Ek anokhi kahani Episode 45

Hi frd
I am thinking to write another ff
But this one is compketely different
Name is
Four differenrnt world
4 actors
Gaurav khana and tejswai.
Raquesh and surbhi jyothi.
Four are police officers
I aready written and posted it yesterday promo if it so plzz read and give me your views on it
Durga wakes up dev.
Durga:- get up naa dev
Dev:-let me sleep na.
Durga:-we have to leave to rags house.
Dev drags her and hugs.
Durga:-wat r u doing.
Dev:-i am hugging my wife and both kids.
Durga:-oh oh but this kids are eager to meet their buaa but they are sad that their dad is not getting ready.
Dev:-no no and wakes wait i will get ready in 5 minutes
Durga smiles.

Shaurya:-shakes payal and says wake up naa.
Payal:-kya yar shaurya .wait i will get ready in 10 minutes and when i say u to ready u wont but when u said i should right and keeps angry face.
Shaurya:-hugs her and kisses on her cheek.
Payal:-smiles and hits him and goes to get ready.
Laksh gets up and sees ragini everywhere.
And gets a note.
Good morning my dear first day husband.
Laksh :-wat first day husband pagal ladki no no pagal wife.
Laksh comes down and sees raj and sakshi are seeing inside kitchen with.
He goes towards them and asks wat in sign language.
They both show their finger inside kitche.
Arjun catches tablet and roaming with ragini whole kitchen giving direction.
After all cimpleted .
They both lean to near dish and .
Rags:-arjun its still water yar when will it comes close.
Arjun:-bhabhi in tablet they said for 10 minutes.
All are watching at them.
After 10 minutes they watch but still it seem.
Arjun and rags both look at eachother.
Rags:-give me that tablets and takes from him and reads and givez angry look at him
Arjun:-what happen bhabhi.
Rags:-u said to stir well but u didnot said to fry them.
Arjun:-whats the difference bhabhi.
Rags:-difference is there naa arjun.if u said to fry then i will get to know that we should light stove.

Arjun :-ohh then i am sry bhsi.
Laksh sakshi and raj gets shocked and control their laugh.
Rags:-now what we will do this.
Arjun:-serve it to mom and dad.
Sakshi and raj makes faces and laksh watches at them and laughs.
Rags:-no no mom and dad are so sweet .
Arjun:-them whom and they both look at each other and say laksh.
Laksh gets shocked .
Raj and sakshi began to laugh loud.
Rags and arjun watches them.
Sakshi comes and says no need to prepare beta come servants will prepare lets sit .
Raj:-no no after all its first dish prepared by our bhabhu and his wife he has to taste.
Laksh takes one spoon and keeps it in mouth.
All looks at him in Weird face expressions.
Laksh swallow it with much difficulty .
Rags feels sry for him.
All leavez from their .
Laksh is drinking water and rags goez from their towards him and catches her ears and says sorry.
Laksh smiles and hugs her says oh come on yar
U tried for me thats enough and why u went early morning without meeting me.
Rags sorry .

Servent comes and removes it but rags stops him.
Laksh:-what will u do with it.
Rags:-see all r coming i have a plan and smiles at him.
Laksh who understands and smiles back.
Swara and sanskar in one car.
Sheena sitting back and messages to arjun.
Sanskar and swara watches her.
Sanskar:-from few days someone is not spending time with me.
Sheena:-bhabhi he is saying fir u onlt.
Sanskar:- hi mental case i sm saying to u only.
Sheena:-i knew it u can say it straight na why r u talking indirectly.
Sanskar:-your spending more time in phone now a days i think it next you shoukd marry.
Shenna:-i sm ready bhaiya shall i marry today eveving.
Sheena and swara laughs and hi fives to eachother.
Dev and shaurya looks at bowl in all direction and says eachother face and says to rags wat type of dish is this we are nit going to tasete.
Rags keep sad face .

Dev and shaurya sees her face and then bowl .
Meanwhile swara and all comes.
Swara sits beside dev.
Dev:-do u love me swara.
Swara:-ofcourse jijju.
Dev:-then taste it.
Swara:-what is it.
Shaurya:-to sanskar if u love your frd then u have taste.sanskar nodes no.
Rags:-oye if u dont taste i will hang u all in reverse.
They all tastes it and begans to cough.
Laksh givez them water.
Shaurya keeps hand on shoulder andd nodes his head in sad manner.
Sanskar comes and hugs him and says u havecguts boss.
Rags sees at arjun
Arjun:-its not so bad ok and in this dish my hand is also their so dont react as like its so bad.
Sheena:-oh realky then why dont u both taste it
Arjun and rags watches each ither.

Rags:-we already did it.
Arjun:-ya its awesone.
All at a once oh its awesome then taste it fully and keeps whole bowl infront of them.
Rags:-what need to say awesome arjun.
Arjun:-sorry but now what.
Rags:-see guys who ever made food they shoukd not eat it more so we will not .
And runs from there with that bowl.

Precap:-durga nine months showing
Swara and sanskar romance
Rags and laksh cute fight.
Arjun proposing sheena.
Payal surprise to shaurya

  1. hey i have read that promo but i dnt knw if i commented der or not but ur 3 ff r super..

    1. Thank u and yaa i posted 1st episode

  2. Hey dear nice episode.
    One suggestion. U can show durga’s godh bharai function also. That is in 7th month

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    damm I m still laughing while commenting
    u r tooooooooooooo good
    Fantastic episode

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    Very funny

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