Nadaan Parindey 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer thinking about his talk with Malik. Malik asks him to get the army secrets and free Sartaj by using Purab. Sameer asks him about his dad. Malik says he will be fine till you are fine. Mangal and Nimmi come to talk to Bebe about Sameer and Meher’s marriage. Bebe agrees. Nimmi says lets keep their engagement. Sameer comes and asks whats going on. Nimmi is happy seeing him. Mama says we are talking about your and Meher’s marriage. Sameer thinks. Bebe says you were eager to marry Meher, why are you thinking now. Sameer says I have work and leaves. Bebe says he is shy, I will talk to him later.

Meher comes and says he left, he did not wish to take me. Nimmi laughs and says tell us whats going on in between you two. Channi says we can’t delay now. Bebe asks Meher to say yes. Meher smiles and leaves. Sameer talks to the army man and says I want to join army back. The senior asks him to take rest, have fun and forget the past. Sameer says I want to join as I don’t want to forget all this. He says you can’t join for three months. Sameer thinks how can he be at that home for three months, he has to fulfill his mission soon and return back home.

Meher waits for Sameer at the Dhaba. Angrez asks her to focus on work. Sameer comes and she goes to talk to him. She asks why did you leave me and went alone. Sameer does not answer her. She asks him again. He says I had work and scolds her not to come at Dhaba as women should not come here. She asks why. He says women look good in veil. She is shocked. She asks what is this nonsense, what is veil. She asks this is Punjab, we have women like Bebe who runs like Dhaba alone, who know this. ‘

She says there is something fishy, I m seeing you have changed your language. She asks him not to do any drama and she does not want to talk to him, I will tell Bebe that you have gone mad, fool. She leaves. Angrez asks Sameer not to do old fashion talk, Meher and Bebe won’t spare him, are you fine. Sameer thinks he has to do something before this thing reaches Purab. He stops Meher and talks to her. He says he was joking. They argue. She asks him to beg to her. He says fine. She asks will you do what I say. He agrees to everything.

She says many conditions. He says yes, agreed. She asks him to sit on the bike and they see she reached home. Bebe sees Sameer and talks to him about his marriage. She asks what date to fix. He gets tensed. He says I will talk to my senior and asks the dates of my holidays. She says we can talk to Purab. He says no, I will talk myself. She says I want to see your marriage and fulfill all my dreams, I will call all the Pind, my bahu will come and then my grandchildren. She says she is very happy.

She comes to Meher and asks what are you finding. Meher asks for the dupatta which her mum gave her. Bebe says so you want the one which I kept for my bahu. Meher takes it and runs. Bebe smiles. Sameer prays at the Dargah and says I came to do my duty for my relation, Bebe wants me to marry Meher, she is a mum and wants happiness, but you know everything, I m not their Sameer, I can’t do this. He says give me strength to refuse for marriage.

Meher smiles looking at herself in the mirror. She says Sameer took my heart becoming a hero and says I m becoming Mrs. Sameer Atwal. Its morning, Meher comes to Sameer and argues again. Bebe asks Sameer not to get angry on Meher. Meher takes much time to get well dressed. Bebe says a husband has to wait for his wife like this after marriage. Meher and Sameer leave on his bike. Bebe asks them not to fight and take care. She prays to Lord to their togetherness.

Sameer brings Meher somewhere. She asks why did we come here. He says I want to talk to you. She asks what is special here. He says this place has an old relation. She asks what. He says I can’t marry you Meher. She is shocked and laughs. She says good joke. He holds her hand and says this is not a joke, I really can’t marry you. She asks what do you mean. He says I don’t love you. She says I agreed to marry you as you loved me, I waited for you so that your heart does not break. He says the situation has changed me, I m not that Sameer who used to follow you, who wanted to spend his life with you, my life has other meaning, this six months have changed me.

He says forgive me. She says you loved me and wanted to marry me, but you changed, but I did not change. She says how can decide that you can’t marry me, why are you doing this drama to forgive me, go and tell this drama, I won’t support you this ttime. She says its my mistake, I should have not trusted you, I was a fool, what will you reject me, I Meher Samra reject you Sameer Atwal. You don’t deserve me. She gets angry and looks at him. She leaves.

Purab tells Sameer that you look innocent but you are not, now your true face will come out. Meher cries seeing Bebe happy and thinks how to tell Bebe the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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