Tumhari Pakhi 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohan being shocked seeing Anshuman. Anshuman tells him that Sarah got his passport and run, so he came after her to take the passport. Sarah says I did the registration on the way. Rohan scolds Sarah and gives him the passport asking him to go. Anshuman says he is looking for his wife. Anshuman leaves. Pakhi comes there. Saiyyan………….plays………. Rohan says lets go from here, we have work. Anshuman says I forgot my bag there and goes back. Anshuman and Pakhi see each other. Pakhi says you here. Anshuman walks towards her. Bairi jiya…………….plays…………..

They look at each other. Bol dil se……………plays……………… Anshuman smiles saying Pakhi. Rohan shouts and comes in between them asking him to leave. Anshuman says she is my wife, I m her husband. Rohan says I know everything, go. Anshuman asks who are you. Rohan says you know me well, I m the one with whose name you insulted Pakhi and kicked her out of your house, Rohan. Anshuman is shocked. He thinks about Pakhi. Rohan says I m her friend, today Pakhi is with me, what did you think, she came to her childhood friend, now tell me what will you say, go.

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Anshuman says I just want to say no one can come between me and Pakhi. I won’t let this trust break as I learnt to believe her. I don’t know you are Rohan or someone else. Rohan starts pushing him. Anshuman says I want to talk to her once. He says I promise it won’t happen again. Rohan pushes him getting angry. Pakhi says wait Rohan, let him speak. Rohan is shocked. Anshuman smiles. Saiyyan………….plays…………. Anshuman says see she wants to talk to me.

Pakhi asks what you want to say. He says I know we are emotional and you are not comfortable in PDA, so I won’t talk to you here, lets go somewhere else. He gives his hand. She holds his hand. He takes her. Rohan looks on. Ayaan plays with Naina. Anuja and Lavanya looks on. The servants miss Pakhi. Ayaan tells them that Pakhi taught him to say sorry if we do any mistake. Lavanya says Pakhi changed Ayaan, he has troubled her a lot, infact we all, I mean Ayaan did many pranks on her, but Pakhi won his heart with her love, I think she is the best mum.

Anuja says Anshuman would have not done this if I was with him. Lavanya says don’t blame yourself. She says now you make Anshuman right. Anuja says its Pakhi’s right. Lavanya gets Deepak’s call and talks to him. Lavanya tells Anuja I wish Anshuman brings Pakhi back soon. Neenden tujhko…………….plays………….. Anshuman and Pakhi have an eyelock. They stand under the waterfall. Anshuman gets close and touches her face. She closes her eyes.

He says you know the language of touch, tell me, is this true or not. She says yes, it is true. He smiles. He says my touch says I m incomplete without you. She says but we got separated and its tough to go back. He says Pakhi, our love is waiting for us, I m waiting for you, will you not give me one chance.

Anshuman says I took many tests, but you did not tell anything, you should have scolded me and took revenge. She says there is nothing to say now. He says there is still many things to say, but you did not say. He says you are afraid, your heart will lose the burden. He holds her and says then you can forgive me, which you don’t want, as then will lessen punishing yourself, then the love can end. He says my love has got only pain. She says now this pain has become a part of my life.

He says you still love me right. They have an eyelock. Pakhi says its very late now, we have a 8 day long competition now, I have signed the contract, if I win this, I won’t have time for anyone. She says for next 18 years, I have to represent my country in the world. He says it looks you regret about this. She says I will do this with honesty so that I can win in this, I can’t back off now. She leaves. Anshuman looks on.

Anshuman holds Pakhi’s hand and asks her to win the competition and he will wait for her in 18 years. She also promises to him and says she will come back with him if she loses the competition.

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