Ek Boond Ishq 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
rudra says to nandu that jairaj told me everything. rudra slaps nandu and says how can you even thinks to kill meethi’s innocent child. nandu says its all their plan, they all are in this plan. rudra slaps her and says don’t say a word, what you want to say my brother is lying, if god comes and says jairaj is lying I will not believe it, you go out from this house. he drags her out of house and says dont come in this house till meethi’s child is born, nandu is hurt.. nandu says where will I go. he says I don’t know, go from here, she leaves. jairaj says forgive me rudra, because of me your house broke, rudra says my house is you all and when all are with me then what I need, rudra says I am here to protect this house, jairaj says my DIL told against you many things even then you are dying for us, you are great. please forgive me, adi says yes we should make you idol, we couldn’t protect your respect so I am sorry, tara comes and says I should be sorry, I have no issues with you now because you gave me my husband back and now I want to forget everything, adi says how you came so early, tara says my health was not good so mj brought me home, adi says there is good news, meethi is going to be mother, tara gets happy and congrats him, she says to jairaj that happiness is back in house so we should forget old things, jairja says its not so easy I cant forget what you did with my great brother, tara says we can try, jairaj sasy we will try, tara ask rudra to call lawyer I want to give property to mj. rudra says he will come in morning.

Scene 2
in morning, lawyer ask all family members to sign and approve that property belongs to mj, all signs, mj and tara smirks, lawyer says to mj that now you are sole owner of this property and business, rudra thinks that soon I will be owner of this house, I feel like to dance, to enjoy, I am close to dream.
at night, rudra is doing kathak dance, nandu is there too. rudra makes nandu, nandu says slap me again, now you want me do dance, you slapped twice, rudra says is two were less? rudra says I had to slap you, mj got property and now I will get it, nandu says he will not come, he is not bablu but mj, rudra says I tested him and I told you that if you are proved wrong then I will not leave but even than I am forgiving you, amrapali comes and says bablu has come to sign on papers, rudra says look he is here now rudra will be sole owner of property.

Scene 3
mj comes to kala’s den, mj had fit camera in his button, tara in villa switches on the tv, it camera footage, she says to jairaj says I will not say anything today, you will see and decide yourself. tara says it will start now, jairaj sit to watch. rudra comes to den, mj turns and rudra is shown by camera on tv, jairaj ask where is rudra and who is with him, rudra gives papers to mj, amrapali brings video camera, rudra ssays to mj that amrapali will record everything, tara says to jairaj that we will see amrapali’s video too as we jammed her camera. rudra says to mj that this video will be proof that you signed on papers, jairaj ask what mj is doing there, mj ask what are these papers for, rudra says in papers it is written that you are giving me whole property with your consent, jairaj is stunned, nimmo says why rudra is taking property, jairaj there must be some safety purpose behind it, police can take property from mj so rudra is taking it, rudra ask mj to practice mj’s sign 1st, adi ask why is he making her practice, jairaj says maybe mj forget his sign, you are doubting him without reason, he is about to leave when rudra says in video that bablu if you want more money, what happened sign, mj says I did this deal with kala what if she beats me, jairaj remembers mj saying that kala is behind all this. mj says to rudra tha bring kala here, when she will come here and ask me to sign then I will sign, rudra says kala and rudra cant be at same place, so kala has sent amrapali, mj says I don’t trust her, bring kala here then I will sign, jairaj ask why mj is speaking like this, who is suseela those three ladies that came to house, what is happening, nimmo says just see whats happening, amrapali says bablu cant you understand that rudra and kala cant be together, bablu says I don’t know, I cant see kala angry on me, I want to be alive with suseela, rudra says remember who see kala and rudra together doesn’t remain alive, mj says I am afraid of kala more so bring her here, I will sign papers, rudra thinks and says okay you stay here, now kala will come. rudra goes, jairaj ask how rudra know kala, she kidnapped rudra then how she can be with him.

PRECAP- tara brings jairaj to the pink room of kala and ask him to see it, jairaj is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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