Mahabharat 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, devkis 8th son is born , vasudev n devki see soldiers vasudev says i will take my child to my friend nand to Yamuna devki says how will u take the doors are closed n soldiers are out guarding miracle takes place n the doors of jail open the soldiers fall asleep devki hands over the child to vasudev he puts him in a basket a take sthe child away , as he proceeds slowly the gates begin to open n vasudev finds his way out of the jail kansa also falls asleep , in heavy rains vasudev with basket on his head walks through the floods on the childs feet toching water the floods make way for vasudev n cover them so tat they are not affected or harmed by the rains to cover the baby snakes cover the basket , vasudev safely takes the baby to nand he tells everything to his friend nand , nands wife had given birth to a girl nand says he is agree to exchange vasudev says theirs possibility of kansa kill ur daughter nand says tat will be sacrifice towards humanity take away my daughter vasudev n nand exchange their children.

Kans is informed abt birth of 8th child he proceeds towards the jail , vasudev had already reached jail vasudev says its a girl devki says tat means he wont kill the child , kansa reaches jail he finds tat devki has given birth to a girl kansa says its impossible but still i will kill this girl bcoz she is 8th child no matter she is gal or a boy kansa snatches the baby n throws it but the baby turns into a goddess , the goddess says u have crossed all ur limits kansa n so ur life will be soon ended n the 8th child is safe who will kill u when the right time comes .

Here in the sabha abhimanyu says is lord Vishnu still along with u Krishna says lord Vishnu is always with us, rajkumars ask are u lord Vishnu Krishna says im born has human that miracle during my birth was blessing to me , my mothers devki n yashodas sacrifice could bring that miracle happen ,but lord brings miracle in to world when humanity has been erased from the world ,in the dut sabha pandavas didn’t leave their humanity even after being torcherd n so was ur mother saved by the miracle if u want lords blessing u need to sacrifice work hard forget abt ur moha(pleasure) only then u will earn lords special blessings, im right isn’t it draupadi says Krishna ..

Krishnas fight with evils during his childhood is shown…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. It is really appreciated every episode touching my heart each and every carrier of mahabharat well chosen the dialogue in tamil no words I bow my head to the screen player and the director. In Sunday I was feel something loss and sad because no mahabharat. Thanks thanks a lot to the mahabharat team.

  2. vyshakhi vinod kumar

    Its amazing …..!!!<3

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