Ek Boond Ishq 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 14th April 2014 Written Update

scene 1
mj in diguise calls to guruji, surriya comes and ask what is he doing, mj makes some jokes. kala says to her dealers that give from one hand and take from other hand, dealers check their orders and says its okay, kala says now see what arrangements i have done for you. some ladies dances. guruji along with tara and all are going in truck, kala’s men stops them to check inside truck(tara is there), guru says its lunch, mj sees truck and goes. kala gets call whiich says that some men have taken truck from us and they are coming to you, kala looks at truck, mj comes to truck and says they are our men let them go, kala comes there and says whats hurry, we will check inside, she says food must be cold we will heat it again , they start throwing petrol on truck, kala burns match stick, mj stops her.

Scene 2
in hospital, doctor says to adi that jairaj is taking tension, adi says everything will be alright, jairaj says promise me you will never talk about divorce again, adi thinks that how i can lie but if i dont then dad will take tension.
kala says to mj that inside truck there is no food, i get to know that the face covered gang have hijacked it, kala says i sent truck loaded of my people to them and they sent their, truck to me what they think of me i am a fool, tara inside thinks that how can i think that these people are clever then kala.
in hospital, nimmo ask adi to promise, adi says okay i promise that to save dad’ life i will do what i can.
mj ask kala how can you say it with confidence, kala says because i have recognized their leader, she points gun at mj and says you think that anybody can attack kala, what you think that you can catch me, kala says i thought you are dead but you are making army against me. guru ji is listening to all this hiding behind truck.
in hospital nandu says to adi did you tell your family? he says no. nandu says i will tell them now.
kala says god will help me, she drags out guru ji and thinks that he is govind whon i had put in jail, she points gun at him, all are stunned, kala says i made you expert and you are stabbing me, mj says stop please stop, mj says how can kala kill in such simple style, i listened that kala kills in golden style, kala says i thought only rajnikanth is famous in south but i am famous too, kala says he is my fan, she says now you will kill, she gives gun to mj, which he drops and take from ground, kala ask to shoot 6 bullets.

Scene 3
nandu is about to tell jairaj but yug comes and ask jairaj how is he, he says nobody informed me this much happened here, yug says it must be nandu’s doing, nandu says i didnt do it, it is done by tara, he says lie, aradhna says no she is saying truth.
kala counts 1, 2, 2.5, 2.75, 3. mj shoots 6 bullets to guru ji, kala says i thought you are their man but the way you killed him showed that you are our man, they says where is dedbody of govind gone, guru ji comes, kala says how he got saved, mj says you were right, i am not their man but their leader, he points gun at kala, he says i changed bullets, he says i will show you picture , he does bomb blast an takes van from there, kala says stop them, mj does remote control blast there. guru ji and mj comes to the truck owners who are tired to tree, mj says sorry for inconvenience, he gives them money, guru ji takes out all gang members, tara stops guru ji and says i felt like listening to mj’s voice here, guru says you think about mj alot thats why all voices seems like mj to you, tara says i have him being killed infront of me and think like he is alive, she says i hope some miracle happens and mj comes back alive, she says i dont understand one thing that kala got call from these truck drivers that you snatched truck from them but they were tired here, who called kala then, guru says i did, i called kala as it was idea of our leader because he wanted kala to get distracted from money and drugs and same happed she gave attention to us, kala thought she is playing game but we played real game, tara says you are right, i should believe your leader only he can help me to take revenge from kala.

Scene 4
yug comes to villa and ask rudra that i want to meet tara, rudra says she is gone without telling, he says after mj’s death she is doing everything on her own, he says i am staying here because of her sister, yug thinks that i know your real face rudra, i dont know why tara is doing this but i will find and if you are involved in it then you will not get saved. yug leaves, rudra thinks that all are coming to meet tara i have to find here and make her sign papers.
in jungle, tara comes to mj and says i am sure now that you can help me in taking revenge from kala, i want to take revenge for my dead husband, my dadu and my baba whom i hurt alot because of him, she says i need your help, will you help me? guru says she have suffered alot, will you help her? mj nods no and goes. tara goes behind him and says please help me, i am sorry i didnt believe you but now i know you can fight with kala, only you can help me, try and understand, i also have to think about my family but its not late please help me, mj doesnt answer, tara gets angry and says whats your problem why dont you help me just cause i am helpless, mj goes far and says something to guruji, guru says my leader cant help someone weak who says no then say yes, he needs soldier who can do anything without asking anything and can trust him blindly, tara says i am ready, i will trust him without asking any question, guru says can you prove? tara says right now i can prove that i can put my life at stake, she puts an apple on her forehead and ask mj to take target, guru says what if he misses target, tara says no i trust him, she says what you did in life if not put life at stake, she ask mj to take target, mj takes gun, he closes his eyes and shoots apple, tara stays straight, mj shows thumbs up to guruji, guru ji says 1st you need to promise that you will not tell about us to anyone.
Guru ji says first of all you’ve to sign all the papers kala wants you to. Tara says how can i do that. That property belongs to baba. Guru ji says you said you’ll consent to everything. Tara says okay i’m ready to sign. Guru ji says okay next you’ve to call rudra here. Third you’ve to do something to ruin nandu’s face. Tara says okay i’m ready.

kala asks her workers where is Tara? They say we couldn’t find her. Kala is so angry. She asks what you got about that number who called us. Worker says it is registered by your name. Rudra gets inferior and says they played games with me. Nandu says there is no benefit in being mad. Rudra says do anything but i want the leader and tara here? Tara comes in the house and asks for water. She pretends like she is hurt. Nandu says you want water? Nandu’s brings her teases her. Tara says why are you doing this please give me water. Nandu has put all the water the floor. Tara goes upstairs. Rudra says what a love between two sisters. Tara comes to her room and smiles. Rudra comes there tara pretends like she is crying. She says why you made me kala and sent me there. I have this kala side of mine. They tortured me a lot. I have suffered too much. Now please get me out of this i will do anything you ask. She please forgive me and tell me what to do. I am defeated. Rudra says speak out loud. Tara says i’m lost. You won rudra partap. Now tell me what i’ve to do. Rudra says sign the property papers. Tara says okay i’m ready. Nandu and rudra are bewildered. Rudra asks her to repeat. Tara says i’m agreed to sign right now.

Precap -Tara signs the papers. Rudra says now we don’t need you and points a pistol at her

Update Credit to: Atiba

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