Ek Boond Ishq 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
nandu calls out of tara, tara says to mj that don’t make noise I will handle nandu, tara opens door, nandu looks at her tensed face and ask what happened, tara says there was firing so I am feeling bad, tara ask why are you coming inside, nandu says why cant come? tara says I sprayed in room and you have allergy, nandu says okay lets go to my room, they comes to nandu’s room, nandu praises tara for her plan. she says nimmo is on my side, tara thinks to send nandu out of house, nandu kisses tara, tara says you should go out with adi for dinner, nandu says candle light dinner, tara says yes. nandu then says no, we should move quickly, we should play slowly, tara says what quick in that, you should go with him, nandu says will adi agree? tara says nimmo will make agree, I will handle everything, you go get ready.
nimmo is with adi, nandu comes there all dressed up, nimmo says you remember the promise that yu have to accept adi, adi puts hand on nanu’s shoulder and ask her to come, they goes out. tara comes there, nimmo ask whats all this, tara informs that I have to take out bullet from hand of mj, nimmo says he Is here, tara says yes, we have to take out the bullet before poison spread in his body, they goes. nandu has left her purse there.

Scene 2
tara is holding knife ready to take out bullet but shivers ,mj says don’t think of anything you don’t need to fear , you have to do this, my tara can do this , tara says I scared, I cant, she cries, mj says you can, nimmo says its not time to fear, she says to mj to not shout in pain as tara will be scared, she puts handkerchief in mj’s mouth. nandu says to adi that I forgot my purse, I will come, she goes in villa to get purse. tara takes out mj’s bullet, mj winces in pain, he screams in pain, nandu listens it in hall, she comes towards room. tara says to mj that how much you shout, mj says sorry. nimmo says don’t scold. mj ask do adi know that I am alive, nimmo says no, I didn’t tell anyone, mjs asy its good no one should know. nandu knocks on tara’s door, tara mj nimmo are shocked. they are tensed. tara ask mj and nimmo to hide, nandu thinks why she is not answering and not opening door, mj ask tara to remove blood stains from floor, tara does and opens door, she says I was in washroom. nandu says I forgot my purse so cameback, I listened that someone was screaming from your room, a man, tara says how it can be, mj screams, nandu says its same voice. nandu comes in see its playing on internet, nandu says so you was watching movie, tara smiles, nandu says I knew on one will come I was just asking, tara sys go now. nandu sees blood stain on mat, tara cuts her hand, nandu sees blood and says its fresh, tara says yes as my hand was cut, see. nandu says its huge wound, you should do bandage, tara says I will you go now, nandu goes. nimmo and mj comes, nimmo says what did you do, tara says I had no choice.

Scene 3
adi and andu are on dinner date, they orders. nandu ask waiter to capture their picture, she sit close to adi and takes picture. nandu says we are looking perfect, adi says I will come from washroom, he goes. nandu is happy that my work is done, nandu sends the picture to meethi who is stunned. she calls nandu, meethi says what you think you can fool me, she says its fake picture, nandu says if you don’t belive you can come here in hotel revela, she ends call, meethi thinks is nandu right, tara showed adi was tied then how he can go with nandu.

Scene 4
mj does tara’s bandage, she is pain both look at each other, mj blows at her hand. tara looks at him with love. meethi gets adi’s call, she ask where are you, you know tara took mom and nandu sent a picture with you, adii says speak slowly, adi says we have to make nandu and rudra suffer as they are culprits, tar is innocent, metthi says I don’t understand, adi says tara was doing all this so we can comeback in villa, he tells her some plan which is muted, meethi says okay I will do, adi ends call and smiles.

Scene 5
mj says I should leave now, tara say are you mad, your blood has lost, you must be feeling weak so stay here, mj says its dangerous here, nimmo says no its safe as outside police is searching fro you so stay here, she shows him news which says that police is searching for leader of gang, they shows rudra’s clip in which rudra is tied and strangled, he says they will kill me, tara says this rudra played well game and turned tables, he made our gang break, made you injured and is himself hiding, mj says he thinks he played good but we will play better, mj says I will stay here for somedays, you handle nandu and rudra will stay out and will we will play that game that wherever Is rudra he himself will come out.


PRECAP- kala is heartbroken and walks on coal saying that because of me surriya died, one eunuch says don’t punish yourself, kala says I will punish that leader of covered face gang.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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