Heya ppl , i was overwhelmed by ur comments i …am just out of the world … thank you so much …
I am really sorry RAGLAK fans … there story will come after a while … n ya keep supporting me guys … cuz if i am able to write this ff , then its only becuz of u ppl … so luv u loads …n
Note : i have taken a two year leap in my ff

A lady is shown standing near the balcony wearing a beautiful blue lehenga which has border of pearls n she shown wearing stunning diamond necklace … which was her 1st anniversary gift …( i guess you know who gifted it <3 …rit?) she is looking at the moon … (it was actually karwa chaut that day )… thinking of all the lovely moments she spent with her dashing husband … like the day ate the toffee …,the day he gifted her the lehenga ..the day when they first kissed , the day when they (ahem ahem !!) ..consummated their marriage … and suddenly she blushes n (finally) her face i s shown … she none other than our own …sry …sry …. sanskaar ‘s beautiful , gorgeous, splendid ,caring, intelligent wife .i.e. none our than SWARA…

Swara slowly keeps her hand on her stomach and says “hey little champ …when r u gonna come out … i am waiting for you … i wanna tell you all the these stories (her’s and sanky ‘s stories )… i wanna feel you in my hands … uhhh i am desperately waiting for you …”
Suddenly someone from behind says “me too” … swara turns and sees her dashing, handsome, lovely, cute and caring hubby …SANSKAAR … who is smiling at her …he sits on his knees … in front of swara … so as to keep his face in front her tummy and then he continues “ you know wat champ… ur mom , my wife she actually cheated me ,after ahe got to know tat u r gonna come … she stopped considering me…now, her world only revolves around you ,you and you ,… bechara me (poor me ) …. swara smiles seeing her husband’s cuteness and tells “ ohh … jealous ? huh?? Sanskaar i am pretty sure tat my champ would be more handsome and cute than you … my dear husband ..”and then he says “MRS. Swara sanskaar maheswari …first of all it’s our champ and second of all it would be beautiful like u … n not handsome

( guys he means to say tat the baby would be a girl n not a boy )… they’re cute nok –chok continues for a while telling tat the baby would be a girl n not a boy … n vice-versa…after a while sanskaar gets up from his knees and tries to kiss swara … but swara interrupts and says “ahem,ahem!! Mr.sanskaar maheswari … u r gonna be a father in one month …try to stop all these .. huh …k ? “ and then she smiled …. sanskaar in a irritated tone “ ok …ok ! fine “
And then he commanded her saying “ok …now my jaan… u have to sleep… today you have done a lot of work …so it must have tired you a lot …so ,for your well-being sake …sleep..n ya this is a order …no more arguments swara makes face and says “ya…ya … going down thrice …to eat breakfast, lunch , and dinner and then coming n sitting or lying down on the bed in the room and not doing any work ….. means doing a lot of work … rit ..rit”

Sanskaar says “yes it is…now shona …c’mon and go to sleep…my sweet heart “ while saying this he plants a kiss on her forehead (aww!!)and take’s her towards bed and makes her sleep and then he says “my cute shona gn “ and his shona says “ my cute sanky …gn “ and they both kiss … sanskaar breaks it and moves towards the other side of the bed …he sat on the bed and slowly closed his eyes and small prayer saying “ oh god … , plz let my wife n my n my child be safe …shower all the happiness present in this small world … give them my happiness and never ..ever make them sad” after his small prayer to god , he lovingly pated his cute shona ‘s head like she is a delicate thing to him and if there’s small scratch on his delicate thing then he surely kill the person who did it ….
No precap

i hope u liked it and all your precious comments will be treasured inside my heart
once again i am really sry raglak fans….. and ya a note guys swara is actually 8 month old pregnant … n ill try reply to ur comments next epi ….so this ur lovely poo signing off today bye ..

  1. nice.. sanskar is so caring ..

  2. Awww so cute
    sanky is sooooooooooooo caring
    love them
    Amazing episode

  3. Awww so cute
    sanky is sooooooooooooo caring
    love them
    Amazing episode

  4. Nice story and yaa make Swara have twins one boy and one girl

  5. Keep going its really nice…please make it a little longer….

  6. Aww he’s so caring n swara too

  7. awww so nice

  8. seems that something is going to happenn means in urvarshi masi language we can say “kuch apshagun ya bura hone wala h”

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