. Bauji tells her to turn the light off. Shayl says that we can’t overlook KT’s efforts. Bauji says you know well why he did this. Shayl says that have we ever thought why he wants to make us happy, because of Rachna. Bauji says that before defending him, you should recall what his mother did to you and your life, you should not forget about his past. He leaves the room, Shayl goes behind him. Gunjan tells Shayl that they will make him up, don’t worry and go to sleep. Shayl says that you aren’t my daughter but mother. She kisses her on forehead.
The lady comes to KT’s home; she is happy to see the workshop and says it was good I read the news about my Nanhay in the newspaper. She says that from tomorrow a new chapter of your life will begin.
At breakfast, Gunjan asks Prabhu is everything ready. Sangeeta says no one tells me anything at home. Bauji comes for breakfast. No one talks to him. He asks why has everyone kept a silent fast? Prabhu says that only one problem is left. Gopal says their big brother will solve this. Bauji says that I am the elder, and you people should understand KT and Rachna cant never be together. Prabhu says that there are good things in the proposal as well and most importantly Rachna likes him. Bauji says he doesn’t want to talk about this. He asks where is Rachna. Gunjan says where she should have been.
Rachna comes to workshop. KT asks what is she doing here. She tells him he is forgetting she works here. He says her family forbade her to come here.
Gunjan says that Rachna should not have left her work, she is good at it. Bauji asks Shayl did she ask anyone. Shayl says I allowed him, do you have this right only? Shayl says that every relation is different. She says they like each other. Bauji says you all support KT, nothing is left for me.
KT says your family doesn’t support me or Dadi. Rachna says mummy does.

PRECAP: Bauji says he will never marry his daughter to someone so old. KT kneels in front of Rachna, thinking he will be with her till his last breath. She thinks she will be with him till after death. They both hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I think tht lady is nine other than KT’s mother 😐 btw 2days epi ws ok not bad but precap looks gd 🙂 xcited to see it 😉

  2. I think tht lady is none other than KT’s mother 😐 btw 2days epi ws ok not bad but precap looks gd 🙂 xcited to see it 😉

  3. sorry fr repeat comments 🙁

  4. Kabir’s mother come.rabir rocks.

  5. How old is kt……

  6. Kabir 30 and rachna 18.

  7. Yes !! i read it this is KT’s mother and she will have a very negative role !!

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