Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

seema goes inside telling Gunjan she doesnt listen to her. Shayl begins to go after her but Gunjan stops her. Murli gets his mother’s call. He tells her they just came back and listens to her intently. He says he will come to take Pihu tomorrow and leaves. Gunjan comes from behind Seema who was angry and hugs her. She tries to explain that Pihu had to be brought back home so she and Shayl didnt tell anyone home. It was for home’s respect. Seema says she didnt tell her and now Shayl can never be wrong. She says it was Shayl who brought Vicky, Covered Pihu’s mistakes and kept her at her home and made her join acting classes. She sees Shayl standing at the door.
Pihu was crying in front of Rachna that she wants to kill herself for what she did. Rachna tells her they are with her, so she should get ready to go home now. Bauji comes and says that I am her father and paid for what she did, he also was angry with Shayl and says there is nobody to stop them at home. Pihu asks forgiveness, Bauji says it was his mistake and asks her forgiveness for asking her to leave his home now and go back to hers.
Seema tells Shayl that whatever happened was near to sin, but she is only disappointed by Gunjan for hiding it all. She says excuse me Shayl but you forgot all the right’s and wrongs in love of Pihu, it was Murli who forgave her. Shayl defends Pihu, and says Murli trusts her. Shayl says she doesnt understand her daughter-in-law. Seema says had she been her daughter, she should not have left her. And had Pihu been her daughter and left with a stranger, she would have killed her. Shayl shouts at Seema telling her to be quiet. Mayank comes inside and says he is also not happy with her’s and Gunjan’s acts and his mother is right but they should end the talk now. Gunjan was worried and goes after Mayank. Seema gets to work again.
Bauji thinks how Gunjan denied to them about Pihu leaving and Shayl telling him she is going to Mumbai. Shayl brings food for him, he tells her to take it away. she says she asks for apology from Pihu and herself. He says he wont eat, and tell him when Pihu is going back? Shayl wipes her tears and takes the plate. Shayl says she thought everyone will be happy for Pihu but everyone is annoyed here. Bauji says you supported Pihu for her fault. Shayl says her intentions were right, she still accepts her fault. She just wanted that Pihu goes back to her home. She leaves the room.
Mayank gets a call of his boss and tells him that his presentation isnt upto dated. He thinks there is disappointment everywhere. Seema brings a good luck token bracelet for him, ties it on his arm and prays for him.
Rachna comes to Pihu’s room and says it is good Pihu is packing, atleast the problems will get solved. Pihu says you are happy that I am going back home? Rachna says that Murli is forgiving him, its a big thing. Bauji scolds her that what is she saying, Pihu did nothing wrong. Rachna asks why are you angry with her then. Bauji is speechless. Gunjan says that his daughters still have what he taught them, so he should forgive them. Chacha ji appreciates Rachna’s acting skills. Rachna and Gunjan bring Pihu forward and Bauji hugs her. Bauji asks them where is Shayl. Shayl is in the room thinking how Bauji scolded her. He comes to the room and sees her crying. He says he should also say sorry to her. Gunjan comes and hears the conversation.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks KT is he marrying. Everyone asks him who is the girl. Gunjan asks Rachna has she fallen in love with KT.

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