Dil Dosti Dance 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ishika comes inside. Sharon says nice, I like the change but be careful to be on time next time. Ishika says sorry. Sharon tells them to start. Ishika asks Raghv why is everyone staring. Raghv says that you look beautiful today. Everyone admires your beauty. Sharon asks what? They take position. Sharon says she want to make an announcement. Ishika was reluctant to sit down, Raghv brings a cushion seat for her, she sits on it. He also sits there, but upon Sharon’s stare stands up.
Swayam also announces about Dance mania. He say we must prepare for it.
Sharon says that there are couple dance and group dance
Swayam says the team winning the both, will win. He also announces that there will be a solo winner who will get one lac.
Sharon selects Raghv as male couple dancer. She says she will announce female dancer after a few rehearsals.
Swayam announces Karma and Huma as couple. They both argue, Swayam says this is official announcement; you both haven’t got much choice. Swayam says that one of my teachers always paired two enemies’ friends so they developed understanding. Swayam says that you people should keep academy’s welfare above your personal benefits.
Raghv comes to Sharon in the café. He takes her attention; she says she was thinking about him. He says you scolded me in the rehearsal hall, she says we both have strict professional relation there. He says I knew you like me. She says your mind goes to one direction only. She asks whom she should pair with him. He says there is no better female dancer than you. Sharon says sorry, you aren’t that good dancer to dance with me. She gets to leave. He follows saying he wanted to relieve her tension. She says there is tension; she has to submit the list as the event is so close.
Swayam was waiting for Sharon and thinks whether she will come or not. She appreciates his haircut. She asks did he think, she won’t come. He says I thought you will be tired. They discussed the problems about dance mania. She hopes there was the older D3 team, there must be no problems. He says they sort their problems well. He orders tea. She says they came here after a long time; there have been ups and downs in the passage. Sharon asks what if there is a tie. Swayam says that senior dancers will have to face off. She says what if I have to dance against you? He says only God will save him then. He takes her and says he will only dance with her. They both dance and enjoy together, laughing. The tea arrives.
Vishnu comes home asking where Ishika is. He says the shop will get closed. Ishika comes in the dancing dress, and asks how she looks. He asks whom are they. She says these are mine; I did the shopping with Raghv. She tells him Raghv’s stories, but Vishnu was heart-broken. She tells him Sharon selected Raghv as male couple dancer but female dancer isn’t selected yet.
Nil calls Vicky for rehearsal. He looks at his mobile, he tells Nil about a show’s premiere.
Huma’s ammi comes cheering and tells her there has been an audition call for her for film. Huma asks when did this happen. Her ammi tells her this is a big budget film. Huma says she likes dancing, not acting. Her ammi says who denies such offer. Huma was about to leave. Her ammi dreamt of her being a star. Her abbu comes there. Huma asks his help and tells her ammi that she doesn’t want to be a heroine. Her ammi gets sentimental. Her abbu says that you are a good actress, and should go to this audition. She argues that she went to so many producers. Huma says you must not worry about me; I can take care of myself. She leaves and her parents argue.
Dida brings coffee, while Raghv was busy on mobile. Dida says today’s girls wear such small clothes. Raghv says you are saying so as you live in village. Raghv was watching Ishika’s pic, Dida appreciates her dress. She says that she is every photo of his, do you like this girl. Raghv laughs, saying she isn’t his type. She teases who is your type then. Raghv says she is good, and sweet, but she has a boy friend, Vishnu. Dida leaves, Raghv says like and her?

PRECAP: Rey and Swayam talks on web. He tells Swayam we miss you and dance academy. Huma’s ammi comes to college and asks a few girls from St. Luois academy to call Huma. They ask are you sure she is from this acadmy? Huma and Karma hears the conversation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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