Balika Vadhu 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv calling Anandi. Anandi asks him about Amol. Shiv says, he is fine. He asks about Dadisaa. Anandi says, she is broken from inside. Shiv says, Dadi ji have her values and it is difficult to forgive herself. Anandi tells him about an attack on Gulli. She tells Het Singh might be behind this attack. Shiv asks her to be strong and take care of everyone. Anandi says, she is trying to become strength of the family. She disconnects the call.

Ganga comes to Jagya and asks you didn’t go on the rounds. Jagya says, I will go now. Ganga asks him to take care of him. Jagya says, I am trying, but failing. Dadisaa is behind the bars and this thing troubles me. Ganga says, Devimaa will do everything alright. She asks him to have faith on Devimaa.

Saurabh’s parents come to meet Saurabh in jail. Saurabh comes. His mom cries. Saurabh asks about Vivek and his married life. His parents are shocked. Saurabh says, sorry for not wishing you. She says, she wants to go from there. Saurabh says, don’t you think to punish her. His mom says, we have thrown Vivek out of the house. Saurabh asks her to bring Saachi home and ruin her life. His mom says, Vivek won’t agree to come back home. Saurabh says, he has soft heart too. He asks her to ruin Saachi and gets relax.

Het Singh’s goon tells him about failing attempt on Gulli. Het singh threatens him. His goon says, he won’t take your name. Vivek comes home and asks Saachi to serve the lunch. Saachi says, it is ready. Vivek looks at the sofa and thinks he got it. Saachi comes and says it is good. Het Singh comes out. His supporters say that your win is sure. Het Singh says, tell people to vote for me. I will win with unlimited votes.

Ira gives tea to Shiv. Shiv drinks tea in a hurry. Buaji taunts him about Anandi. Ira praises Anandi. Buaji says, Anandi don’t have time to be with her inlaws. She says, I don’t need her. She asks Shiv to go to office. Daddu tells her why you are so bitter and old fashioned. He asks her to open her mind and be happy. Daddu tells her that Anandi’s relations with her family has not ended. Buaji says, I didn’t say anything. Shiv leaves. Ira tells Buaji that you didn’t get a chance to understand Anandi. I will talk to Anandi and will asks her to come home soon.

Jagya comes to vote during the election polling. Het Singh stops him and says I have to vote first as I have to make the arrangements for my win. He insults him and says you shall do other work like taking care of Gulli or meet Dadisaa. Jagya gets angry. Het Singh votes and shows the finger mark to Jagya. Jagya proceeds to vote. He looks on.

A lady comes in Shiv’s office as his PA. Everyone look at her beauty and style. Shiv smiles.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. I don’t like Sargun Mehta as Ganga…. There is no chemistry between Shashank and her…………… 🙁 I wish Ganga’s character was never introduced on the show because after seeing Sriti Jha portraying Ganga, it is difficult to imagine someone else as she was so fine..

  2. i love shriti jha
    mujhe shiv ka lund chusna hai

  3. meri gand main koi to dalo mota lumba 10″ ka lund

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